5 Best Dog Coats for Small Dogs (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Dogs are adorable creatures. Over the years, dogs have adapted to shorter hairs and warmer climates. What this implies is that most dog breeds would loathe the blistering cold of the winter season. At such a time, some dogs would give anything to get that cozy feeling of the summer.

As time flows into the winter season, you would want to tuck your dog and protect him from the cold. To keep them warm, you need to get a dog coat for small dogs.

Best Dog Coats for Small Dogs

Here are our dog coats for small dog reviews

1. SCRENEAL Windproof Waterproof Plaid Vest Suit for Small Dogs

Scenereal Dog Winter Clothes Reversible Jacket Warm Coat Windproof Waterproof Plaid Vest Suit For Sm

SCRENEAL Windproof Waterproof Plaid Vest Suit for Small Dogs is an adorable dog coat. It is perfect for a chilly winter morning walk. The plaid material is very fluffy and warm. The sturdy, red nylon side makes it ideal for rainy or snowy days. The Velcro strips are long and stretchy, for a perfect fit

  • Side pocket design for snacks and keys
  • Durable Velcro closures that is fashionable Velcro closure enables an ideal fit
  • Reversible double side design gives you a variety
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2. Vecomfy Fleece and Cotton Small Dog Coat

Vecomfy Fleece And Cotton Lining Extra Warm Dog Hoodie In Winter,small Dog Jacket Puppy Coats With H

Vecomfy Fleece and Cotton Small Dog Coat is a classic dog coat that comes with a hoodie for small dogs. It has an elastic edge on the foot and waist, so you need not bother about slipping it on your extra pound dog. The cotton and fleece material covers fashion, making your dog the best dressed on the block.

  • Exquisite finish with a leash hole on the neck
  • Polyester material makes it lightweight and comfortable
  • Fits and easy to put on
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3. Kouser Cozy Reversible Small Dog Winter Coat

Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Windproof Reversible British Style Plaid Dog Vest Winter Coat Warm Dog Appare

Kouser Cozy Reversible Small Dog Winter Coat has a fantastic hook and loop closure that makes for easy put on and off. The warm fleece lining on the belly part gives the dog a cozy feeling while keeping it warm. Fabulous for every occasion, Kouser dog coat has a buttonhole for collar and harness in case you decide to take a walk in the snow.

  • Sizable belly strap, suitable for various weather patterns
  • Lightweight and warm due to fleece lighting
  • Water-resistant and so exquisite for the fall
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4. Carhartt Chore Water Repellent Cotton Dog Vest

Carhartt Chore Coat, Dog Vest, Water Repellent Cotton Duck Canvas

Carhartt Chore Water Repellent Cotton Dog Vest has a quilted nylon lining to enhance its warmth and accessible wear features. It has pockets on both sides of the coat christened with the Carhartt label for your dog’s play items. The coat is from the sturdy duck canvas and water-resistant coating that shields your dog in rainy or windy weather.

  • Quilted liner for extra warmth
  • Corduroy collar for easier collar access
  • A quality furry coat for any occasion
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5. JoyDaog Double Layer Fleece Lined Warm Dog Coat

Joydaog 2 Layers Fleece Lined Warm Dog Jacket For Puppy Winter Cold Weather,soft Windproof Small Dog

JoyDaog double layer fleece lined warm dog coat has got your dog covered in the first windy weather. You need not worry about wearing difficulty as JoyDaog double layer fleece lined warm dog coat is easy to put on and off. With a colorful finish, this coat makes your adorable pet look prettier.

  • The polyester fabric makes it fluffy and comfortable
  • Lightweight but windproof
  • Many sizes for the best fit on all dogs
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Small Dog Coat Buyers Guide

Small dog coats should come with some essential features. They are entirely different from other dog coat sizes and thus, have unique requirements.  Check out for these when opting for a small dog coat.

Perfect Fit

You would see the measurement of the dog coats for small dogs written in the description to make the choice more straightforward for you.  You should have the measurement of your dog for the chest, leg, neck, waist, and length from the neck region to the tail. You can check for coats with Velcro closure if you have a puppy and would love him to grow into it. But, it’s best if you get the best fit for your dog for safety reasons.

Harness/Collar Access

What’s the use of getting a colorful fitting coat for your dog if you can’t take her for a show-off walk? Ensure you go for a small dog’s coat with a buttonhole for collar and harness or a leash hole with easy access. Avoid placing the leash on top of the coat as it will be easy for the dog to slip off from and dart away.


You should ensure the material of the small dog coat you’re opting for has the features that tick the boxes of aesthetics and functionality. In as much as you would want a warm fury wool material for the winter, you should also consider a jersey type cotton coat for summer walks. Furthermore, you should look for a sturdy material that offers durability like the sturdy but fluffy polyester fabric.

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