5 Best Dog Brushes for Border Aussies (Reviews Updated 2022)

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In respect of size and physical appearance, Border Collies and Australian Shepherds are pretty similar. Friendly and charming Border Aussies have been designed combining the DNA of these two aforementioned breeds of dog. Like its well-behaved parents, Border Aussies also have a striking personality and superior intelligence. Border Aussies are not ideal apartment dwellers and show outdoorsy traits in their behavior at times.

Believe it or not, these Border Aussies have earned a reputation as a herding dog. To maintain the long fur of your Border Aussie, you need to shop for flexible dog brush, and to facilitate the purchasing process for our readers, we have here shortlisted some dog brush samples for our readers.

Best Dog Brushes for Border Aussies

Here are our dog brushes for Border Aussies reviews.

1. Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

Hartz Groomer's Best Combo Dog Brush

This affordable Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush converts the grooming session into a relaxing spa. The brush features long pins made of stainless steel, which reaches the deepest layer of coat in the dog’s body. The brush gently massages its body and is ideal for dogs with a wiry coat, smooth coat, and long coat.

  • The brush eliminates the loose fur from your Border Aussie’s life.
  • You can brush your Border Aussie with both sides of the grooming kit.
  • The long handle of the brush has an anti-slip quality.

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2. Peanut’s Hand Gloves Dog & Cat Grooming & Deshedding Aid

Mr. Peanut's Hand Gloves Dog & Cat Grooming & Deshedding Aid

This black and blue Mr. Peanut’s Hand Gloves Dog & Cat Grooming & Deshedding Aid is an excellent brush choice for Border Aussies. This extra-gentle brush can control shedding significantly, and it is also effective in checking the hair fall problem. To ensure the perfect fit of the gloves, there are fastener straps.

  • The tips have a soft rubber material for the purpose of protection.
  • The core material of the gloves is nylon mesh.
  • The gloves brush has the potential to soothe your Border Aussie in no time.

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3. KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush

Kong Dog Zoomgroom Multi Use Brush

This KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush gives your Border Aussie a relaxing sensation while bathing. The gentle application of the brush on wet hair in a circular motion contributes to less hair fall. This two in one dog brush has been manufactured in the USA.

  • The brush says goodbye to dead hair for good.
  • Regular grooming with this brush softens the coat and makes it shinier.
  • The brush doesn’t have a handle; you will have to grab it with the help of your palm and fingers.

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4. Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs

Safari Self Cleaning Slicker Brush For Dogs

This sophisticated Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs comes in three standard sizes, small, medium, and large. The dark-colored cushioned handle prevents the chance of an accident while grooming your Border Aussie. A touch button has been installed in the brush, which helps the owners in the cleaning process. 

  • The stainless steel pins stimulate the deepest layer of the skin.
  • You can also collect fur from corners of the home with this grooming kit.
  • If you gently brush in the direction of fur alignment, it may lead to hair growth.

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5. JW Pet Gripsoft Slicker Brush Soft Pin

Jw Pet Company Gripsoft Slicker Brush Soft Pin Dog Brush

This elegant black and yellow colored JW Pet Gripsoft Slicker Brush Soft Pin can be an excellent choice for novice dog parents of Border Aussies. The rubber-sheathed handle of the dog brush ensures a comfortable grip and extends the grooming time for your Border Aussie as it doesn’t harm the owner’s elbow at all. The rounded head of the brush prevents any kind of poking.

  • The pins of the brush are angled in a 90degree position.
  • The brush has been designed for dogs with sensitive skin only.
  • It distributes the skin oil evenly throughout the body.

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Dog Brushes For Border Aussies Buyer’s Guide

Relatively modern Border Aussies are partly Scottish and American. Their impressive intellectual capabilities and quick learning ability make them a wonderful family companion. Border Aussies are often found chasing their tails, and little anxiety drives these dogs to bark continuously. These hybrid Border Aussies can be trained in a matter of days, and their eagerness to please the owners helps them emerge as a well-behaved house dog. If you talk about its grooming, you should brush it for at least twice or thrice a week. This way, its medium-length fur will remain in shape, and your Border Aussie will look at its best throughout the year.

Types of Brush & Coats

Many people don’t understand that it is pretty urgent to choose the right brush, depending on the coat type of dogs. Like, if a dog has long and thick hair, it will require a slicker brush or pin brush. In other cases, you can also use rakes and glove brushes. 

For medium coated Border Aussies, choose from a bristle brush, slicker brush, and pin brush. You can also bring home a deshedding brush in case your Border Aussie requires it in particular seasons.


A dog brush can be used for multiple purposes, such as grooming, massaging, shampooing, etc. These days, manufacturers are engineering the dog brush in such a way that these products can significantly control shedding. Not only these, but a proper dog brush can also help in detangling the fur knots. If you visit a canine grooming shop, you will see the professionals using different kinds of brush for removing loose fur and dead hair from the surface coat.


Most of the dog brush features a long and ergonomic handle. There is basic physics working behind the addition of such a long handle. The longer the size of the handle, the lesser is the art fatigue and pressure applied by you on your Border Aussie.

We suggest each of our readers read between the lines about these dog brush samples and buying guidelines. Border Aussies love to participate in joyful activities, and it results in a messy coat at the end of the day. So, a dog brush is an absolute necessity for your Border Aussie.

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