5 Best Dog Brushes for Bloodhounds (Reviews Updated 2024)

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The Bloodhound has a short, dense coat that does shed. At least once or twice a year, the Bloodhound will shed fully, but your pup may shed throughout the year. Weekly brushing, however, can take care of your Bloodhound’s excess fur, keeping your Bloodhound’s coat healthy and your house free of more allergens. Beyond that, gentle grooming of your bloodhound will distribute natural oils across your Bloodhound’s body, resulting in a healthier coat.

Weekly brushing also promotes hair growth. We’ve selected our favorite brushes that will make grooming your Bloodhound a pleasant experience for you both!

Best Dog Brushes for Bloodhounds

Here are our Bloodhound dog brush reviews.

1. HEA GH Deshedding Brush Pet

Hea Gh Deshedding Brush Pet Grooming Brush For Dog 4 Inches Wide Stainless Steel Safety Blade Drama

The HEA GH Deshedding brush allows for a relaxing grooming experience to rid your Bloodhound of excess fur. The use of this brush not only helps keep your environment cleaner, but it also supports oil spread along your Bloodhound’s coat. This brush is risk free, as HEA offers a 100% money back guarantee.

  • The HEA Deshedding brush reduces adult or young cats or dogs shedding by up to 95%.
  • This brush features four-inch deshedding bristles.
  • The HEA brush has a non-slip ergonomic handle
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2. GoPets Professional Double Sided Pin and Bristle Brush

Gopets Professional Double Sided Pin And Bristle Brush For Dogs And Cats Grooming Comb Cleans Pets S

GoPets is one of the highest rated dog brushes on Amazon and for great reason. This brush has multiple features and double sides for a range of grooming experiences. And, it promises easy and fast results, so you can complete grooming of your Bloodhound much quicker.

  • Rounded ends on the ends of the pin reduce injury.
  • The handle is made of non-slip silicone.
  • The bristles are a soft yet firm nylon.
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3. Pet Neat Dog Grooming Brush

Pet Grooming Brush Effectively Reduces Shedding

The Pet Neat removes up to 95% of dead hair from your Bloodhound in under ten minutes! This brush prevents excess shedding and helps keep your home clean and allergies at bay. Whether you’re trying to remove your pet’s winter coat or just do basic upkeep, the Pet Neat’s highly rated grooming brush is a must have for Bloodhound owners..

  • The stainless-steel comb can be easily removed for cleaning with a quick-release button.
  • The ergonomic handle is environmentally sustainable, non-slip and hypoallergenic.
  • The stainless steel 4” long rust-resistant blade effectively reaches deep down to the undercoat.
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4. Hertzko Soft Pet Brush for Dogs

Hertzko Soft Pet Brush For Dogs And Cats With Long Or Short Hair

Hertzko is the ideal brush to remove fur and loose hair in your Bloodhound. This brush will gently remove trapped debris and eliminate tangles, but without sharp tines that might cause pain or injury. The soft and gentle bristles have round edges, so this is especially ideal for a Bloodhound with sensitive skin.

  • Rounded bristle edges massage as well as detangle.
  • Designed with a comfort-grip handle.
  • The bristles help increase blood flow and distribute oils.
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5. BV Dog Brush

Bv Dog Brush And Cat Brush, Pet Grooming Comb, 2 Sided Bristle And Pin For Long And Short Hair Dog,

The BV dog brush is a relaxing brush for Bloodhounds. Because, when you brush the pet’s fur with the BV brush, it feels good, massages skin, and releases natural oils into fur to bring out your Bloodhound’s shine. The ergonomic handle is secure and comfortable in your hand and gives you more control when going through repeated motions.

  • Round tip pins side to evenly distribute natural oils for smooth shiny hair.
  • Bristle side to help remove tangles, dirt, and loose hair.
  • The double-sided brush gives you two unique brushing options.
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Bloodhound Dog Brush Buying Guide

Despite their short, flat coat, Bloodhounds do require relatively frequent grooming. In fact, it is recommended that your Bloodhound experiences some sort of grooming, like brushing, at least once a week. While Bloodhounds do have a larger period of shedding twice a year, they also shed throughout the year. Regular brushing will help remove the excess fur, keeping your Bloodhound happy and reducing the amount of allergens in your house. In addition, regular brushing will enhance your Bloodhound’s coat and keep his skin healthy. If you’re looking for a brush for your Bloodhound, we think you should consider a few features.


The main purpose for grooming a Bloodhound is to distribute the oils, offer a gentle massage, and remove excess fur. This is why a brush that is an expert in deshedding is ideal. A deshedding brush will be able to tackle the fur down to your Bloodhound’s skin to remove the excess fur. This will allow the oils from one part of the coat to penetrate the entire coat, as well as remove dust and fur from your home. If you can, you may want to brush your Bloodhound outside; this way the excess fur does not wind up in your home!

Self cleaning

Because Bloodhounds do shed and a deshedding brush will make an essential grooming tool, a self-cleaning brush will make your job at keeping your pet healthy and happy much easier. The self-cleaning brushes remove the excess fur and help you eliminate it with the click of a wrist. This prevents hair from going everywhere, and you don’t have to spend time pulling out the excess fur and trying to toss it in the garbage. We love the highly-rated Pet Neat brush for it’s self-cleaning abilities.

Safety bristles

Despite being a heroic tracking dog, your Bloodhound does have delicate skin. This is why it is essential that the brush you purchase be equipped with bristles that won’t injure his skin. In metal bristles, look for brushes that have rubber coated safety caps. These will offer massaging action without scraping your Bloodhound’s skin and causing injury. Or, bristles that are made of wild boar are a natural choice that will eliminate scratches.

Ergonomic handle

Treat yourself while you treat your Bloodhound. Grooming shouldn’t take an excessive amount of time for your Bloodhound, but they are large dogs. Look for brushes that you can hold in the palm of your hand that offer massaging action. Or, look for brushes that tout ergonomic handles that are gentle on your wrists. We love the Hertzko brush for its soft grip handle.

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