4 Best Dog Collars for Beagles (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Beagles are happy-go-lucky dogs with a natural hunting instinct! These dogs make excellent family pets, but watch out, they can climb a tree or dig a hole with ease! When you’re looking for a collar for your Beagle, it’s imperative that you find one that offers comfort and security.

Collars that are made from durable fabrics and will resist chewing will be ideal. Also, collars that offer extra features, like reinforced stitching and reflective strips are going to be key when you’re seeking out a collar for your Beagle. We’ve selected our top collars for Beagles:

Best Dog Collars for Beagles

Here are our Beagle dog collar reviews.

1. CollarDirect Reflective Dog Collar with Buckle

Collardirect Reflective Dog Collar With Buckle Adjustable Safety Nylon Collars

The CollarDirect Safety collar is made of soft nylon and comes in eight colors. The company also sells matching leashes!  Reflective dog collar is made out of strong, flexible, and soft nylon webbing.  The vivid colors do not fade over time and are both washable and durable.

  • Side release buckle is made out of quality eco-friendly plastic with safety lock
  • Carbon plated D-ring allows to attach dog leash easily
  • The collar is easy to wash and clean and is perfect for daily use
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2. Country Brook Petz – Premium Nylon Dog Collar with Metal Buckle

Country Brook Petz Premium Nylon Dog Collar With Metal Buckle

County Brook collars are made with durable double stitching. Strong grade nylon webbing won’t fray or break easily. The Aluminum and stainless-steel buckle ensures a strong lock.

  • County Brook is built in the U.S.A. with aluminum and stainless-steel hardware for superior strength.
  • Colorfast dye means this collar won’t fade or run when wet.
  • Country Brook collars can be personalized in twenty-five different colors.
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3. GoTags Personalized Collars

Gotags Personalized Dog Collar, Custom Embroidered With Pet Name And Phone Number In Blue, Black

GoTags are durably made with comfort and function in mind. These our long-lasting dog ID collar has smooth, tapered edges for a comfortable fit and a strong, non-corrosive stainless-steel D-ring. With 15 different types of embroidery, there’s a color combination to fit your pet!

  • Made of high-quality nylon webbing.
  • dog collar comes personalized with your dog’s name and phone number permanently stitched into the collar for long lasting identification.
  • The secure plastic side release buckle for easy one-handed quick release.
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4. Black Rhino – The Comfort Collar

Black Rhino The Comfort Collar Ultra Soft Neoprene Padded Dog Collar For All Breeds Heavy Duty Adjustable Reflective Weatherproof (1)

The Black Rhino Comfort collar gives extra comfort to your dog.This collar withstands all outdoor conditions even while playing in the water. And it guarantees safety to even the most energetic and playful dogs.

  • Comfort Collar intentionally is a lightweight design built specifically with heavy duty hardware that is tough enough to resist energetic dogs.
  • These colors have collars have reflective stitching that reflects light and allows your pup to be seen more easily.
  • The Comfort Collar is made from material that was specifically chosen for its toughness and durability.
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Beagle Dog Collar Buying Guide

Beagles are highly energetic dogs; they are natural hunters and love to exercise, dig and climb trees! Beagles can also be little escape artists and are known to have selective hearing, especially when an enticing creature catches their eye. This is why it’s incredibly important for you to keep a collar on your Beagle. But, not every collar is made the same. Before you buy a collar, it’s important to consider certain factors.

Secure Stitching

Look for collars that offer secure and even reinforced stitching, especially on the D-ring. This will prevent the ring from becoming detached and allowing your dog to run off. Also, secure stitching will keep the collar in tact on your dog and will prevent it from getting loose or falling off so your Beagle could chew it!

Durable Materials

Consider a collar made of durable materials, like nylon or Oxford fabric. These materials will prevent the collar from fraying and breaking apart.


A collar that adjusts is key to finding the perfect fit! Once adjusted, the collar can be easily placed on or off. A properly adjusted collar will provide the most secure fit; thus preventing your Beagle from getting caught up and injuring itself.

Reflective Striping

One more excellent way to keep your Beagle safe is to ensure that the Beagle’s collar has some sort of reflective striping on it. The reflective striping will help passerbys spot your dog in the

day or night and can prevent injury. Also, because Beagles can be escape artists, the reflective striping may help you see him in the darker hours!

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