5 Best Dog Brushes for Bullmastiffs (Reviews Updated 2024)

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If you are looking for a brush for your Bullmastiff but you can’t decide on which one you want among the many options on the market then you’ve found the right place. This article is made for helping owners like you find the perfect brush for their Bullmastiff or at least narrowing down the options. While your Bullmastiff has short fur and thus requires less grooming than other, longer haired breeds it is still important that you brush them at least once per week to ensure none of the fur gets trapped under their coat.

Below are the top five recommended dog brushes for Bullmastiffs with short item descriptions to explain why each product made this list. At the end of the article is a buying guide with extra information about the various features of dog brushes that you may want for your Bullmastiff.

Best Dog Brushes for Bullmastiffs

Here are our Bullmastiff dog brush reviews.

1. DakPets Deshedding Dog Brush

Dakpets Deshedding Dog Brush

The DakPets Deshedding Dog Brush is made so that with regular grooming your Bullmastiff’s shedding will be cut down by up to ninety five percent. The brush is made from high quality materials to ensure a long lasting grooming tool. The comfort handle on the brush makes grooming your Bullmastiff more comfortable on you.

  • Deshedding brush helps reduce the hair around your home
  • High quality materials are used for a durable brush
  • Handle is made comfortable to grip for your hand
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2. Hertzko Self Cleaning Dog Brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brus

The Hertzko Self Cleaning Dog Brush is made to make cleaning up after the grooming easier on you, just press a button and the bristles retract. The bristles gently remove matts and knots without yanking on your Bullmastiff’s fur. With minimal pressure you can easily groom your Bullmastiff’s coat and leave it looking amazing.

  • Self cleaning fur ejector button makes cleaning easy
  • Bristles reach deep to remove matts and knots
  • Only use mild pressure to avoid potentially harming your Bullmastiff
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3. Furminator Undercoat Dog Brush

Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool For Dogs

The Furminator Undercoat Dog Brush is made to reach down and remove all the excess fur trapped under your Bullmastiff’s coat. With regular grooming this brush will reduce your Bullmastiff’s shedding by up to ninety five percent. The handle is made to be comfortable in your hand for longer grooming sessions.

  • Removes all excess dirt and fur from under the coat
  • Reduces shedding amount with regular grooming
  • Comfort handle is perfect for longer grooming sessions
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4. Delomo Grooming Glove Dog Brush

[upgrade Version] Pet Grooming Glove

The Delomo Grooming Glove Dog Brush is made for your grooming convenience, just slide the glove on and pet your Bullmastiff as usual. The glove promotes healthy bonding during grooming time between you and your Bullmastiff. The bristles are a gentle rubber that won’t hurt your Bullmastiff’s skin.

  • Made easy to use for your grooming needs
  • Glove makes grooming fun for you and your Bullmastiff
  • Gentle rubber materials is made for dogs with sensitive skin
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5. Starroad Grooming Glove Dog Brush

Starroad Tim Pet Grooming Glove

The Starroad Grooming Glove Dog Brush is made for breeds like the Bullmastiff who have sensitive skin. The glove is easy to slide on and off, just pet your Bullmastiff as you usually would and it collects the excess fur. The glove holds the excess in the palm until you are ready to dispose of it for a convenient clean up process for you.

  • Gentle rubber glove is perfect for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Easy to slide on and off for convenient cleaning
  • Holds excess fur in the palm until you are ready to get rid of it
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Bullmastiff Dog Brush Buying Guide

While the above products are the most highly recommended for Bullmastiffs, it is of course entirely up to you which brush you choose. So if none of the above meet your standards then you can take the information you learned in this article and find one that you like. Keep in mind when searching for a brush; you should only use the smallest amount of pressure while grooming to ensure the brush doesn’t push against your Bullmastiff’s skin painfully. No matter how gentle the brush is, if you put too much strength behind it while grooming it can hurt your Bullmastiff. Now we will continue on the features of brush that you may want for your Bullmastiff.


The Bullmastiff breed has very sensitive skin and it can dry out ridiculously easily, this contributes to their problems with heat sickness and similar health issues. An easy way to help keep your Bullmastiff’s skin healthy and moisturized is to buy a massaging dog brush that activates the oil glands in their skin. These brushes are made for breeds such as your Bullmastiff whose skin dries out and need to be watched carefully to ensure no pain or discomfort is coming.

Grooming Glove

The grooming glove is a relatively new invention but it has taken the dog product industry by storm. Whether you own a short furred breed such as your Bullmastiff, or a long furred breed like a german shepherd, this brush gently removes excess fur and keeps it in the palm of the glove until you are ready to dispose of it. This makes grooming fun for you and your Bullmastiff while making clean up easier on you.

Anti Slip and Comfort Grip Handle

Have you ever been grooming your Bullmastiff but your hand slips and yanks on their fur? Or maybe you’ve noticed while brushing your Bullmastiff that after a few minutes it chafes your hand? If you have either of the above problems then you may want an anti slip grip and comfort handle. These are made to reduce accidents and make grooming gentler on your hand.

Rubber/Rounded Bristles

Many of the older dog brushes are made with sharp and stiff bristles that will scratch your Bullmastiff’s skin horribly. Thankfully the newer brushes being made are mostly made out of gentler materials. The most common and popular brushes now have rubber or rounded bristles as this prevents them from damaging your Bullmastiff’s skin.

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