5 Best Dog Brushes for West Highland White Terriers (Reviews Updated 2023)

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The West Highland White Terriers are among the most adorable and loving dogs, which are great around kids greater than seven years old. These dogs have a double white-colored coat, consisting of a short undercoat and a comparatively longer outer coat, which is typically two inches long. Since the West Highland White Terriers love to run around and play with kids and other family members, their coat is more prone to get tangled or matted. This is why grooming your West Highland White Terrier is so important.

It is essential that you brush these dogs regularly. You will need a good brush to carry out such grooming sessions, and we have observed that pet parents usually face difficulty in that. If you are one of the confused pet parents who are in search of authentic research or review, we are here for you.

Best Dog Brushes for West Highland White Terriers

Here are our dog brushes for West Highland Terriers reviews.

1. Safari Wire Pin Brush for Dogs

Safari Wire Pin Brush For Dogs

With its lightweight, ergonomic wooden design, Safari Wire Pin brush has made the grooming sessions of your West Highland White Terrier quite seamless. The brush efficiently removes heavily tangled hair and gives a shiny look to your Westie by redistributing its natural oils.

  • Suitable for daily use
  • Helps in reducing shedding
  • Helps in lifting off any debris from the skin

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2. ConairPRO Pet-It Metal Pin Brush

Conairpro Pet It Dog Metal Pin Brush

ConairPRO’s Pet-It Metal Pin Brush has been created to make the grooming sessions entirely effortless by subtracting the brush’s handle from its design. The stainless steel pins of this brush are duly covered with a protective layer to promote safe brushing, and the brush comfortably fits between your finger; thus, it lets you remove tangles and pick dead hair from your West Highland White Terrier’s coat.

  • The best option for daily use
  • The handle-free design helps in making pets more receptive to a grooming routine
  • Suitable for longer coats

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3. FURminator Firm Slicker Brush for Dogs

Furminator Firm Slicker Brush For Dogs

FURminator Firm Slicker brush has been efficiently designed for doggies like the West Highland White Terriers, who have a double coat. This brush efficiently removes tangles formed in the inner coat of your pet pal; thus, it gives him a professionally groomed look while staying home.

  • Features a unique dual flex head design
  • Features ergonomically designed handle
  • The handle is made up of anti-microbial plastic

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4. Hartz Groomer’s Best Slicker Brush for Dogs

Hartz Groomer's Best Slicker Brush For Dogs

Hartz Groomer’s Best Slicker Brush has been designed with fine steel bristles whose tips are gently covered to give them a round-shaped head. This brush is pretty more comfortable to use, and the chances of raking or damaging your West Highland White Terrier are significantly reduced when you are using it. This is because of the protective layer that it has on the top of its bristles.

  • Lightweight; therefore better for daily grooming routine
  • Ergonomically designed handle to make brushing effortless
  • Helps in removing tangles and matts to pro ide a shiny skin

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5. KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Dog Brush

Kong Dog Zoomgroom Multi Use Brush

KONG has designed this multi-purpose brush to make it convenient to remove loose hair from the body of your West Highland White Terrier, whether they are dry, sitting in the living room, or they are taking a bath. This brush efficiently picks up any dead hair that is possibly there; this gives a shiny and elegant look to your little West Highland White Terrier.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Also works as a great messaging tool which helps in redistributing the natural oils of your West Highland White Terrier
  • Made in the USA

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Dog Brush for West Highland White Terrier Buyer’s Guide

West Highland White Terriers are one of the double-coated long-coated dogs, whose outer coat is quite prone to get tangled. These dogs try their level best to look clean and tidy on their own; however, it is a matter of the fact that a West Highland White Terrier will be needing your help to get themselves groomed. You are required to brush them at least twice a week. Nevertheless, if you do it regularly, it will be best. These grooming sessions would be useless if you pick a wrong brush. In fact, they might even damage the coat of your West Highland White Terrier. So, it is better that you pick the right brush.

We reviewed some of the best dog brushes for you, so that you get a better idea, what you have to pick from the vast market for your West Highland White Terrier. Nevertheless, we understand there are several questions in your mind regarding the way in which we picked these brush from the lot. To make you understand the factors that are essential to be considered while picking the right dog brush for your West Highland White Terrier, we have shared our buyer’s guide.


You should choose a small to medium-sized brush for the West Highland White Terrier. A large brush might be comparatively heavier, and its strokes will not be as gentle as the strokes of a small to medium-sized brush. Thus, the chances of such brushes, causing damage to your small dog’s skin are more. So, it is better to avoid buying a large brush while picking up one for your West Highland White Terrier.


There are typically four types of dog brushes available, including pin brush, slicker brush, bristle brush, and rubber brush. While picking up a brush for your West Highland White Terrier, the type that you should prefer the most is a pin brush. This is because this brush helps penetrate the outer coat and massages your dog’s skin and inner coat. It even picks up loose hair from both coats. The second most preferred brush for your West Highland White Terrier should be a slicker brush, as it removes tangles and matts from the inner coat.


You should always buy a dog brush that has an ergonomic design and is lightweight while choosing a brush for your West Highland White Terrier. This is because you have to groom these dogs regularly. Therefore, you will like doing it that way if the brushing sessions are effortless, which is only possible if your brush has an ergonomic design. You can say that a brush that is made using durable, ergonomic material would be a better choice for a West Highland White Terrier.

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