5 Best Dog Brushes for Chorkies (Reviews Updated 2022)

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If you are wondering how to groom your tiny Chorkie, you are not alone.  These little pups need special toolsso you can safely and comfortably keep their coats and skin in tip-top shape.  Luckily, your Chorkie does not shed very much, but he still needs regular brushing to keep his longer, silky hair in good condition.  Daily brushing and combing will remove excess hair and prevent tangles and mats from forming, and keep this sassy pup looking stylish and chic.

Best Dog Brush for Chorkies

Here are our dog brush for Chorkies reviews.

1. Burt’s Bees for Dogs Brush

Burt’s Bees For Dogs Double Sided Pin & Hemp Bristle Dog Brush Best All Purpose Dog Brush To Reduc

The Burt’s Bees for Dogs Brush is a convenient double-sided pin and bristle brush.  This all-purpose, versatile brush is small for hard-to-reach places and provides excellent detangling and smoothing for your Chorkie’s fluffy coat.

  • Rounded pins comfortably remove dirt and excess hair
  • Bristle brush massages for increased blood circulation.
  • Made of bamboo and recycled materials
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2. Coastal Li’l Pals Extra Small Slicker Brush

Coastal Li'l Pals Slicker Purple And Green Brush For Dogs, Extra Small

The Coastal Li’l Pals Extra Small Slicker Brush is the perfect size for your tiny Chorkie.  This grooming brush has comfortable, soft-tipped pins that will not irritate your pup’s sensitive skin.

  • Ideal for toy breeds
  • Gently removes tangles, mats and loose hair
  • Easy-grip handle for daily use
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3. Andis Pet Steel Comb

Andis Pet Steel Comb

The Andis Pet Steel Comb is a popular grooming comb for removing tangles and mats in Chorkie’s soft coats.  This handy comb features coarse and fine teeth for both detangling and fluffing the hair.

  • Lightweight for extended grooming
  • Stimulates skin and hair follicles
  • Available in 7.5” or 10” lengths
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4. Hartz Groomers Best Combo Brush

Hartz Groomer's Best Grooming Tools

The Hartz Groomers Best Combo Brush is the perfect extra-small grooming tool for your Chorkie.This two-sided brush gently removes tangles and smooths the coat for a polished salonlook every time.

  • Stainless steel tips with protective coating
  • Denser nylon brush side for smoothing and distributing oils
  • Ergonomic handle for easy use
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5. Safari Pin Brush for Dogs

Safari Pin Brush For Dogs Small

The Safari Pin Brush is a basic pin brush designed for smaller dogs like Chorkies.  This brush is the perfect size to get around contours and hard-to-reach places such as behind the legs.

  • Removes dirt and excess hair
  • Distributes natural oils for shiny coat
  • Fluff the coat by brushing in opposite direction
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Dog Brush for Chorkies Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right grooming tools for your Chorkie is important, as you will be brushing and combing him daily.  This hybrid breed generally takes after the Yorkshire Terrier parent, so his coat can take a bit more effort to maintain.The biggest consideration is the size of the tool, as you will need a small brush head to effectively comb your tiny pup’s coat.  Larger tools with harsher bristles will not be comfortable or effective on your pup.  Good quality grooming tools are affordable, so choose a few that you love and use them regularly.  Start early with your Chorkie puppy, to get him used to the daily task.  He will come to love the time you spend together.

Our buying guide reviews the best dog brushes for Chorkies on the market so you can choose the right ones for your dog.  The following grooming tools are recommended for at-home use and will help you to choose which ones you need for your Chorkie.

Detangling Comb

Your Chorkie likely takes after his Yorkshire Terrier lineage, so his coat will be longer and require regular detangling.Choose a metal comb or specialized metal dematting comb to remove tangles and prevent harmful mats from forming.Gently mist with a detangling spray and work gently with long, sweeping strokes in the direction of the hair growth.  Comb out any knots prior to putting him in the bath, to prevent the tangles from getting worse.

Pin Brush or Multi-Brush

Chorkieswill need regular brushing with a pin brush, multi-brush or slicker brush to smooth and straighten their coat.  Choose one that is extra-small in size and pay special attention to the front and back of the legs.  These brushes will further remove excess hair and dirt from his coat and distribute essential oilsto his skin.  The nylon bristles on the back of a multi brush can be used to smooth his coat and distribute oils throughout the hairs themselves, keeping them fluffy and shiny. Choose a brush with protected, finetips to prevent scratching or hurting your Chorkie.

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