5 Best Dog Brushes for Boxadors (Reviews Updated 2021)

Boxadors, with their short, smooth coat and eager-to-please personality, are some of the easiest of the medium to large dog breeds to groom. Their Labrador Retriever background means most of them are relatively waterproof and are likely to be as happy in a bath as they are in a pool, and since their faces are less wrinkled than most Boxers, they require a less thorough drying to maintain healthy skin.

That being said, their short, glossy fur sheds seasonally and can become matted if it isn’t carefully groomed, and because of their outgoing nature, regular brushing can keep the potential parasites they may have picked up while playing from latching on. For these reasons, a once a week brushing with a high-quality brush is vital to your Boxador’s health.

These are the top 5 best dog brushes for Boxadors available online:

Best Dog Brushes for Boxadors

Here are our Boxador dog brush reviews.

1. HOP Double Sided Pin & Bristle Lotus Wood Dog Brush

Dog Brush For Grooming, Double Sided Pin&bristle Brush Removing Shedding Hair, Dog Brush For Short M

Made of high-quality lotus wood and stainless steel pins, the HOP Dog Brush is two-sided, one flush with synthetic bristles to massage and knock off matted hair in the undercoat, and longer pins on the other to groom and untangle longer fur. Since the handle is made of natural, waterproof wood, it is light and elegant and can be taken into the bath with your Boxador for an easier grooming experience. As a multifaceted tool with an ergonomic handle, this brush is sure to last you a long time, and come in handy for any uses.

  • Lotus wood ergonomic handle is elegant and comfortable to use
  • It is naturally waterproof and stainless, making it resistant to wear and tear
  • It comes with two different brush styles, for short or long fur
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2. FURminator Curry Comb for Short and Medium Coats

Furminator Curry Comb For Dogs

To get the closest effect to salon-level grooming, we have to get salon-level equipment, and the FURminator Curry Comb the perfect tool for the job. With soft rubber bristles and a comfortable hand strap, the gentle curry comb removed old hair and controls shedding while encouraging the production of natural oils in your dog’s skin. Since brushing can be a very stressful activity for some dogs, this soft brush, which easily fits your hand, can make for a more relaxing experience and an easier grooming session.

  • Comfortable hand strap fits over your hand with ease and stays on
  • It has soft rubber bristles which massage the skin for the benefit of natural oil production
  • Mimics salon grooming results
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3. Le Salon Essentials Rubber Brush with Loop Handle

Le Salon Essentials Rubber Grooming Brush With Loop Handle

The Le Salon Essentials Curry Brush is very similar to the FURminator Curry Comb, giving you the salon grooming experience right in your home for a fraction of the price. Unlike the FURminator, however, it is entirely made of flexible rubber, making it ideal for not only brushing a dry dog but for bringing into the bath and using for sudsing up brushing through wet hair. Since Boxadors are naturally fond of water, a brush like this one which can be used during bathtime can be better suited, especially for dogs that are skittish around brushes.

  • Entirely made of rubber, enabling you to brush as you wash
  • Ideally designed with short-haired breeds in mind
  • This brush is extremely easy to remove shed hair out of and clean after grooming
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4. MIU COLOR Professional Deshedding Pet Brush

Miu Color Pet Deshedding Brush, Professional Grooming Tool, Effec

This MIU COLOR Pet Deshedding Brush is a compact, professional brush with 4-inch quality stainless steel brush teeth, evenly distributed and designed to remove shed fur with ease. As close as you can get to professional tools in your own home, this brush penetrates past the top layer of fur to get to the pesky, stuck shed and matted fur that needs to be brushed out for the health and benefit of your dog’s skin. With the lifetime quality guarantee provided by the manufacturers, you can rest easy knowing that if this brush does not fit what you were looking for, you can have it exchanged for another brush of a similar high caliber.

  • High-quality brushing experience, made with the best materials
  • It is perfect for accessing deep knots and matted fur
  • 4-inch high-quality stainless steel brush teeth, providing an excellent grooming experience
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5. Conair PRODog Boar Bristle Pet-It for Dog

Conair Prodog Pet It For Dog

Most, if not all, Boxadors have a short, glossy coat that does not need abrasive grooming, and brushes made from the wrong materials can harm their fur development and skin. With this in mind, the Conair PRODog brush is perfect for short-haired, medium-sized breeds, because it is made from a combination of synthetic bristles, and soft, luxurious boar. Fitting comfortably in your hand, this brush combs out your dog’s fur and manages cleanliness, shedding, and odor with a gentle brush that your pup is sure to enjoy.

  • 50% synthetic bristles, 50% all-natural boar bristles
  • Stimulated fur development and natural oil secretion
  • Easy to use and discreet for pets who are uneasy around larger brushes
  • High-quality nail grinders, shears, and clippers are also offered by Conair
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Boxador Dog Brush Buying Guide

When you’re searching for the best brush for a shorthair dog on the market, there are many options presented before you. Many of them appear very similar at first glance. For these reasons, it is important to consider specific details about the brush you’re looking for, and the needs of your dog. Both Boxers and Labrador Retrievers are short-haired, medium-to-large-sized dogs, with sleek, shiny coats and a people pleaser personality, which can make them easy to groom, but may also require frequent grooming due to their high shedding quota and athletic lifestyle. For these reasons, here are some qualities you’d like to look out for when shopping for a brush for your Boxador:


Most dog brushes are made at least in part from plastic or rubber but may include portions from wood, metal, fiber, or even animal hair. Each material has its benefits and downsides – metal teeth on a brush have high tensile strength but can be intimidating for dogs who are wary of painful brushes. Rubber brushes are soft and easy on your Boxador, but they can easily be destroyed over time. In general, look for brushes that are easy to clean, and are made in a similar design to salon brushes, since those will be both comfortable for your dog, and durable in the long run.


Brush style determines the length and type of fur they are most suitable to be used on. Metal brushes, or brushes with long pins, tend to be better for untangling knots and brushing out long fur, which will likely not be a concern for shorthair breeds, which more often need dense, bristly combs to reach through their fur to massage the skin and encourage healthy fur growth. With this in mind, consider either dual-purpose brushes, for the sections of your dog’s body which have a greater fur length, or curry combs, which have soft rubber pins or bristles. Even the best brush won’t serve its purpose if it is used on the wrong coat type.


As with any canine tool, expect your brush to have some wear and tear as you use it, especially with large, high-energy dogs. Brushes may be taken into the bath to better shampoo a dog, or they may be used on a dog who is uneasy around brushes – some brushes may even be taken as a toy and end up thoroughly chewed on. For these reasons, look for brushes that are sturdy, but designed ergonomically to fit comfortably in your hand, as you will preferably be using them as often as once a week.

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