5 Best Dog Brushes for Cane Corsos (Reviews Updated 2022)

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From a long sight the coat of a Cane Corso looks short, which it is. However, it is also very thick and course to the touch, rather than soft. This is due to them evolving as outdoor, working dogs. Despite, the fact that their coat is relatively easy to keep. The thickness of their fur in the underneath layer, which acts as a protective layer, grows thicker in colder weather.

Therefore, depending on the climate they live in they will experience months where the top layer sheds, sometimes quite excessively. This is when you will find it necessary to have a dog brush. However, you have to find the right one, especially designed to groom your Cane Corso’s fur with maximum efficiency keeping the hair loss under control and the coat looking shiny and neat.

Dog Brush for Cane Corso

Take a look here at this great selection of dog brushes for your Cane Corso, you’re sure to find the ideal grooming tool for them:

1. Groomist Dog Brush

Groomist Dog Brushes And Grooming Tools For All Dogs And Puppies

This excellent dog brush made by Groomist is designed especially for a gentle, easy brush to give your Cane Corso an exceptionally relaxed grooming experience. There are different types of brushes that have variable options. However, all are made with the same soft, rubbery texture that massages the skin, whilst attracting all the lose hair on the top coat

  • Rubber brush attracts excess hair and gently massages
  • Can be used on wet and dry hair
  • Ergonomic soft grip handle for easier brush
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2. Burt’s Bees Hemp Palm Bristle Brush

Burt’s Bees For Puppies

The eco-friendly design made by Burt’s Bees uses natural materials, such as hemp and bamboo, as well as recycled materials. The bristle brush is made to effectively untangle the undercoat hair and remove all excess hair on top. A great durable brush for keeping your Cane Corso’s coat healthy and soft for years and years.

  • Natural hemp material for effective brushing
  • Eco-friendly – good for the environment
  • Easy-to-use ergonomic shape

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3. PatYourPet Pet Grooming Tool

Pet Grooming Tool 2 Sided Undercoat Rake For Cats & Dogs

The 2-in-1 de-tangling rake made by Patyourpet is the perfect tool to help keep the shedding of your Cane Corso’s coat under control. With 9 teeth on one side and a 17 tooth-side on the other, it effectively untangles the undercoat and collects up all the excess hair. It also has an easy-to-use comfortable rubber handle.

  • Dual-side brush head for multi-purpose
  • Ergonomic, anti-slip handle
  • Easy hair removal
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4. Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool

Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool For Dogs

Furminator have created an excellent grooming brush especially for short-haired, large dogs. It has a large brush head, which is slightly curved meant to fit the form of your beloved Cane Corso. The short bristle teeth are made to reach under the coat, effectively de-shed and remove excess hair to leave a nice new, smooth coat.

  • Specialist design for large, short-haired dogs
  • Ejectable brush head for an easy clean
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort and ease

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5. SleekEZ De-shedding Brush

Sleekez Original Deshedding Grooming Tool For Dogs, Cats & Horses

SleekEZ has created the number one most comfortable and effective de-shedding tool for your Cane Corso. On a comfortable, eco-friendly brush handle you have the blade of tiny teeth lined in a wave for optimum de-shredding. Hair is easily caught and removed for a gentle, efficient groom

  • Patented wave pattern design for effective brushing
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Comfortable round shape for an easy brush
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Cane Corso Dog Brush Buyer’s Guide

A brush design, which will ensure the maximum efficiency in grooming your Cane Corso is one that has small teeth. They can get close under his thick, short top coat to untangle and effectively de-shed their excess hair. A nice big, brush head with a curved edge will cover a lot more of his large body bass. In case, your Cane Corso gets nervous during grooming we have selected brushes that are extra soft to the touch and gently massage at the same time. A comfortable, ergonomic handle allows for an better grip and easier brush.


Brush head designs are made from different materials, each with their own form to effectively de-tangle thick, short fur and remove excess hair during a Cane Corso’s shedding season. The brushes made of rubber allow for a gentle, experience that attracts the hairs to the magnetic material. The brushes with metal teeth, which come in a variety of rake-like styles are made from anti-corrosive metal like stainless-steel and very effective de-shredders. We have also selected a range of eco-friendly brushes made of recyclable materials like hemp, that is provides a gentle, anti-irritative groom.

Brush Head 

There are a wide range of grooming tools, each with a different style brush head designed to effectively tackle and  revitalise a Cane Corso’s short, thick fur coat. Some come with dual-purpose heads, which can be exchanged or flipped over for a specific brush, whether you wish to untangle, or de-shred. A brush with a wider head will brush their large body much quicker. It is preferable to opt for brush heads with smaller, more gentle teeth for a more painless experience when un-tangling their undercoat. In some cases the brushes come with an ejectable head, which allows for you to remove and wash easily.


A grooming session between you and your Cane Corso, should inspire a moment of bonding, as well as a necessity. If you adapt them from a young age and buy the right brush, which will provide a relaxing experience, whilst you de-matt and de-shed to anticipate and remove their excess hair. This will effectually limit hair from getting everywhere and will keep their fur coat looking healthy and well-maintained. Pick a moment when they are relaxed take your excellent dog brush and gently comb in the direction that the hair grows from the root. Be careful when you find a knot to gently remove it without pulling their skin because this could hurt them.

Cleaning your brush

Each of the best dog brush designs, which we’ve chosen here and especially for your Cane Corso has a  head that aids easy hair removal. If you look after them well and clean them properly after each groom they will keep their efficiency for much longer. So be sure to remove hair every few brushes placing it in a nearby disposal unit. Then when you’ve finished be sure to run under water and gently wipe with an anti-corrosive cleaning product. When in doubt you can always use vinegar to effectively clean all dirt, hair and shedded skin.

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