5 Best Dog Choke Collars (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Using an aversive collar such as a prong or pinch collar for training is something you may find yourself considering in your journey as a dog owner.  The collars can help discourage pulling and jumping, particularly with large, strong dogs.  Unlike traditional choke chains that may stay tightened under tension, a pinch collar releases once the tension is released. Aversive collars should always be used in consultation with an experienced trainer to ensure the proper use and fit to avoid injury to your dog.

Best Choke Collars

Here are our dog choke collar reviews.

1. Coastal Pet Training Dog Collar

Coastal Easy On Dog Prong Training Collar Buckle. Ac

The Coastal Pet Training Dog Collar features heavy links and is made of chrome-plated stainless steel.This heavy-duty adjustable collar is suitable for large dogs with necks up to 25” in circumference.

  • Easy-on buckle clip
  • Adjustable with detachable links
  • Argon-welded for strength and durability
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2. Herm Sprenger Training Collar

Herm Sprenger Ultra Plus Prong Dog Training Collar, 2.25 Mm X 12 , Steel Chrome Plated Dog Prong Col

The Herm Sprenger Training Collar has a unique fastener plate to ensure a secure connection.  This collar is designed to provide even pressure for consistent correction.

  • Suitable for necks up to 12”
  • Chrome-plated for durability
  • Available in various sizes from small to extra-heavy
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3. Aheasoun Training Collar

Aheasoun Dog Prong Training Collar, Adjustable Stainless Steel With Comfort Rubber Tips,safe And Eff

The Aheasoun Dog Prong Training Collar is an adjustable stainless-steel collar with comfort rubber tips. This collar’s prongs are designed to avoid pressure and injury to the trachea.

  • Rubber-tipped prongs prevent injury
  • Adjustable up to neck size 23.6”
  • D-ring provides secure connection with leash
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4. StarMark Pro Training Collar

Starmark Pro Training Dog Collar

The StarMark Pro Training Collar provides gentle control to prevent lunging and pulling.  This plastic polymer collar with plastic prongs is designed to be a more humane training collar.

  • Size large fits up to 21” neck
  • Adjustable with removable links
  • High-strength polymer for durability
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5. Pettycart Dog Prong Collar

Pettycart Dog Prong Collar, Durable Stainless Steel Dog Pinch Training Collars For Medium Large Larg

ThePettycart Dog Prong Collar is a durable, chrome-plated stainless-steel prong collar designed for medium to large dogs.Nylon straps and durable metal buckle ensure collar stays on.

  • Rounded rubber caps included to prevent injury
  • Various sizes available for 17.6” to 26.6” neck circumference
  • Adjustable with detachable links
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Aversive Collar Buyer’s Guide

With proper obedience training, aversive collars such as prong or pinch collars can be an effective way to limit discouraging behavior.  If used correctly, the pinch collar should only be uncomfortable for your dog, and not painful.  Choosing a high-quality collar is important so you do not unintentionally injure your dog with a faulty or poorly-made product. Remember that pinch collars should not be used on small or fragile-necked breeds, but rather large or “bull-necked” breeds. When in doubt, consult a dog obedience trainer for guidance and instruction on proper use.

Our buying guide reviews the best aversion collars on the market so you can choose the right one.  The following features are included on most collars and will help you to choose which features you need on a collar for your dog.


The majority of pinch and prong collars are stainless steel, but some plastic polymer versions are also available.  The collar’s clip can be made from the same metal links or alternatively, a plastic clip with or without a nylon connection. Consider the size and strength of your dog and choose the option that will be most durable during training.

Safety Features

Consider how the collar connects to the leash. Many collars feature a quick-release clip, in case the collar gets twisted and needs to be removed quickly.  Some also have a swivel D-ring connection link that ensure the leash can move freely, regardless of the dog turning or lunging in different directions.  The size of the prong links should be appropriate for the size of your dog.Plastic prong covers are often available to prevent injury.  Finally, be sure to look at the placement of the prongs on the collar.  Ensurethe prongs do not pinch the trachea, but rather the loose skin around the sides of the neck.

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