5 Best Dog Collars For Bernedoodles (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Bernedoodles are the adorable cross between Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs. There are a plethora of great traits inherited by these dogs. Renowned for their cuteness, intelligence, and demeanor, Bernedoodles are a truly special, rather novel item in the dog breeding world.

In honor of the amazing Bernedoodle, we’ve compiled a list of the best dog collars specialized for Bernedoodles.

Best Dog Collars for Bernedoodles

Here are our Bernedoodle dog collar reviews.

1. Wolfgang Man & Beast Premium USA Webbing Dog Collar

Wolfgang Man & Beast Premium Usa Webbing Dog Collar

This Wolfgang Man & Beast collar’s aesthetically interesting collection has a wide range of sizes and comes with a great value price. It is one of the most popular ones I could find in the marketplace. Only you know best what style you and your dog need, but the Wolfgang overall brings great customer satisfaction and value, so it’s highly recommended.

  • Hot-cut long-lasting nylon material pull-tested to over 800 lbs.
  • Aesthetic designs that are easy on the eyes and can match your style
  • Waterproof, mildew resistant, easy to wash, and ready for work
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2. Country Brook Pets – Premium Nylon Dog Collar

Country Brook Petz Premium Nylon Dog Collar With Metal Buckle Vibrant 25 Color Selection

Go back to the basics with this Country Brook Petz line of durable solid color dog collars that are perfect for your Bernedoodle. A fan favorite as an option to draw on, these eye-catching dog collars are a value standout with that affordable price. These are long-lasting, and get good overall grades on quality with a wide range of bright colors.

  • Customizable fabric and metal colors
  • Continuously adjustable so your pal won’t be between sizes
  • Best value pick

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3. Lupine 3/4 Inch Dapper Dog Adjustable Dog Collar

Lupine 3 4 Inch Dapper Dog Adjustable Dog Collar For Small To Large Dogs

With 15 designer patterns to choose from, the Lupine Dapper Dog line is another excellent value if you’re interested in something beyond the minimal solid color collar. Perfect for Bernedoodles, these collars even come with a duck pattern (Poodles were renowned German duck hunters centuries ago). These are sure to have a fun pattern that fits your style, such as their preppier plaid that has a cute dog-bone woven in, plus they have a solid customer support system and are based in New Hampshire, USA.

  • Chew-resistant, durable, sturdy, bright, beautiful and affordable
  • Lupine is an established, widely-trusted brand in the industry over three decades
  • Free lifetime replacement warranty though these are very long-lasting
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4. Logical Leather Premium Leather Dog Collar

Premium Leather Dog Collar By Logical Leather 

The durable exterior of the Logical Leather series comes in a variety of solid colors. The interior of this collar is lined with sheepskin leather, some of the softest materials you can give your dog. Available in a variety of colors, these collars are some of the best value and comfort money can buy.

  • Appealing, sleek design
  • Lovely comfort for your dog with sheepskin inner lining
  • Durable, heavy-duty and long-lasting

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5. Metric USA Comfort Fit Ped Padded Dog Collar

Metric Usa ● Comfort Fit Pet Padded Dog Collar ● Red ● Blue ● Purple ● Black ● Small 7 10 ● Medium

The Metric USA collars take a different approach to comfort, introducing “pillow pockets” that provide flexibility, breathability, and comfort for your Bernedoodle. These come in a wide range of sizes and go up to 24” long in the Large size and 1” wide. Coming with a lifetime guarantee from the company, these eye-catching, popular dog collars make the perfect choice for a Bernedoodle.

  • Pillow-pocket comfort now fits larger dogs like the Bernedoodle
  • Bold, classic color palette
  • Fast-drying Metric 66-patented material
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Bernedoodle Dog Collar Buying Guide

One of the most intelligent, loyal, empathetic, and active breeds of dog you can find, your Bernedoodle deserves the best comfort and style when it comes to their dog collar. These dogs are perfect for families, active people, and those who can give a lot of attention and energy to their pets, as Bernedoodles are easily bored.

The Poodle-side is a bit more rambunctious and energetic, while the Bernese side is more laid-back but still high-energy. Dog personality can vary widely, but Bernedoodles are typically very even-keeled and loyal dogs, and won’t typically try to destroy the collar or chew their way out.

Dog Collar Material

It’s important to consider the material of your Bernedoodle’s dog collar in the decision of which to buy. Many models come in various types of highly-durable nylon. Others come in various types and standards of leather. Every dog is unique and different, so it’s important to keep an eye on how your dog reacts to a new collar and make sure they are happy and comfortable. On occasion with first generation-hybrid dogs from purebreds, there is a heightened propensity to allergies and special irritations that only you will be able to spot as your dog’s owner.

Measurement and Sizing

Through this process, you may want to measure your Bernedoodle’s neck circumference. This will allow you to ensure the best fit overall. There’s nothing worse than a dog collar that doesn’t fit properly, which can lead to undue pressure or choking.

Larger Bernedoodles may not fit the 5th item in the list, as Bernese Mountain Dogs’ neck circumference can exceed 26” regularly. But Poodles’ neck size is more like 18” on the high side. So depending on where the luck of the gene pool drops your Bernedoodle pups, measuring twice and purchasing once is the better mentality.

Metal Collar Clasps

There are a variety of ways your dog collar can clasp to form a snug, safe seal. The clasp is one of the most common points-of-failure in the dog collar world. When it comes to the clasp, you’re going to want something that maximizes strength and rust-resistance, as well as ease-of-use. Stainless steel is ideal, lightweight, and not going to be the weakest link. Even durable high-grade plastic is a great option as it maximizes lightweight flexibility with strength.

Bernedoodles are beyond cute, and they offer a ton of benefits like being relatively hypo-allergenic, low-shedding, longer-living, healthier, loyal, and super intelligent for dogs. Do right by your Berner-doodle and make sure you get the perfect collar!

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