10 Best Dog Clickers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Are you training your puppy and they just don’t seem to be picking up the commands or listening to you? This is a very common problem amongst pet owners and the dog product industry has the solution to your problem, the clicker training device for dogs. There are many different designs for dog clickers, some of them coming with entire training kits for your convenience. When you search for the right clicker there are many things you need to take into mind, as well as research that you need to do. Below I will list ten of the top dog clickers I recommend for you to try. With each product there will be a description and a short explanation as to what the product has for good points.

Best Dog Clickers

Here are our dog clicker reviews.

1. StarMark Dog Clicker For Training

Starmark Clicker Dog Training System

The StarMark Dog Clicker is made from the best materials to ensure its durability for long lasting usage. The stainless steel clicker is designed to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand, the smooth curves resting against your thumb. Thanks to the quality stainless steel used, this clicker is unlikely to rust unless left out in water for great lengths of time.

  • Made from the best of materials for long lasting durability
  • Stainless Steel fits comfortably in palm, curves sitting easily under thumb
  • Unlikely to rust due to quality stainless steel, don’t leave in water
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2. EcoCity Dog Clicker

Ecocity 4 Pack Dog Training Clicker With Wrist Strap

The EcoCity Dog Clicker comes in a pack of four for your convenience and for the best product for money ratio. The elastic wrist band allows you to carry the clicker with you everywhere without worry of dropping it. This clicker can be used to train more than your dog, it has been used on cats, birds, sheep, chicken and mice with positive results.

  • Comes in a pack of four for quantity for your money
  • Elastic wrist band makes carrying clicker on the go easier on you
  • Can be used on a wide variety of animals with success
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3. PetSafe Dog Clicker

Petsafe Clik R Trainer

The PetSafe Dog Clicker is made with a durable and sturdy outer casing, no more worries about dropping the clicker and breaking it. An introduction to clicker training guide is included with your button for those just starting out training their puppy. On the off chance you need customer service or have questions about training, PetSafe has six days of the week customer service representatives.

  • Made to be durable and sturdy to lower anxiety about dropping
  • Includes training guide for the new to training owners
  • Customer Service Individuals available six days of the week
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4. KPCT Dog Clicker

Karen Pryor I Click Dog Training Clicker, 3 Clickers

The KPCT Dog Clicker is designed to be both sturdy and small enough for you to comfortably hold in the palm of your hand during training. Every purchase comes with a pack of three, if you want to keep one on you at all times in various situations. The button activates with only minimal pressure, making training easier on you.

  • Designed for durability and comfort in your hand
  • Comes in a pack of three so you can have one on you at all times
  • Button activates easily with only minimal pressure
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5. HoAoOo Dog Clicker

Hoaooo Pet Training Clicker With Wrist Strap

The HoAoOo Dog Clicker comes in a pack of two for you to always have one on you for your on the go training needs. The elastic wrist band easily slides over your wrist, the elastic guaranteeing a one fits all size, allowing you to easily carry the clicker around. The button is made to be big enough for you to easily hit without having to stop training.

  • Comes in pack of two so you can always have one on you
  • Elastic wrist band makes it one size fits all and makes on the go training easier
  • Button is big enough for you to find without sight
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6. The Company of Animals Dog Clicker

Coa Whizzclick

The Company of Animals Dog Clicker is a combination of clicker and whistle, two common and proven ways of training puppies. The smooth design allows you to easily hold and use the clicker or the whistle without cutting into your hand from long hours of usage. A free training guide is included with the whistle clicker for the new training owners.

  • Combination whistle and clicker for more options while training
  • Smooth design makes training for long hours easy without discomfort
  • Free training guide included for tips and tricks with teaching
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7. SunGrow Dog Clicker

Sungrow Dog Clickers, Colorful And Practical Set Of Simple, Convenient And Effective Training Tools For Puppy

The SunGlow Dog Clicker is not only to be used for dogs, they can also be used on your fluffy feline friends, and they come in a pack of two, four or seven. The design has an easy and flexible wrist band and a keychain for easy carrying around potential. The clicker is designed to be small enough to hide in the palm of your hand while training.

  • Clicker can be used for both cats and dogs for your convenience
  • Easy and flexible wrist band and keychain attachment makes travel easy
  • Designed to be small and comfortable in the palm of your hand
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8. LaZimnInc Dog Clicker

Lazimninc Dog Training Clicker With Wrist Strap

The LaZimnInc Dog Clicker comes in a two pack so you will always have one with you no matter where you are. The clickers are well made and durable, no worries about accidentally dropping them or breaking them. These clickers can be used on a variety of animals such as: chickens, cats, birds, sheep and even mice as well as dogs.

  • Two pack in each purchase so you have one no matter where you are
  • Clickers are durable and made well to erase your worry of destroying them
  • Works on wide variety of animals, which is great for multi pet owners
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9. Karen Dog Clicker

Karen Pryor Clicker Training Terry Ryan Clik Stik For Pet Training

The Karen Dog Clicker is designed with a retractable target stick to make training easier on you whether you need it close to you or further away. The stick extends from six inches all the way to twenty three inches for your training needs. When you pull the rod back into the stick it can be used as a clicker, the button is designed to be easy to find without looking.

  • Designed with retractable training stick for multiple ways of training for you to choose from
  • Stick extends from six inches all the way to twenty three inches
  • Once the rod is back in, you can use it as any standard clicker
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10. Chiachi Dog Clicker

Chiachi 5 Piece Dog Training Clicker Deluxe Model With Wristband New Upgrade Version

The Chiachi Dog Clicker comes in a pack of five clickers, all of which are made with the highest quality materials for durability and long lasting. The metal used in each clicker will not rust or break, making it great for the owners who are rougher on their training equipment. The smooth design is easy to hold and comfortable to grip for hours at a time without chafing.

  • Pack of five, you will have one with you anywhere you go
  • Metal used stops rust and will not break
  • Smooth curves make it easy to hold and grip
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Dog Clicker Buying Guide

Best Dog Clicker Reviews

Now that you have an idea of some of the products that are available to you, I’ll go over some of the terms and definitions I used above as well as some features that are nice to have in a clicker.

Elastic Wristband

The elastic wristband is an awesome thing to have on any training clicker you buy for your dog. I couldn’t tell you the amount of reviews I have read where the clicker slides out of their hand or flies out if they are mid motion. The wristband stops that and if the band is elastic it has even more positives. Elastic allows the band to fit most, if not all, wrists without cutting off circulation in the wrist. It also lowers the risk of the clicker sliding off your wrist as elastic also pulls snug to your wrist.

Keychain Clip

The keychain clip is another nice bonus to have, but not vital. If you prefer to not have anything dangling from your wrist while you are training, the keychain attachment is the perfect fit. Whether you clip it to your key ring or simply slip it onto a blank necklace for easy access. Some of the clips are big enough for you to attach to your belt loop instead of a key chain, should you prefer that option.

Whistle and Clicker Combo

While I only listed one of these above, there are a few different combinations such as this out there. It is considerably easier to have two ways of training on you at all times, especially if your pup is more rambunctious than most. If your pup only responds to whistle or responds to different tactics at different times, this design allows you to always have something that works on your person for when it is needed.

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