5 Best Dog Brushes for Cava-lons (Reviews Updated 2021)

The Cava-lon is an intelligent, cute, and small to medium-sized hybrid breed resulting from amalgamating Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Papillon. They look so adorable for having beautiful ears, like butterflies. They are excessively charming and love to play with kids, which will be more entertaining if you present them with some toys.

The Cava-lons are fun-loving, and brushing them gives them a matte look. Therefore, daily brushing or combing is required, as these puppies are completely covered with a soft coat.

Best Dog Brushes for Cava-lons

Here are our dog brushes for Cava-lons reviews.

1. Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

Hartz Groomer's Best Combo Dog Brush

This Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush comes with two unique sides, which provide double effectiveness of grooming action. One side of the brush comprises stainless steel pins, which helps in reducing unwanted hair. Another side is made of nylon, which makes the Cava-lon’s hair smooth and silky.

  • It removes loose hair or fur.
  • Brushing helps in soft and shiny hair.
  • It comes with an ergonomically designed handle.

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2. KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush

Kong Dog Zoomgroom Multi Use Brush

If you are looking for perfect shampooing brushes for your Cava-lon, this KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush would be the best. This brush also helps in removing unwanted, knotted fur from your Cava-lon’s body. It provides clean, hygienic skin and also helps in producing natural oil on their body.

  • It massages your fellow during brushing.
  • The brush uses substances made in the USA.
  • It makes their fur shiny and fluffy.

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3. FURminator Firm Slicker Brush For Dogs

FURminator Firm Slicker Brush For Dogs

This FURminator Firm Slicker Brush For Dogs is also a good-looking double sided slicker brush, which helps in removing germs and bacteria. They are impeccable for brushing medium and long-sized-fur, even smoothly comb curly coats. This brush provides professional grooming to your Cava-lon.

  • It comes with a 2-sided bend configuration.
  • It can be brushed comfortably with its ergonomic handle.
  • It is made with anti-microbial material.

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4. Frisco Slicker Dog Brush

Frisco Self Cleaning Slicker Dog Brush

Frisco Slicker Dog Brush is consummate in removing unnecessary, disturbing tangles from your Cava-lon, and it also assists in improving its skin health. The brush is made with plastic material, and the design of this brush is such that it can groom your Cava-lon fellow almost effortlessly. It makes their fur shine like a new penny.

  • A soft and smooth brush for providing the best groom.
  • Its handle helps to comb hair comfortably and fatigue-free.
  • The brush is hygienic and safe for daily use.
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5. Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs

Safari Self Cleaning Slicker Brush For Dogs

Now you can groom your Cava-lon and clean it afterward automatically just by pressing a button of Safari Slicker brush. The padded portion of Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs can also be cleaned. Its stainless steel pins provide the best cleaning result.

  • It can be easily gripped with its comfortable handle.
  • The in-built self-cleaning operation, with a better experience.
  • Keep your room and furniture hair-free by cleaning all hairs of your Cava-lon.

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Dog Brushes For Cava-lons Buyer’s Guides

Besides, providing love and care, brushing and grooming your pet is also a crucial task. The daily combing of your Cava-lon means free from unnecessary, annoying hair and giving your Cava-lon a healthy, hygienic life. Apart from that, a proper, regular brushing gives shiny, smooth, silky hair. This is all about taking care of your favorite Cava-lon. 

The brushing also provides a comfortable massage, slick their coat by adding natural oil to their skin. As choosing a brush means providing comfort to your Cava-lon, before buying an appropriate brush, consider some necessary points to remember before buying.

Types of Brushes

Pin brushes:- Pin brushes are one of the common types of dog brushes and come with a variety of sizes. They are naturally oval in shape, but they are not beneficial in reducing mats, but they are useful for long-haired pets. They are fabricated with rubber on the backside.

Slicker brushes:- Slicker brushes come with rectangular shape; they are impeccable in reducing tangles, overall dirt, matts, etc. from the coats of your Cava-lon. It has a mounted handle, which ensures a fine grip during brushing. 

The bristles of this brush are soft, smooth, and medium-sized. Use the brush gently on your Cava-lon and see the result.

 Rubber Brushes:- Rubber brushes are excellent in removing loose, annoying fur and provide a comfortable massage session to your Cava-lon’s skin. The rubber brushes are beneficial for combing smooth hair. 

The construction is such that they can provide an unforgettable feeling while brushing after a bath. You can use two sides of them, one side helps in providing pleasure, and the long-sized bristles give a smooth touch.


Brushes are one of the important things for your Cava-lon to look attractive with shiny hair. Brushes come with different varieties. 

Some brushes have one purpose, and some provide multiple functions. While choosing a brush for your Cava-lon, try to choose something which is usable for all kinds of puppies or cats.


While choosing a brush for your precious Cava-lon, it is important to recheck the brushes’ quality. Because their health depends on the brushes’ quality, if they do not have quality features, your Cava-lon will be affected by germs and bacteria. Also, the durability and functions are included in the quality of the brush.


The different brushes come with other functionality. But before buying a brush, understand its purposes and also whether the brush will be going to meet your requirements or not. Then only you can choose the best one for your Cava-lon. People find the brushes, which can easily go deep to the hair and completely clean the loose hair. 

Flexibility and protection

This is an important factor to consider if your Cava-lon is enjoying a brushing session. If the brush does not suit your Cava-lon’s skin, then stop using such brushes and look for another from different brands.

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