5 Best Dog Brushes for German Shepherds (Reviews Updated 2021)

Do you have a German Shepherd that takes hours to groom thanks to their mass amounts of fur? Well your problem is common and the dog product industry has come up with a solution. The most popular dog brush type is the Slicker brush and it is made for any length of fur for your convenience.

Below are the top five recommended dog brushes for German Shepherd and each item will have a short summary of why you would want to buy it. At the end of the article is a buying guide that contains extra information on the various dog brushes out there, if you want to know more.

Best Dog Brushes for German Shepherds

Here are our German Shepherd dog brush reviews.

1. Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Dog Brush

Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool For Dogs

The Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Dog Brush is made specifically to reach deep into the undercoat and remove the loose fur from your German Shepherd. It has an ejector button that releases the fur to make clean up easier on you. The handle is soft and anti slip for your comfort and your dog’s safety.

  • Reaches into the undercoat of your German Shepherd and removes loose fur
  • Ejector button makes clean up easy by collecting fur
  • Soft and anti slip handle is great for hours of use
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2. DakPets Deshedding Dog Brush

Dakpets Deshedding Brush Dog Hair & Cat Hair Shedding Tool Effective Grooming Tool

The DakPetsDeshedding Dog Brush is made for either cats or dogs, making it perfect for owners of German Shepherds and kitties. It is made of the best materials to ensure a sturdy brush that will last for years of daily groomings. It reaches down into the undercoat and pulls the loose fur up without painful yanking.

  • Works on cats and dogs, great for owners of both
  • Best materials for a long usage with your German Shepherd
  • Reaches into undercoat for maximum efficiency and reduces shedding
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3. Hertzko Slicker Dog Brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush – Gently Removes Loose Undercoat

The Hertzko Slicker Dog Brush gently removes the loose hair from your German Shepherds undercoat without painful yanking. The bristles are sturdy without being painful on your dog’s skin, removing matts and tangles easily. The bristles lock in the loose hair for you to remove at the end, making clean up easy.

  • Removes loose hair from German Shepherd’s undercoat without pain
  • Sturdy bristles collect extra fur without scratching skin
  • Bristles hold extra fur in place for you to remove once finished
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4. Pat Your Pet Dog Grooming Brush

Pet Grooming Tool 2 Sided Undercoat Rake For Cats & Dogs

The Pat Your Pet Dog Grooming Brush has two sides for options on how you would like to groom your German Shepherd. It can be used on both cats and dogs for owners who own both convenience. The grip is made to be soft and comfortable on your hand, great for groomers who brush for hours.

  • Two sides for multiple grooming style options
  • Can be used on both cats and dogs for your convenience if you own both
  • Grip is comfy in your hand, great for hours of use
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5. The Pet Portal Quality Slicker Dog Brush

Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush For Dogs And Cats

The Pet Portal Quality Slicker Dog Brush can be used on cats or dogs for the convenience of those who own both. The bristles are easy to clean and lock in the loose fur for an easy removal. The brush removes matts and tangles without painful yanking for your German Shepherd’s comfort.

  • Great for either cats or dogs, great for owners of both
  • Easy to clean, bristles trap in dog hair for removal later
  • Removes matts and tangles gently, no more pain
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German Shepherd Dog Brush Buying GuideDog Brush For German Shepherds

As you can see from the above five products there are many different types of brushes and features on the market. Before I go into those, I will remind you to be gentle when brushing your German Shepherd as even the most gentle of brushes will hurt their skin if you put too much pressure behind it.

Ejector Button

An ejector button isn’t seen on many dog brushes, but considering how long the German Shepherd’s hair can be it should be. These buttons are exactly what they sound like, hit the button and all the hair that is locked into the brush is pushed off. Easy clean ups are nice for owners with little time.

Anti Slip Handle

Have you ever been brushing your German Shepherd and your hand slipped? It hurts your dog physically and you emotionally anytime it happens. If you’re a groomer then you are brushing for hours on end sometimes and it is vital you don’t lose your grip. These situations are what the brush grip is for. It lowers the risk of accidental injuries.

Comfortable Handle

This feature is especially nice if you are a groomer. Groomers have to use a brush for hours on end every day of work. That is murder on your hand, and when you get dogs like the German Shepherd or the Husky who have a lot of hair it is even more work. Having a comfortable handle on your dog brush will do wonders for your pain and also lessen chances of accidents happening.

Self Cleaning

This is another feature that is especially good for groomers. Dog hair, especially long fur like the German Shepherd, gets wrapped around the brush and nothing can get it off. Having a self cleaning dog brush does wonders for that. The brush is made to easily remove all the fur that had been locked into it, making clean ups a dream.

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