5 Best Dog Brushes for Sloughis (Reviews Updated 2021)

Although it is said that Bedouins of African countries bred Sloughis, Egyptian historians claim that this hound dog first originated thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt as a hunting companion. This elegant and classy Sloughi dog is known for its uniquely large handsome body and melancholy dark eyes. This robust dog is full of athletic spirit and excels in all kinds of agility sports.

Graceful and loyal Sloughis are very low maintenance, and they adapt to modern city life in a twinkle of an eye. For short-haired Sloughi, a weekly grooming session is more than enough. Here are most sought after dog brushes to take care of your smooth-coated Sloughi.

Best Dog Brushes for Sloughi

Here are our dog brushes for Sloughis reviews.

1. ConairPRO Pet-It Dog Metal Pin Brush

Conairpro Pet It Dog Metal Pin Brush

This ConairPRO Pet-It Dog Metal Pin Brush makes the grooming experience not only fun but also a bonding moment for you and your Sloughi. In spite of having stainless steel pins, it is quite safe to use on a dog’s skin because of its blunt tips. There isn’t any handle attached to the brush, but there’s a grip component that makes brushing easier for caregivers.

  • It eliminates all kinds of tangles from its fur.
  • The brush helps the skin to produce natural oils, which make the coat look shiny.
  • It can be used during bath time to clean the dirt off the body.

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2. Miracle Care Slicker Dog Brush

Miracle Care Slicker Dog Brush

This classic black Miracle Care Slicker Dog Brush not only looks sophisticated but also works miraculously on your Sloughi. This unique brush removes all the dead hair from its body and massages its body during brushing. The grooming kit also controls shedding and tangling.

  • It comes in two varied sizes.
  • The angled pins of the brush can follow the contours of its body.
  • The brush doesn’t irritate its skin at all.

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3. Li’l Pals Coated Tips Dog Slicker Brush

Li'l Pals Coated Tips Dog Slicker Brush

This colorful Li’l Pals Coated Tips Dog Slicker Brush helps your Sloughi look neat and clean all through the year. This unique dog grooming item features a long handle, which reduces the chances of slipping it off your hand. The wire pins of the brush stimulate the deepest skin pores and distribute the oil all over its fur.

  • This brush is of vibrant light green and purple color.
  • The brush can also collect fur balls from the floor.
  • The addition of pads makes the grooming experience comfortable for your Sloughi.

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4. Safari Nylon Coated Tip Short Hair Dog Brush

Safari Nylon Coated Tip Short Hair Dog Brush

This Safari Nylon Coated Tip Short Hair Dog Brush is specially designed for short-haired dogs like Sloughi. This nylon coated brush removes all the dirt and debris from the fur of your adorable Sloughi. It is suggested to brush your Sloughi with this kit on a regular basis for healthier skin.

  • The brush is very lightweight, and so your arm doesn’t hurt while using it.
  • The long handle of the brush lessens the pressure put on its body.
  • The pins of this brush are made of rubber.

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5. Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

Hartz Groomer's Best Combo Dog Brush

This shiny purple-colored Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush defends its excellent rating with its two in one quality. The brush has nylon bristles on one side and stainless steel pins on the other. This personal care product removes all the loose fur from your Sloughi’s body.

  • It doesn’t cause any itchiness in its skin.
  • The cushioned handle of the brush prevents fatigue for dog owners.
  • The brush can be used on wet fur.

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Dog Brushes For Sloughis Buyer’s Guide

These ancient Sloughis with a killer personality don’t need anything to make them look attractive. But to control shedding and matting, you need to brush your dear Sloughi more often.  Dog brush is the most important of its grooming kit. To help you up, here are a few guidelines you need to follow before you place an order of dog brush for your Sloughi.


Dog product sellers are coming up with different types of brush these days. Slicker brush, bristle brush, general comb, gloves brush, etc. are in vogue these days. As your Sloughi is short-haired with a soft and smooth coat, you won’t need longer pinned brushes to take care of it. Pinned brushes are mostly used to make your Sloughi shine like a new penny. 

If your Sloughi loves to lick its coat a little too much, buy it a bristle brush to keep its fur soft and clean.


An ergonomic and cushioned handle can go a long way in comforting your arm while you brush your Sloughi for a long time. Physics says that the longer the handle, the lesser is the pressure, and more is the comfort for your Sloughi. These days, some manufacturers are adding other finger grip components instead of long handles in some cases. They are also equally good.


As pins stimulate the skin of your Sloughi, some dog owners like to buy brushes with stainless steel pins. If you buy such a brush, make sure the pins are capped; otherwise, it can hurt your Sloughi while brushing and make it impatient. Angled pins are the most effective ones for nourishing the skin and massaging the whole body.


To make the cleaning easier for dog parents, some brushes include a push button on it. The auto retraction formula of the button releases all the fur from pinholes instantly. If you are buying a brush that doesn’t feature a self-cleaning button, don’t worry. Place a piece of paper through the brush’s pins, and after every grooming session, pull out the paper. This way, in a single attempt, you can collect all the fur attached to the brush.

Whatever is the brand you are using, be gentle while brushing your Sloughi. This way, your Sloughi will remain calm for long hours. 

But before placing an order, take a look at all the dog brush brands and, after that, follow the guidelines to choose a good one for your Sloughi. We are sure you will make a wise choice.

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