5 Best Dog Brushes for Bernedoodles (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Bernedoodles are one of the kindest and cutest dogs around, and they often have a long, luxurious full coat of fur. Bernedoodles have the appealing tri-coloring of their Bernese Mountain Dog parents. At the same time, they enjoy the relatively hypo-allergenic, curly, and lower-shedding coat of the Poodle. Bernedoodles’ coats come in a wide variety of lengths and textures.  Bernedoodles need a good grooming brush to maintain their beautiful fur.

To help with this, below is a list of the top dog brushes for the Bernedoodle cross-breed.

Best Dog Brushes for Bernedoodles

Here are our Bernedoodle dog brush reviews.

1. Hertzko Soft Pet Brush

Hertzko Soft Pet Brush For Dogs And Cats With Long Or Short Hair

Here is a leading blend of loose-fur removal effectiveness with comfort for both you and your dog, and value. Hertzko is a fan favorite and is one of the most reliable brands out there. This is an appealing balance of durability and being soft on your pet’s skin.

  • Easier to reach tougher places on your pet than a glove
  • Effective and comfortable
  • Easy to clean

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2. HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves

Handson Pet Grooming Gloves

When it’s time for Bernedoodles to shed, there’s almost no better product to cut through massive amounts of thick fur. Bernedoodles can vary widely and may produce a lot of excess fur in the springtime. If your pet’s fur is overwhelming you, the HandsOn Pet Grooming gloves may be the perfect fit. These aren’t the only grooming gloves out there for dogs, but these are the best gloves for Bernedoodles (paws down).

  • Heavy-duty for thicker fur, but soft for less-thick Bernedoodle coats too
  • Adjustable glove size, and for maximum comfort for you and your pet
  • Balance of motility and durability make this one an audience favorite

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3. Pet Neat’s Dog Brush and Cat Brush

Dog Brush And Cat Brush – 2 Sided Pet Grooming Tool For Deshedding, Mats & Tangles Removing – No Mo

This professional-grade dog grooming brush is able to transform a dog’s coat. Detangling and cleaning along the way, one side has a fine-tooth side with 87 teeth to gently cut away and remove tangled knots. The looser side with 22 teeth is used for general brushing. Pet Neat’s brushes are great for minimizing shedding and dander.

  • 2 in 1 brush and detangler
  • Highly rated tool loved by professionals
  • Long-lasting and excellent value
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4. Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush

Pet Grooming Brush Effectively Reduces Shedding

This standard Pet Neat grooming brush is a highly rated customer favorite, and clocks in at a very affordable price. Due to this, we had to include it on the list. This “1-sided” Pet Neat brush has a detachable head to make it easier to clean and works very well for Bernedoodles. This is a must-have if you are shopping for your first dog brush.

  • Secure closure with 1″ buckle and supportive body belt
  • Comfortable rubber handle for an easy, firm grip
  • Effective at removing tangles, shedding, dander, and excess fur
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5. Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Large Dogs – Long Hair

Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool For Large Dogs – Long Hair

The Furminator is very popular and highly rated, with push-button fur ejection, and an ergonomic, firm rubber handle. This brush is made for medium-to-large dogs, which is perfect for the Bernedoodle. If you’re looking for a higher-priced brush that delivers professional-grade grooming quality, you’re in luck with the Furminator.

  • Easily de-sheds the undercoat without damaging the topcoat
  • Significantly more effective at fur removal than standard dog combs
  • Gentle and never harmful to your dog’s skin or fur when used properly

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Bernedoodle Dog Brush Buying Guide

Bernedoodles are the best of both worlds when it comes to their combination of the shaggy tricolor coat of Bernese Mountain Dogs with the wooly, curled fur of the Poodle. No doubt, both of these are some of the hairiest breeds of dog, and Bernedoodles fittingly can be big shedders.

Bernedoodles are also some of the sweetest, smartest, and most loyal dogs on the planet, and not even mentioning their heart-warming cuteness, it’s a no-brainer that these dogs deserve the best when it comes to caring for their coat. Without getting into how nutrition and diet affect the coat (which is a strong relationship), this buying guide focuses on the best brush to keep your Bernedoodle’s coat clean and at its finest.

Above, we broke down five of the absolute best products that can be found online for the Bernedoodles specific needs. Below, we’ll unpack some of the common traits held by each of these products and what to look for in various aspects of the product you’ll be getting to care for your Bernedoodle’s fur coat.

Comb-tooth Material

Stainless steel is a common material choice, and if your product has metal you do want it to be stainless as any kind of rust in your comb-teeth can ruin a product. Rust creates jagged edges inside the comb that would cause abrasion to your pet’s skin and fur.

Many great dog brushes for Bernedoodles use rubber “teeth” to comb the dog’s fur. When the rubber is at the proper level of stickiness and glide, it’s able to stick to loose fur while slipping past healthy fur and not pulling it too hard. A gentle fur-pulling experience is ideal for your Bernedoodle during grooming, and whether its rubber teeth in a brush or rubber grippers on a pair of grooming gloves, rubber is often the way to go. Just make sure you’ve got a mildew-resistant type of rubber, or the gloves may start to stink.

Ergonomics For Pet And Owner

Don’t forget about yourself! It’s vital to stay ergonomic and comfortable when grooming your dog. Many pet owners hunch and hover over their dog while grooming, which can lead to back soreness, and avoidance of grooming altogether (which your Bernedoodle can easily pick up on, and you don’t want them dreading grooming because it’s something to look forward to).

This is why we made sure to recommend a few brushes with longer handles, because it can be a strain to repeatedly reach certain spots over the years, especially with larger dogs like the Bernedoodle.

Overall it’s important to find a good brush for your Bernedoodle. These sweet, intelligent, and loyal dogs are your partner for life, and keeping their fur fresh, and well-trimmed helps them stay happy and healthy.

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