5 Best Dog Brushes for Canaans (Reviews Updated 2021)

In general, your Canaan’s coat is very easy to look after.  A good brush every few days and a bath when he gets dirty are all you need to maintain this pup’s short double coat.  But that doesn’t mean you can neglect it.  Although most of the Canaan’s shedding happens only twice a year, they can shed more, especially if not brushed regularly.  Brushing your Canaan every few days will also help distribute essential oils for and is a great massage for blood flow.  Make brushing your Canaan a part of your regular grooming routine early, for a clean, healthy skin and coat for life.

Best Dog Brush for Canaans

Here are our dog brush for Canaans reviews.

1. SAFARI Rubber Curry Brush for Dogs

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The SAFARI Rubber Curry Brush for Dogs is a soft rubber brush designed to add sheen to your Canaan’s coat, and stimulate the natural oils in the skin.  This brush can be used to remove excess dirt and hair either dry or in the bath.

  • Convenient size fits in your hand
  • Durable and comfortable rubber bristles
  • Two rows of rubber to trap hair in the brush
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2. HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves

Handson Pet Grooming Gloves Patented #1 Ranked, Award Winning Shedding, Bathing, & Hair Remover G

HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves are designed for de-shedding and bathing short-haired dogs like Canaans.  Gently massage your dog with both your hands using these rubber gloves with bristle tips on the fingers and round tips on the palms.

  • Non-abrasive, flexible rubber
  • Distributes natural oils for healthy skin
  • Hands-on grooming for hard to reach areas and contours
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3. Furminator Curry Comb for Dogs

Furminator Curry Comb For Dogs

The Furminator Curry Comb is a popular grooming brush for short-haired breeds such as Canaans.  The molded rubber teeth grab excess hair and stimulate the production of natural oils for a healthy coat.

  • Ergonomic design for comfort in your hand
  • Removes dust and loose hair
  • Anti-microbial plastic for fewer germs and bacteria
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4. Hertzko Bristle Brush

Hertzko Bristle Brush For Dogs And Cats With Long Or Short Hair Dense Bristles Remove Loose Hair,

The Hertzko Bristle Brush is great for removing any last dirt or excess hair from your Canaan’s coat.  The dense bristles massage his skin while leaving his coat shiny and clean.

  • Soft bristles for your Canaan’s comfort
  • Great for increasing blood circulation
  • Comfort grip and anti-slip handle
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5. Andis Pet Steel Comb

Andis Pet Steel Comb

The Andis Pet Steel Comb is a popular grooming comb to have on hand for removing tangles and mats in the longer fur around your Canaan’s neck, fluffy tail and back of his legs.  The wide and narrow teeth are great for different knots you may encounter.

  • Lightweight for extended grooming
  • Stimulates skin and hair follicles
  • Available in 7.5” or 10” lengths
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Dog Brush for Canaans Buyer’s Guide

Taking care of your Canaan’s short coat is fairly simple, but you will require a few grooming tools to do it properly.  Twice a year during shedding season, you will need to brush your Canaan every day, to help remove excess hair, dust and dirt.  Outside of those times, a regular brush every few days should suffice.  Brushes for grooming your Canaan are not expensive, so choose a few and find the right combination for you and him.  Brushing not only keeps your Canaan’s coat and skin in great shape, it gives you and your pup some regular bonding time.

Our buying guide reviews the best dog brushes for Canaans on the market so you can choose the right dog brush for your dog.  The following brushes and tools are the most recommended for your Canaan and will help you to choose which you need for your Canaan’s grooming.

Hound Glove or Curry Brush

A convenient Hound Glove or deshedding glove is great for your Canaan, as it gives him the feeling of you simply petting him.  Get a five-fingered glove and get one for each hand for a real hands-on feel.  These rubber gloves grab and trap dirt and excess hair to leave his coat shiny and clean.  Another option is a rubber curry brush.  This small round brush fits in your hand and has rubber bristles to access the undercoat as well.  Both tools work well in the bath for sudsing and lathering and are easy to clean.

Final Touches

After you have removed the excess hair, you may want to use a simple bristle brush to smooth the coat and help distribute essential oils for healthier skin and a shinier coat.  This massaging brush also promotes blood circulation and feels great.  Finally, since the Canaan’s coat is longer and fluffier on the neck, tail and back of the legs, a metal comb will be helpful to have on hand for getting tangles out in those areas.

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