5 Best Dog Brushes for French Bulldogs (Reviews Updated 2021)

French Bulldogs have sensitive skin and require regular grooming to keep their skin healthy and coats shiny! The best way to groom your French Bulldog is with a proper brush. The best brush will use stimulating massage action to help increase circulation. It will also work to distribute natural oil while removing excess fur.

And, because Frenchies have sensitive skin, it’s critical that the brush you purchase has gentle bristles so as not to injure your pet’s skin. Are you wondering what type of brush is best for your French Bulldog? We have our top picks for you!

Best Dog Brushes for French Bulldogs

Here are our French Bulldog dog brush reviews.

1. Glendan Dog Brush

Glendan Dog Brush & Cat Brush Slicker Pet Grooming Brush Shedding Grooming Tools

The Glendan dog brush is one of the most popular dog brushes for groomers and pet owners. In fact, Glendan so stands by this brush, they offer a 90 day guarantee. With stimulating massage action, your French Bulldog will look forward to grooming!

  • The simple design specially designed with a comfort-grip and anti-slip handle, which prevents hand and wrist strain.
  • Massaging particles won’t scratch your pet and increases blood circulation.
  • The rotatable slicker brush is easy to clean.
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2. Conair PRODog Pet-It for Dog

Conair Prodog Pet It For Dog

This uniquely shaped palm brush allows you more control when grooming your French Bulldog. The palm brush actually feels to your dog like you are simply petting it because of its unique palm shape. Conair uses the same high quality materials for their dog brushes as they use for their products for humans.

  • This dog brush features 50% natural boar & 50% synthetic bristles.
  • The Pet It is ideal for animals who are scared of large brushes.
  • This brush is best to distribute oils in yourFrenchie’s fur for a natural, healthy shine.
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3. Hertzko Bristle Brush for Dogs

Hertzko Bristle Brush For Dogs And Cats With Long Or Short Hair Dense Bristles Remove Loose Hair,

Hertzko’s Bristle Brush gently removes loose hair, and eliminates tangles, dander and dust altogether. Thus brush is ideal for dogs with short hair, and it is able to penetrate down to your Frenchie’s skin to offer a massage. And, Hertzko offers a thirty day guarantee.

  • The brush is designed with a comfort strip handle.
  • Densely packed bristles are soft on your Frenchie’s sensitive skin.
  • This brush is gentle enough for every day brushing.
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4. CleanHouse Pets

Cleanhouse Pets Cat And Dog Hair Brush No More Shedding

Clean House Pets is a highly regarded pet product company and this brush is no exception. The Clean House Pets brush is self-cleaning and helps eliminate dander and excess fur from your Frenchie to keep your home and air cleaner. This brush is also good on any rough tangles from dirt or other materials that may stick in your Frenchie’s fur.

  • The Clean House Pets is a self-cleaning pet brushes that is professional grade to gently remove all loose hair quickly.
  • Unlike a comb, this bristle design desheds, cleans and shines even the thickest coats.
  • Clean House Pets offers a lifetime warranty.
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5. Dog Grooming Brush

Dog Grooming Brush, Cwxzstm Pet Shampoo Bath Brush Soothing Massage Rubber Comb With Adjustable Rin

The Amazon dog grooming brush comes in a pack of two, and unlike regular brushes that have prickly bristles that can damage skin, this brush has soft rubber bristles. The palm shape relieves anxiety for dogs that are afraid of larger brushes. Use it dry or use it for additional massaging action on your short haired pup during a bath.

  • The dog brush for short haired dogs comes with an adjustable ring grip handle to fit different sizes of hands comfortably.
  • Made from high-quality soft TRP rubber material.
  • The dog shedding brush is convenient to carry and store and can be placed in a handbag or dog carrier pack without taking up excess space.
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French Bulldog Brush Buying Guide

French Bulldogs love to be cuddled by their owners, and a weekly brushing is a great way to bond with your Frenchie, and help keep him or her healthy. French Bulldogs only need to be brushed about once a week because they have a very short coat. But, a weekly brushing is important because it can remove the dead hair,  and provides a massage and helps spread critical oils across your Frenchie’s coat. If you’re looking for a brush, we recommend you consider some of these factors.

Ergonomic or palm sized

A palm sized brush, like the AmazonBasics rubber brush, provides a gentle grooming experience that feels more like you are petting your pet than brushing their hair. PAlm sized brushes are ideal for many dogs, but especially Frenhies who might be scared of and do not require a larger brush.  To your Frenchie, a palm sized brushing will feel like a massage!

Self cleaning

Despite having short hair, Frenchies can shed. A brush that offers some sort of self cleaning is simply an added bonus in your cleaning process. Brushes like the CleanHouse Pets help remove dander and excess fur while, with a simple flick of the hand, you can toss it all in the garbage.

Soft bristles

French Bulldog skin is very delicate, so it’s important that your brush does not injure your Frenchie’s skin! Look for brushes that are made of silicone, rubber or natural boar to prevent scratching your Frenchie’s sensitive skin.

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