5 Best Dog Brushes for Poodles (Reviews Updated 2022)

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One of the most distinctive features of a Poodle is their curly hair, which is thought to have been bred into the breed to keep them warm while hunting. The “poms” of hair on the joints and around the neck of show Poodles are designed to keep the joints warm and the neck in particular when the Poodle is swimming after waterfowl. The only downside of this distinctive coat is that, untended, it will get tangled and matted and can cause the dog to overheat. A good brush for a Poodle’s coat will help detangle the curly hair comfortably so brushing is not a challenge.

Best Dog Brushes for Poodles

Here are our Poodle dog brush reviews.

1. The Doodle Brush – The Ultimate Brush for Labradoodles & Other Poodles

The Doodle Brush The Ultimate Brush For Labradoodles & Other Poodle Crosses

The Doodle Brush has been designed specifically for grooming Poodles. The Doodle brush head is flexible and the curved pines are able to glide through the coat, making tangles and mattes disappear. The Doodle Brush is two sided, so once one side is full, flip over the brush.

  • The Doodle Brush has less snagging than traditional slicker brushes.
  • Long, curved pins tackle tangles and matting within the Poodle’s hair.
  • The flexible head makes the brushing process more comfortable on the dog and the owner.
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2. Poodle Pet Self Cleaning Slicker Dog Brush

Poodle Pet Self Cleaning Slicker Dog Brush And Cat Brush Easy To Clean Dog Grooming Brush Removes Ta

The Poodle self cleaning brush is designed to handle the poodles hair while also adding a slickness. The fine-tooth stainless steel pins will reach deep into your poodles’ fur in order to break up tangles and eliminate debris. And, with each stroke, the soft metal comb will collect loose pet hair.

  • The slicker brush collects loose pet hair with the touch of a button.
  • An ergonomic handle has a textured non-slip plastic surface.
  • The brush works to demattify your poodle’s hair while distributing needed natural oils.
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3. RUBOLD Dematting Tool for Dogs

Rubold Dematting Tool For Dogs Cat And Dog Brush For Shedding And Removing Mats Undercoat Rake C

Poodles have curly hair which can have a tendency to mat. The Rubold is a highly rated dematting tool that removes tangles painlessly. This all in one tool will detangle, deshed and brush your poodles fur at the same time.

  • 17 precision teeth provide gentle and precise dematting.
  • The rounded outside does not scratch your poodle’s skin like other sharp edged tools might.
  • The extra wide teeth clear stubborn tangles while the 17 teeth rake the undercoat to distribute oils.
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4. Hertzko Soft Pet Brush for Dogs

Hertzko Soft Pet Brush For Dogs And Cats With Long Or Short Hair – Great For Detangling And Removing

Hertzko is the ideal brush to remove fur and loose hair in your poodle. This brush will gently remove trapped debris and eliminate tangles, but without sharp tines that might cause pain or injury. The soft and gentle bristles have round edges, so this is especially ideal for a poodle with sensitive skin.

  • Rounded bristle edges massage as well as detangle.
  • Designed with a comfort-grip handle.
  • The bristles help increase blood flow and distribute oils.
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5. Benz Dog Grooming Tools Kit

Benz Dog Grooming Tools Kit – Slicker Brush, Dematting Rake Tool & Metal Dog Comb, Pet Grooming Kit,

The Benz is a 3 in 1 grooming tool with all the combs and brushes that you need for your poodle. This kit features a dog slicker brush, a dog rake brush and a metal dog comb. These tools were designed specifically to work with a Poodle.

  • The dematting tool removes tough mats and tangles with ease.
  • The dog comb is made for long haired or curly haired Poodles and is made with stainless steel.
  • The soft slicker brush features non-scratch wire pines.
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Poodle Dog Brush Buyer’s Guide

The particular curly-haired coat of a Poodle requires more care and brushing than the coat of other dogs, otherwise it will trap debris and get matted. When this happens it is uncomfortable for the dog and can be dangerous as it may cause the dog to overheat. When looking for a brush for your poodle, consider the following options:

De-tangling features.

With their kinky, curly fur, Poodle coats get tangled and can be difficult to brush. Look for pet brushes with bristles or flexible tines to avoid pulling fur out and hurting the dog. Many brushes are designed now specifically to detangle hair in as painless a manner possible, which also may make brushing your Poodle less of a chore.

Longer brush tines.

Despite having curly hair, poodles can continually grow their coat until the individual hairs are long. Their coats, when brushed, need to be detangled down to the skin to avoid becoming too suffocating or hot. Look for brush tines at least 0.75 inches long.

A durable brush.

The curly hair of a Poodle presents some challenges to brushing. The curls and kinks generally make running a brush through the fur somewhat more difficult than the fur of other dogs, and if there are tangles that only makes brushing even more challenging. For these dogs especially it’s important to have a durable brush: both the tines so they don’t break and become sharp, scratching the dog, and the handle so it does not break when tugging on a tough clump.


Poodle coats tend to trap dirt, debris, and water. It is not uncommon to have to brush a Poodle after they get wet, which after time may cause metal brush components to rust and weaken. Prevent this by looking for brushes with non-metal materials like wooden handles and natural bristles, or with stainless steel tines to prevent rust.

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