5 Best Dog Brushes for Pugs (Reviews Updated 2020)

Do you own a Pug and are looking for the perfect grooming brush for them, but the thousands of options on the market are overwhelming? This is a common problem and that is why this article exists. While the choice ultimately goes to you on which dog brush you want for your Pug, this article will help you narrow down the choices.

Below are the top five recommended dog brushes for Pugs and each item has a short description to explain why you would want to buy it. At the end of the article is a buying guide with extra information about the various features of brushes that you may want for your Pug.

Best Dog Brushes for Pugs

Here are our Pug dog brush reviews.

1. Hertzko Slicker Dog Brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush – Gently Removes Loose Undercoat, Mats And Tangled Hair – Your Dog Or Cat Will Love Being Brushed With The Grooming Brush

The Hertzko Slicker Dog Brush is made with a self cleaning design to make clean up of extra fur easy on you. The bristles reach into the undercoat and pull up loose fur, dirt and grime from your Pug’s coat. The brush is designed to massage the skin as you groom your Pug for a pleasant grooming session.

  • Designed for your cleaning ease with the self clean feature
  • Pulls fur, dirt and dander out from coat
  • Massages skin while brushing for a fun grooming experience

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2. Pet Neat Deshedding Dog Brush

Pet Grooming Brush Effectively Reduces Shedding Byup To 95% Professional Deshedding Tool For Dogs & Cats

The Pet Neat Deshedding Dog Brush is made with the highest quality of materials to ensure a safe and durable brush for your Pug. With daily grooming this brush is made to reduce shedding by up to ninety five percent. The bristles reach into your Pug’s coat and remove the loose fur, dirt and dander.

  • High quality brush is made from best materials
  • Reduces shedding with daily grooming
  • Reaches into coat to retrieve dirt, dander and fur
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3. Handson Glove Dog Brush

H Handson Pet Grooming Gloves Brush For Cats, Dogs, And Horses

The H Handson Glove Dog Brush is made for your convenience and your Pug’s enjoyment, just pet them as normal and they will love their grooming time. The gentle bristles are made with high quality rubber for a safe and easy brushing. The glove works on any fur length or pet type, making it perfect for owners of multiple pets.

  • Grooming just got easier with this glove brush
  • Bristles are gentle on your Pug’s skin
  • Works on dogs, cat and other animals

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4. JW Pet Company Slicker Dog Brush

Jw Pet Company Gripsoft Slicker Brush Soft Pin Dog Brush

The JW Pet Company Slicker Dog Brush is made for daily grooming, the bristles gently remove loose fur from your Pug. The non slip handle is great to reduce accidents while brushing your pup. The rounded heads on the pin make the brush gentle on your Pug’s skin.

  • Perfect for daily grooming regimen
  • Handle is made to reduce slipping and accidentally hurting your Pug
  • Rounded heads on sharp pins reduce injuries
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5. JW Pet Company GripSoft Dog Brush

Jw Pet Company Gripsoft Slicker Brush Dog Brush, Small

The JW Pet Company GripSoft Dog Brush is made with a comfort grip that allows you to brush your Pug for hours without pain. The brush is perfect for almost all coat types and makes grooming easier on you. You should use it daily for long coats and every few days for short fur for the best results.

  • Comfort grip reduces painful chafing or rubbing on your hand
  • Works for almost all coat types, great for owners of multiple pets
  • Use as instructed for fur length for best results
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Pug Dog Brush Buyer’s Guide

As you can see from the above products, there are many different features available to you on the market. Whichever one you choose you should always keep in mind that even the most gentle dog brush can hurt your Pug if you put too much pressure behind it while grooming. Always use light to moderate pressure while brushing out their fur and if you hit a snag that won’t come out, ditch the brush and use your hands to completely negate the worry of hurting your furry friend. Now we will go over the various features of brush that you and your Pug may want.

Anti Slip Handle

Having an anti slip handle on your Pug’s dog brush is nice if you have multiple dogs or groom pets for a living, anything where you brush a cat or dog’s fur for extended periods of time. If you’ve ever brushed for more than a few minutes at a time, you know how tired your hand can get and this increases the chance of slipping with the brush and causing your pet pain on accident. Having an anti slip design for the handle reduces this risk and makes brushing your Pug safer.

Comfort Grip

Another nice feature to have if you brush your pets for more than a few minutes is a comfort grip. If the grip is harsh or abrasive then after the first few minutes the brush is biting into your hand painfully and rubbing it raw. Having a comfort grip, usually made of sturdy but soft material, allows you to brush for however long you need to without pain.

Rubber/Rounded Bristles

Some of the older dog brushes have wire or sharp bristles and this can cause more problems than they solve. If you decide to buy a brush with metal bristles always be sure to use only the lightest pressure while grooming to avoid pain in your Pug. Newer brushes are coming out with silicone bristles or rounded ones to reduce the risk of accidentally harming your Pug while grooming.

Glove Brush Design

The glove brush design is amazing for making your grooming time a bonding experience between you and your Pug. The glove can be used for cats or dogs, and is easy to use. You just slip it on and pet your Pug as you always would. The excess fur is easy to remove and clean up has never been easier.

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