5 Best Dog Brushes for Pharaoh Hounds (Reviews Updated 2021)

Pharaoh Hounds are great pet pals who will be your right-hand-man forever. Like any other dog, the Pharaoh Hounds require a proper grooming routine.  Due to their short coat, you are not supposed to brush them daily; however, brushing them once a week is vital.

To conduct the grooming sessions effectively, it is better to buy a reliable dog brush in advance. We know that you must be curious to know about the dog brushes, which will be better for your Pharaoh Hounds. So, to help you in that regard, we have reviewed some of them for you.

Best Dog Brushes for Pharaoh Hounds

Here are our dog brushes for Pharaoh Hounds reviews.

1. KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush

Kong Dog Zoomgroom Multi Use Brush

KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush is the multi-purpose brush that you would have for your Pharaoh Hound. This dog brush has been specially designed for short-coated dogs like Pharaoh Hound so that you can magically pick almost all dead hair off their coat. It is not just a grooming brush and can be used as a massaging tool during baths too.

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Unproved blood circulation and promote hair growth
  • Gives your pet pal a healthy skin

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2. FURminator Curry Comb for Dogs

Furminator Curry Comb For Dogs

FURminator Curry Comb for Dogs would be an ideal choice for your Pharaoh Hound. This dog brush is a fantastic tool to efficiently remove dead hair and detangle any light tangles which might develop on your short-coated Pharaoh Hound. Its rubber teeth are efficiently designed so that it does not cause any raking or harm your pet pal’s skin in any way.

  • Has an excellent rubber grip
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Made using antimicrobial plastic to make the brush safer to use

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3. Vetnique Labs Furbliss Dog Brush

Vetnique Labs Furbliss Dog Brush

Vetnique Labs have uniquely designed their Furbliss Dog Brush to effectively remove the tough tangles and minimize the shedding levels of your Pharaoh Hound. This dog brush can also be used during showers and is known to help your pet pal improve the blood circulation underneath his skin to promote better growth.

  • Can be washed in a machine or dishwasher
  • Manufactured using 100% medical grade silicone
  • Redistributes skin oils

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4. ConairPRO Pet-It Curry Comb

Conairpro Pet It Curry Comb

ConairPRO Pet-It Curry Comb has been aptly designed to help you carry out the grooming sessions of your abort coated Pharaoh Hound. The handle-free design of this dog brush makes it pretty unique. However, it has become too useful as it lets you conveniently place your palm on the brush and catty out your grooming brush.

  • Effectively treats tangles
  • Removes loose hair from your pet pal’s body
  • Made using rubber to eliminate the chances of raking your pet pal’s skin

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5. Frisco Rubber Duck Curry Dog Brush

Frisco Rubber Duck Cat & Dog Curry Brush

Frisco has deigned a classical Rubber Curry Brush, which has a cute duck shaped handle, which is entirely made of rubber. The brush’s pins are also of rubber but are known to effectively remove dirt and debris from your pet pal’s coat. Along with that, they can also remove tangles and mattes from your Pharaoh Hound’s coat.

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Gives your pet pal a glowing skin
  • Can be used during baths to create a thick lather on your Pharaoh Hound’s coat
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Dog Brush for Pharaoh Hound Buyer’s Guide

Pharaoh Hounds naturally have a short-length coat, which can be cleaned with a regular grooming routine. You should know that these dogs do shed like any of the dogs in the pet world, so you must keep a keen check on their coat; otherwise, they will end up creating a log of mess and having a shabby look. Although their coat is short, it can get tangled ugly you leave it untreated for an extended period. You can keep a keen check on all these things using an appropriate dog brush for these dogs. Since the Pharaoh Hound gave a short coat, most of their skin is usually exposed to the surround, and an inappropriate brush can cause severe skin conditions in which your doggie might even feel too itchy. 

Certain aspects must be evaluated before you pick the right shampoo. In this way, you keep your Pharaoh Hound happy and healthy.  We have shared the important details regarding every minor aspect in our buyer’s guide to help you in the best way possible.


The size of the brush you are buying for your Pharaoh Hound should be either medium or large. These dogs are intermediate, so a brush with a significant surface area will help you carry out the grooming sessions more efficiently and quickly. In this case, a smaller brush will make you tired, as it will be too time-consuming to carry out the grooming session with such a brush.


The coat length of Pharaoh Hound is short, so the brush which you are selecting for them should complement that. You cannot buy a pin brush and slicker brush for these dogs, as their skin is too sensitive for that and will get easily raked. A rubber curry brush can be used to remove the tangles and dead hair from these dogs’ coats, in fact. Such brushes are soft and reliable and will be of great help for your Pharaoh Hound.


It would be best if you could figure out which brush is more reliable. The reliability of these dog brushes depends upon the material that is being used. Typically, rubber and plastic are quite durable materials in this regard. They are lighter and better for your Pharaoh Hound.

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