5 Best Dog Brushes for Lakeland Terriers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Your Lakeland Terrier has a distinctive unique look – with a wiry, springy coat and an adorable beard. While this double coat gives your pup this special look, maintaining it does take some time and attention. Regular stripping is necessary by a professional, as well as brushing, raking and combing at home. The thick double coat protects the soft dense undercoat, so both will need to be tended to several times a week to prevent painful and dangerous mats from forming over time.

Best Dog Brush for Lakeland Terriers

Here are our dog brush for Lakeland Terrier reviews.

1. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brus

The Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is a grooming tool that gently removes dirt, mats and loose hair from your Lakeland Terrier’s soft undercoat. The bristles will penetrate the coat without irritating the skin. The bristles are designed to also smooth the topcoat to complete the look.

  • Fine, bent-wire bristles
  • Bristles retract for easy cleaning
  • Comfort grip and anti-slip handle

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2. Safari De-Matting Dog Comb

Safari Dog De Matting Comb, Stainless Steel With Soft Handle, (1 Pack)

The Safari De-Matting Dog Comb is perfect to help detangle your Lakeland Terrier’s dense undercoat. The rounded ends are safe for your pup, but sharp enough to cut through mats without tugging.  This tool helps increase blood circulation for improved coat health.

  • Stimulates skin and hair follicles
  • Helps spread natural oils for fresh appearance
  • Soft-grip rubber will not slip
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3. Andis Steel Pet Comb

Andis Pet Steel Comb

The Andis Pet Steel Comb is a popular grooming comb for removing tangles and mats in your Lakeland Terrier’s thick topcoat. This comb features coarse teeth for detangling and fine teeth for fluffing and finishing his look. Made from stainless steel, this comb is durable for long-term use.

  • Lightweight for extended grooming
  • Stimulates skin and hair follicles
  • Available in 7.5” or 10” lengths

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4. JW Pet Gripsoft Double Row Undercoat Rake

Jw Pet Company Gripsoft Double Row Undercoat Rake Dog Brush

The JW Pet Gripsoft Double Row Undercoat Rake is perfect for your Lakeland Terrier’s dense undercoat. The durable rake reaches into the undercoat to safely remove trapped hair, dander and dirt.  The metal teeth in two different lengths lift molting hair and remove tangles simultaneously.

  • 90-degree angle ensures no scratching or “raking”
  • Rubber sheathed handle for easy grip
  • Round tipped teeth are comfortable

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5. FURminator Firm Slicker Brush For Dogs

FURminator Firm Slicker Brush For Dogs

The FURminator Firm Slicker Brush is perfect for removing tangles and mats from your Lakeland Terrier’s double coat. This popular brush has straight bristles on one side and bent bristles on the other for versatility. A slicker brush gently removes your Lakie’s mats and tangles with limited pressure on his skin.

  • Soft stainless-steel tips won’t scratch the skin
  • Protective cover for safe storage
  • Ergonomic handle for easy use

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Dog Brush for Lakeland Terriers Buyer’s Guide

Even though your Lakeland Terrier does not shed excessively, regular brushing is essential to prevent mats and tangles from forming in the dense undercoat. This means 20 to 30 minutes of brushing several times a week to maintain the health and look of this unique coat.

Your Lakeland Terrier will require stripping as well, to remove the dead hair from his undercoat. This should be done by a professional, but you can help the process by raking the fur with a specialized tool every now and then.

Regular brushing will also help distribute natural oils that are essential to protect your Lakie’s skin and maintain the texture of the coat. Pay special attention to the longer hair on his legs and around his face and beard, and keep his fur trimmed to help prevent tangles.

Our buying guide reviews the best dog brushes for Lakeland Terriers on the market so you can choose the right one for your dog.  The benefits of the most effective tools for your Lakie’s coat are included below and will help you to choose the right ones for your dog.  Consider getting one of each for the different kinds of dirt and mats you will encounter.

Slicker Brush

A slicker brush is generally recommended for Lakeland Terriers because there are soft but durable pins that can penetrate the soft, dense undercoat and remove trapped dirt and hairs. Be sure to get a quality brush with an ergonomic handle for extended grooming sessions.

The pins should be slightly bent and covered or rounded to prevent scratching or injuring your pup. Pin brushes are good at removing dirt and loose hair, without pulling or hurting your pup’s sensitive skin. The slicker brush will also help keep the topcoat free from dirt and dust and help retain the unique spring of the wiry hairs.

Other Tools

A simple metal comb is also helpful to take care of stubborn tangles, especially around the face and hard-to-reach areas. Choose a comb with two widths of teeth, for different mats you may encounter. Another helpful tool is a combing rake.

These sharper combs are designed to cut through the dead hairs in the thick undercoat, lifting them out safely without pulling or tugging. Choose a brush with an ergonomic, rubber handle to prevent slipping.

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