5 Best Dog Brushes for Akitas (Reviews Updated 2022)

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To say Akitas are renowned for their plush, luxurious double-coated fur would be an understatement – during War World II, their soft and insulating fur almost led to their extinction. Fortunately, Akitas are much more common these days, and having one with their thick fur means doing some regular maintenance, including bathing and regular brushing out to keep the undercoat healthy. To do this properly, one needs to bathe their Akita every few weeks and brush their coat about once a week, with a brush that is appropriate for their Akita.

Here are the top 5 best brushes for Akitas we found online:

Best Dog Brushes for Akitas

Here are our Akita dog brush reviews.

1. Freshly Bailey Brush for Shedding

Dog And Cat Brush For Shedding Top Dog Brush For Long Haired Dogs And Cats Dematting Comb Tool R

The double-coated fur of the Akita is made up of the longer top layer of fur, which only needs the occasional trim, and the dense undercoat, which needs to be regularly brushed out of it, can become matted and unhealthy during the shedding process. One of the benefits of Freshly Bailey’s Dematting Brush for Shedding is that it has rounded teeth, as opposed to most deshedder brushes which involve manual pulling. This process is easier on your Akita since it demands less physical tugging and so less stress on your pup and less work on your hands. With its slightly sharpened inside the blade, this brush gently trims off matted fur without stressing your Akita by introducing scissors of a secondary blade and helps maintain a soft fur without compromising coat or skin health.

  • This brush employs rounded blades that roll through your Akita’s undercoat rather than have you pull it out by force
  • The slightly sharpened inner blade gets rid of matted fur without the added stress of cutting mats out yourself
  • This blade comes with a lifetime guarantee from Freshly Bailey
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2. Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Managing Shed Undercoat

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brus

Slicker brushes are also a great tool for managing shedding in dogs with high maintenance coats, like the Akita, who is almost constantly in the process of shedding and growing new undercoats. With thin, wiry pins, slicker brushes like the Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush pass through the ton layer of fur with less resistance, and because the Hertzko Brush self-cleans with the click of a button, it saves you the more intensive cleaning that’s usually expected with a slicker brush. With a comfortable, ergonomic grip and reliable materials, this brush penetrates deep into your dog’s fur without risking scratches to the sensitive surface of their skin.

  • This brush has all the benefits of a slicker brush without the hassle of having to clean the shed fur out of it afterward
  • It is made of reliable materials and cleans your Akita without scratching your pup’s skin
  • Its ergonomic handle makes weekly brushing remarkably easy on your hands
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3. Pet Neat Pet Professional Deshedding Tool for Long-Haired Dogs

Pet Grooming Brush Effectively Reduces Shedding By Up To 95% Professional Deshedding Tool For Dogs And Cats

The Pet Neat Grooming Brush is straightforward and approachable, with sharp, stainless steel teeth that brush the top layer of fur while scraping up mats and untangle knots. Having been designed to best resemble a salon level brush, this comb is best for dogs with medium to long fur, as Akitas often possess, especially the less common long-haired, or “Moku”, Akitas, which may appear in any Akita litter due to a recessive trait. Because Akitas have the chance of having longer, and all of them demand high-maintenance coat cleaning, this salon-level brush with a lifetime guarantee is perfect for any Akita and any Akita owner.

  • This brush will remove up to 95% of dead shed fur from your dog’s undercoat in 5 minutes or less
  • It is made to resemble a grooming salon brush, and functions as such
  • It comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee
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4. Pet Portal Salon Grooming Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Loose Dog Hair

Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush For Dogs And Cats Easy To Clean Pet Grooming Brush Removes

Another self-cleaning brush on the market is the slightly higher-end Pet Portal Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush. Since it has all the other benefits of a self-cleaning slicker brush, being that its metal bristles collect fur from the undercoat while sculpting and grooming the top layer of fur, the main difference between it and other slicker brushes is that it is made of better materials, and has an easier to use design. With the click of a button, rather than the grille of the brush coming over the bristles, the bristles retract into the grille, making the self-cleaning function more reliable and easy to use on your Akitas shed fur.

  • It is a high-end slicker brush made to appeal to dogs who need frequent brushing as Akitas do
  • Because of its design, the self-cleaning function is more reliable than other self-cleaning brushes
  • It quickly collects shed fur and allows you to dispose of it, hassle-free
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5. Conical Rubber Bath Brush Set by Tank & Sherman

Tank And Sherman Dog Shampoo Rubber Brush – Easy To Clean Dog Bath Brush With Fur Catching Screen –

While all of the brushes so far are best used on short hair, sometimes it can be much easier to brush your dog’s undercoat out in the bath, especially for dogs with fur of various lengths, and it’s for this purpose that the Rubber Bath Brush Set by Tank & Sherman is best. This brush set comes with two cone-shaped bristle brushes, one for short hair and one for longer hair, and both are uniquely suited for brushing and massaging your Akitas fur when wet. These soft rubber bristles are designed not only to ensnare and remove stuck shed fur but to also gently massage your dog’s skin to encourage healthy fur and natural oil development, which is vital.

  • This set comes with two brushes for different fur lengths, to be used while bathing your Akita
  • These soft rubber bristle brushes brush out shed fur while massaging your dog’s skin to encourage healthy natural oil development
  • It encourages bonding and can be easier on your Akita than dry brushing is
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Akita Dog Brush Buyer’s Guide

Akitas, like many other dogs in their family of Northern Spitz dog breeds, are a very clean breed of dog which is not known for having especially difficult to maintain fur, and very little canine body odor, which means that they don’t need to be bathed or groomed as frequently as other dogs with their coat type. That being said, they do need relatively frequent brushing, as their undercoat sheds very quickly, and can accumulate stuck shed and mats that greatly hinder healthy fur development and distribution of natural oils. When browsing for good brushes to purchase, you could consider the habits of your Akita, and their preference for certain brushes, as well as the quality of brushes available.

Appropriateness for Akita Fur

Akita fur is luxurious and soft, and is remarkably clean most of the time, but can come in various fur lengths. American Akitas tend to have different fur and more of a sizable body mass than traditional Japanese Akitas, and both Akita types have the potential of developing long hair based on their genetics, and so having a brush that is appropriate for your individual Akita is important. It is important to find brushes that will not only comb through the top fur but will go beneath and help brush out the undercoat, which is important for skin health and temperature control during the hotter months of the year.


The most common materials for dog brushes are plastic, metal, or rubber, and the function of the brush is greatly determined by those materials. Soft rubber brushes work very well on wet fur, gathering stuck shed into clumps that are easy to remove without stress and massaging your Akita’s skin to encourage oil distribution, and metal bristle brushes are better for more hardy work on dry fur, minimizing shed and dander as they comb through and cut out matted fur. When considering the two, consider which purpose your Akita needs best, and avoid brushes that are made with very flimsy metal brushes, which are likely to bend while removing matted for, and could potentially cause further distress to your dog.

Ease to Use

When you’re looking for brushes, it’s also important to consider your comfort while brushing, since you could be doing it as frequently as once a week for Akitas. Rolling brushes with round teeth are much easier to use than straight teeth because the rolling motion demands less pressure from your hand than constant pulling and ripping. Also, brushes with ergonomic handles will be easier to grip than palm or curry combs, which will put my pressure directly on your hands and wrists.

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