5 Best Dog Brushes for Rat Terriers (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Rat terriers are feisty, energetic, and loving little creatures that fall in the category of terriers. They are great pets who can adapt well to living in an apartment with a family or homes with a large backyard. Rat terriers are low maintenance pets in terms of grooming due to its short and dense coat of smooth and shiny fur. Weekly brushings are sufficient to remove loose hair and open up pores to release natural oils that keep the coat healthy and lustrous.

Are you a new doggie parent and you are looking to buy a nice dog brush for your Rat Terrier? We are glad to share some of our best dog brushes for Rat Terriers.

Best Dog Brushes for Rat Terriers

Here are our dog brushes for Rat Terriers reviews.

1. FURminator Hair Collection Dog & Cat Brush

Furminator Hair Collection Dog & Cat Brush

FURminator Hair Collection Brush is an immensely helpful tool for your Rat Terrier’s grooming kit. This wonderful brush helps get rid of loose hair, dirt, and other fine debris easily due to the unique electrostatic charge created by the bristles. This brush is ideal for any breed as it suits any type of coat and fur.

  • Comfortable grip due to the rubber handle.
  • It can reach the deep ends, crevices, and corners of upholstery, rugs, carpets, and clothing. 
  • Made up of durable rubber that is easy to clean and maintain over a long time.

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2. Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush detangles, removes loose fur and softens your Rat Terrier’s coat. The bristles are gentle and bring out the luster in your Rat Terrier’s fur by equally distributing natural oils all over its coat. You can easily do away with expensive salon visits by just adding this brush in your Rat Terrier’s grooming kit. 

  • Ergonomic handle for easy gripping.
  • Dual sides have multiple benefits on the health of the coat.
  • Soft bristles protect your pet’s coat from damage.

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3. KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush

Kong Dog Zoomgroom Multi Use Brush

Turn your regular grooming session into an enjoyable moment using the KONG ZoomGroom Brush. This incredible brush fits your palm and gently caresses your Rat Terrier’s coat giving it a healthy and glossy finish. This brush is a magnificent tool to have for dogs with any type of coat.

  • Excellent bathing companion.
  • Effectively reduces shedding.
  • Nicely stimulates capillaries and distributes natural oils evenly.

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4. Petkin Soft Grip Bamboo Two-Sided Dog Brush

Petkin Soft Grip Bamboo Two Sided Dog Brush

 Petkin Two-Sided Dog Brush is a convenient two-in-one brush that detangles knots, removes shedding fur, and redistributes natural healthy oils in your Rat Terrier’s coat. Give your furry companion a salon level grooming experience every time you use this brush. This brush is an excellent choice, indeed!

  • Gentle on the coat and prevent damaging your Rat Terrier’s skin.
  • Best for breeds with medium to long hair.
  • Has good control due to the soft-grip handle.

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5. JW Pet Gripsoft Small Pin Brush

Jw Pet Gripsoft Small Pin Brush

 JW Pet Small Pin Brush is an incredibly comfortable and safe brush that will ensure a flawless grooming experience. Known for its ergonomic design and grip-soft technology, it is a great tool to have in your Rat Terrier’s kit. It is a perfect brush for everyday use.

  • The soft bristles stimulate skin and hair follicles.
  • Gentle on Rat Terrier’s skin and coat.
  • Easy detangling and fur cleaning.

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Dog Brushes For Rat Terriers Buyer’s Guide

Regular brushing is an excellent way to keep a check on your pet’s health. Also, brushing and grooming are one of the best times to bond with your Rat Terriers. If you are confused about which brush to buy, read on as we discuss how to pick the perfect dog brush. Let us discuss the factors to be kept in mind while shopping for the best dog brush for Rat Terriers.


The type of coat and fur determines what kind of brush you could go for. In fact, the coat type tells you how often they must be brushed. The ideal brush would be the one that has a nice grip on the handle and soft bristles (to protect your Rat Terrier’s skin). The bristles must be angled in a way it reaches your Rat Terrier’s skin and equally distributes the essential oils that give the coat a healthy shine.


Consider the purpose of buying the dog brush. You may want a nice de-shedding brush or just a regular brush to detangle tough knots or remove the annoying fleas or ticks. Once that is figured out, you can look at the other factors of picking the ideal brush for your Rat Terriers.

Types of brushes

With the variety of brushes available in the market today, there is no question that you will be confused as to which one will be good for your Rat Terrier. Mentioned below are three commonly used brushes for regular brushing:

Slicker Brush: This brush works on all coats. It has angled wired pins that easily removes excess hair and detangles knots. The bristles are arranged in a unique way so that it can reach the coat and open up the dog’s skin and hair follicles.

Pin Brush: This brush is similar to the slicker brush, but pin bristles are tipped with rubber or plastic to ensure that the essential oils are released from the skin and distributed evenly.

Bristle Brush: The soft bristles of this brush are ideal for pets with short or wiry coats such as the Rat Terriers. It is a great tool to remove debris and leave a beautiful luster on the coat. 


A dog brush needs to remove knots, dead skin and debris, loose fur, and grime easily without breaking into its skin and causing them pain and discomfort. The brushing act is meant to be a nice bonding and calming experience; hence, the brush also needs to be a good one.

Groomer recommendation

Speaking to a grooming expert or your veterinarian will also shed some light and broaden your views on which brush to get for your Rat Terrier.

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