5 Best Dog Collars for Border Terriers (Reviews Updated 2024)

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A dog collar for your Border Terrier is an essential accessory for many reasons. First of all, if you need to deter them or get a quick grip of them. Also, if they like to escape then there are some great options, which include a personal ID tag for their name, addresses and micro-chip. A nice comfortable design, which is available in a small size and made out of a strong, durable material with a secure fastening buckle are very important to ensure maximum efficiency, so they do not get loose. This can be a danger to both him and other dogs, as well as other people, so be sure to get a secure fastening system and an unbreakable design from one of these quality dog collars we’ve selected for you.

Best Dog Collar for Border Terriers

Take a look at this amazing selection of specialized dog collars for your Border Terrier we have found:

1. Didog Soft Padded Personalized Dog Collar

Didog Soft Padded Personalized Dog Collar, Flannel Padded Custom Dog Collar,reflective Engraved Coll

This is a comfortable soft-flannel padded dog collar made by Didog for your Border Terrier. It comes available in a choice of bright, reflective colours. As well as, a name and ID plate engraved into the quality stainless steel secure buckle with an easy-release catch.

  • Durable stainless steel buckle
  • Hand-woven with quality nylon
  • Soft-flannel padding in the interior
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2. Logical Leather Padded Dog Collar

Logical Leather Padded Dog Collar Best Full Grain Heavy Duty Genuine Leather Collars

Logical Leather provide a premium design made from real full grain leather, which has quality stitching around the edges attaching a padded interior for extra comfort. It has a heavy-duty clasp, which has a Military and Law Enforcement grade instruction for maximum security for the most active of dogs.

  • Quality full grain leather
  • Made in the USA
  • Strong, durable metal clasp and leash ring
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3. Rosewood Luxury Leather Dog Collar

Rosewood Luxury Leather Dog Collar, Tartan Tweed Check

This classic, Tartan tweed design made by Rosewood is a classic dog collar for your Border Terrier made with a quality trim and handle. Made with strong, heavy-duty chrome buckles that will stand the test of time and comes with a lead to match.

  • Quality Tweed leather design
  • Solid chrome adjustable buckle fastening
  • Unique Rosewood paw print charm
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4. Tiger Tail Urban Nomad Dog Collar

Tiger Tail Urban Nomad Dog Collar – Lightweight Waterproof & Odor Proof Dog Collar

Tiger Tail have created the ultimate Urban Nomad Collar made especially lightweight and waterproof with an excellent odor proof feature. It has a lifetime guarantee and 1% of it’s sales goes to charity.

  • Available in different bright colours
  • Small-sized collar
  • Odor proof design
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5. PetSafe Compact Electric Wireless Fence Collar for Dogs

Petsafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless Fence For Dogs And Cats – From The Parent Company Of Invisible (1)

If you need to keep you Border Terrier under the safe guard a little, either he escapes or he needs some extra submission. This innovative design made by PetSafe is a wireless electric collar designed to keep  them within a designated distance, or under an invisible fence, in case they like to escape.

  • 5 static corrections and a tone-only mode
  • Rechargeable collar lasts up to 3 weeks
  • Charges quickly in 2 to 3 hours
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Border Terrier Dog Collar Buyer’s Guide

Your Border Terrier will need a small collar design, but also one which is tough and withstands his strong pull at times. A durable design made with extra quality material as well as a buckle, which attaches securely and doesn’t break or come loose at the first tug. There are some excellent made designs here with quick-release or belt buckle straps made from strong stainless-steel. The stitching is important and the leather made designs should be 100% genuine. In some cases you will need to set your barriers if he escapes, so we’ve included a wireless distance tag collar, as they are specialized escape artists.


The more durable the material the longer it will last and the safer a secure fit overall. Therefore, we’ve only selected options made from the very best materials, such as 100 % genuine leather with hand-woven stitching to strengthen the surface and avoid the leather from splitting. A strong nylon material, as well as odor-proof, non-toxic rubber, which are also an excellent option for your Border Terrier. Don’t just keep in mind the material of the collar and a nice fancy padding, which will keep them comfortable. Look at the durability and strength of the leash rings and attachment and adjustment catching, where opting for stainless-steel metal is advised.


There are various attachment mechanisms, where the two most popular are the belt buckle styles that include the pin-in-point and the easy-catch release. Both are effective devices at attaching the dog collar effectively round your small Border Terrier’s neck.  Make sure you attach securely and adjust accordingly so it fits tight and comfortably, but doesn’t come loose. It is advised to test how securely attached before you let them out for a run on the lead, just in case.


In this excellent range of dog collars we have included options with some great features that are stylized, especially for your Border Terrier. There are odor-proof designs made from non-toxic rubber, there are ones that can either attach or also include a personalised ID name tag, where you can include their chip and address, in case they get lost. As we have taken into consideration they are trained and specialized at escaping, then we have also included an innovative new design with a wireless ‘invisible fence’ feature, which warns them and you if they go out of boundaries. Whatever you are searching for in a simple collar, then take advantage of all the extra features they have to offer and find the ideal dog collar for your Border Terrier.


Your Border Terrier’s neck measures roughly between 25cm to 35 in width. So, make sure you look at the measurement charts before you choose the right size. In some options they come under either an XS, S and sometimes M size, depending how chunky their neck is. Most colors will come with an adjustment, so you can fit it properly to their size as they grow, or in some cases when they lose weight too.

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