5 Best Dog Brushes for Puli (Reviews Updated 2024)

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When you bring in a Puli as your pet, it becomes quite apparent that you are planning to sign-up for an adventure. From training sessions to grooming sessions, a Puli is quite different from any other breed. His grooming sessions are different from most of the other dogs. You are not supposed to brush them daily, but when you are sitting to brush them, it usually gets an hour-long session.

Pet owners usually do not pay much heed to the grooming sessions of their Puli, so their Puli ends up looking shabby and becomes more susceptible to encountering diseases due to the dirt and debris that settles on their coat with time. We know that, unlike those parents, you must be interested in knowing more about a Puli’s grooming brush. Therefore, we have shared our reviews on those brushes, which are possibly the best ones for your Puli.

Best Dog Brushes for Puli

Here are our dog brushes for Puli reviews.

1. Safari Wire Pin Brush

Safari Wire Pin Brush For Dogs

Safari’s Wire Pin Brush has been designed to make the grooming sessions of your Puli more convenient, as its aptly designed stainless steel pins help you untangle the corded hair of these dogs. This brush has been crafted to make your grooming sessions easier with the help of its ergonomically designed handle.

  • Lightweight brush to prevent you from getting fatigued
  • Helps in restoring natural oils
  • Remove dirt and debris from your Puli’s coat

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2. ConairPRO Dog Pin Brush

Conairpro Dog Pin Brush

ConairPRO dog Pin Brush has been aptly designed to make the grooming sessions of your Puli easier, so it can be a viable option when you are searching for the right brush. This brush has stainless steel pins with round tips to ensure your Puli’s skin does not get raked while you run it over him.

  • Features a firm grip which helps you hold the brush like a pro
  • Best option for those pets which have long hair like your Puli
  • Efficiently removes tangles and matts

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3. Andis Premium Pin Pet Brush

Andis Premium Large Pin Pet Brush

Andis has precisely designed its premium pin brush, which is known to do its job efficiently. This brush has stainless steel bristles designed so that they do not scratch your Puli’s skin during the grooming sessions. This brush also removes tangles, matts, dirt, or any sign of debris.

  • Lighter in weight to make it easier to hold the brush
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Helps spread natural oils of your Puli’s coat

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4. JW Pet Gripsoft Small Pin Brush

Jw Pet Gripsoft Small Pin Brush

JW Pet has efficiently designed their small pin brush with a Gripsoft technology to ensure that you have a firm grip over the rubber-sheathed handle. This brush has stainless steel pins to make it a long-term grooming partner of your Puli. Along with that, the pins are designed to have round tips, so they do not scratch your Puli’s skin.

  • Aptly picks up dead hair
  • Removes any of the potential tangles or matts
  • Features ergonomically designed handle

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5. Frisco Dog Pin Brush

Frisco Dog Pin Brush

To efficiently remove any possible tangles or matts, Frisco has introduced its pin brush, which is known to do its job paw-fectly. This pin brush has plastic pins, with round tips, that are ideal for doggies with a longer coat like your Puli. The brush has been designed to be handy and to make even the toughest grooming sessions easier.

  • Helps in improving the health of your Puli’s skin and coat
  • Comes with ergonomically designed handles
  • Removes dirt and debris from the coat as well
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Dog Brush for Puli Buyer’s Guide

Your Puli loves to play, so you will usually find him running around in the yard or jumping. Puli has a unique coat texture and type, making pet owners wonder how they will carry out the grooming sessions. Typically, it is better first to detangle their hair using your fingers, later you should use the right brush. Pet parents usually do not have sound knowledge in this regard, so they end up buying the wrong one. You must be top vigilant in this regard, as the selection of a wrong brush will cost you a lot.

We did not randomly pick those brushes for our reviews. Perhaps, these brushes were the ones which are known to be a better choice for your Puli. To help you understand why we picked these brushes, we have shared our buyer’s guide with you.


When you are buying a brush for your Puli, you should not buy a brush that is too large in size. A large-sized brush is typically heavier, so the chances are, it will become tough for you to carry out the grooming sessions of your pet pal while using a brush that is too large.


There are several types of brushes available in the market. However, the most prominent ones in the list are slicker brush, pin brush, and de-shedding brush. It will be best if you pick the pin brush, as a pin brush has been designed for long-haired dogs, so they are suitable for your Puli. It efficiently removes dirt, debris, tangles, and matts from your Puli’s coat.


You should go for those pin brushes that have an ergonomic design. Since your Puli coat is too long, it becomes quite tough to carry out the grooming session if the brush you are using does not have an ergonomic design. The grip of the brush should be precisely crafted while keeping the grooming requirements of a Puli in mind. Along with this, the brush’s pins should be of stainless steel, preferably, as that makes a brush last long. You must check that the brush has blunt tips to avoid raking. If a brush has the qualities mentioned above, you should buy it, as it will be a better brush for your Puli.

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