5 Best Dog Brushes for Staffordshire Bull Terriers (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Staffordshire bull terriers have short hair and don’t need a lot of work when it comes to grooming. You should brush them at least once a week though to get rid of the dead hair to leave their coats shiny and smooth. We looked at the best brushes for Staffordshire bull terriers.

Best Dog Brushes for Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Here are our reviews for the best dog brushes for Staffordshire bull terriers.

1. BV Dog Brush

Bv Dog Brush And Cat Brush, Pet Grooming Comb, 2 Sided Bristle And Pin For Long And Short Hair Dog,

This dual-sided brush is for breeds of all types and will help to keep you Staffordshire bull terrier’s coat clean and shiny. The bristle side will help to remove dead hair as well as dirt and debris. The round tip pin side will help to distribute the natural oils of your Staffordshire bull terrier to give their coat shine, while they feel like they’re getting a massage.

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Product and quality guarantee
  • Convenient eyelet for hanging
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2. GoPets Professional Double Sided Pin and Bristle Brush

Gopets Professional Double Sided Pin And Bristle Brush For Dogs And Cats Grooming Comb Cleans Pets S

GoPets’ double sided brush is a great option if you’re only looking for a single brush that is able to do multiple things. The pin side of the brush is great for loosing up the dead hair while massaging your Staffordshire bull terrier’s skin. The bristle side of the brush is for getting rid of loose hair and dirt on the surface of your dogs’ coat.

  • Portion of sale goes to animal charities
  • Easy on even sensitive skin
  • Non-toxic silicone handle
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3. Conair PRODog Pet-It for Dog

Conair Prodog Pet It For Dog

The Pro Dog brush from Conair, yes, the same people who make human hair products, has a unique design to it, specifically the handle.  The palm grip enables you to pet your Staffordshire bull terrier while brushing them with this boar bristle brush, keeping them calm if they are afraid of regular style brushes. The bristles are an even mixture of natural boar and synthetic.

  • Can be used daily to help keep dogs’ coats shiny
  • High-quality materials used in crafting, for durability
  • Design was based on top-selling shampoo brush
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4. Hertzko Bristle Brush for Dogs

Hertzko Bristle Brush For Dogs And Cats With Long Or Short Hair Dense Bristles Remove Loose Hair,

The soft, and densely packed, bristles of the Hertzko brush are perfect for removing dirt, debris, and dead hairs from your dog. This brush also increases blood circulation and will feel like a massage to your Staffordshire bull terrier. The anti-slip comfort grip prevents strain on your wrist and hand while brushing.

  • Gentle enough for everyday use
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Great for long and short haired dogs
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5. Glendan Slicker Dog Brush

Glendan Dog Brush & Cat Brush Slicker Pet Grooming Brush Shedding Grooming Tools

The Slicker Pet Grooming Brush from Glendan will make brushing your Staffordshire bull terrier a breeze, as the bristles are designed to make it feel like a massage. The brush is suitable for both short and long hair, and will remove dander, dirt, loose hair, and mats effortlessly. This brush is a self-cleaning brush, no matter the texture of your pets’ fur or hair.

  • Warranty and guarantee
  • Comfortable anti-slip handle
  • Good for cats and dog
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Dog Brush for Staffordshire Bull Terriers Buyer’s Guide

Our buying guide reviews the best dog brushes for your Staffordshire bull terrier.


Brushes are made of two sections, the bristles, and the handle. Often the handles are made of a comfortable, anti-slip material such as silicone or plastic. The bristles for the brushes we looked at were made from a variety of materials, including stainless-steel, plastic, and natural and synthetic boar hair.


There are several different types of brushes on the market for dogs, with specific purposes such as getting rid of mats, for dogs that have top and under coats, as well some are short or long hair specific. As Staffordshire bull terriers don’t have many grooming demands, we concentrated on everyday brushes that would be easy on their skin, as well as would remove dirt and debris, while leaving their coats looking shiny.


Most of the brushes we looked at are standard size, which is just fine for a Staffordshire bull terrier. Smaller and larger brushes are available to toy and giant breeds of dogs. The best advice when looking at the sizing of a brush for a Staffordshire bull terrier is to make sure the handle is the right size and comfortable for you.

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