5 Best Dog Collars for Briards (Reviews Updated 2021)

The fun of parenting a Briard won’t be whole if your dog collar is not giving you charge over your dog. Briards could be lovely, athletic, but not absolutely submissive. You need a reliable dog collar to keep your dog in check and at safety during walks and playtime.

Aside from control, dog collars come in handy for identification, adornment, and the number goes on. Dog collars are certainly a must-have, especially if you’re a Briard owner.

Best Dog Collars for Briards

Here is our dog collar for Briards reviews.

1. Beirui Rhinestones Dog Collars

Beirui Rhinestones Dog Collars 2 Width With 5 Rows Full Sparkly Crystal Diamonds Studded Pu Leath

Beirui rhinestone dog collar is a strong, thick, and long-lasting dog collar made to contain excesses in heavy-duty dogs like Briards. The adorable dog collar is made from high-quality leather covered with five glittering rhinestones in a row. What a beauty to behold!

  • Thick, durable, and comfy
  • Strongly studded diamonds for a great finishing
  • Comes with a 60-days quality warranty
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2. RC Pet Product’s Wide Dog Clip Collar

Rc Pets 1 1 2 Wide Dog Clip Collar

The RC Pet Product’s Wide Dog Clip Collar is a rugged dog collar designed explicitly for energetic breeds like Briard. The collar is made from tightly woven fabric, a nickel-coated D-string, and reliable collar clips to ensure your dog doesn’t slip away.

  • Finely sown collar with sleek print design
  • Comes in two sizes and twenty-three colors
  • Reliable, long-lasting, and comfy
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3. Pesp Pet Dog Metal Buckle Collar

Pesp Pet Dog Metal Buckle 2 Rows Army Nylon Fabric Belt Strap Adjustable Collar

If you’re looking for a beastly dog collar with full functionality and less aesthetics, the Pesp Pet Dog Metal Buckle collar might just be the right dog collar for your Briard. This all-year-round dependable dog collar is made from premium quality nylon and an alloy steel buckle to ensure your dog is kept under control.

  • Double thick design with double collar buckle
  • Made from long-lasting machine washable fabric
  • Adjustable dog collar with optimum durability and comfort
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4. Bestia Maximus Dog Collar

Bestia Maximus Genuine Leather Dog Collar, Large Breeds, Cane Corso, Rottweiler, Boxer, Bullmastiff,

Are you a lover of handmade crafts? Here is something you might love. The Bastia Maximus dog collar is a 100% Bulgaria leather handmade dog collar. You already know what to expect from a handmade product, top-notch quality! The astonishing dog collar is crafted solely for heavy-weight dog breeds with adjustable collar strip to tame and offer optimum comforts to dogs.

  • Adorned with medallions and metal rivet for an exotic finish
  • 100% buffalo base leather with soft interior padding to offer comfort
  • Reliable and adjustable handmade dog collar
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5. PETBABAB Soft Padded Dog Collar

Petbabab Padded Dog Collar With Buckle, Soft To Protect Neck, Durable To Last Long In Walking Traini

Is your Briard always pulling and dragging during walks? The PetBABAB soft padded dog collar might just be the right dog collar for you. The collar is designed with a soft interior pad for extra comfort and thick exterior leather for durability.  The collar also features a reflective ability; this might prove helpful if you have a stubborn Briard

  • Made from sturdy nylon fabric and rust-resistant metallic buckles
  • Stylish, long-lasting and comfy
  • Perfect fit for dog’s neck size within 17 and 22 inches
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Dog Collar for Briard Buyer’s Guides

Getting the right dog collar for your Briard might sound easy. But a wrong Briard collar could ruin your playtime with your dog and get your dog into trouble. Here are some of the essential features to look out for when picking a dog collar for Briard.


One of the essential factors to consider is the material type of the collar you’re opting for. Briards are very energetic dog breeds, so they require a dog collar with good material strength. Besides functionality, your dog too deserves some good looking. Ensure that the collar you’re buying is a good fit for your dog’s skin coat to boost its shine.


No collar size is a one-fits-all for dogs that is why you need to know your dog’s neck size before setting out to shop for a dog collar. Getting an under-sized dog collar could make your dog uncomfortable and the collar not fun to wear. You already know what to expect with an oversized dog collar. You wouldn’t want your dog slipping away from its collar at any given time.

Ensure to buy a dog collar that fits your Briard perfectly without causing her any discomfort. We recommend you go for an adjustable collar; you’ll find this feature helpful, especially if your dog is a growing Briard.


Just like our clothes, dog collars get dirty and require washing from time to time. A good dog collar should not pose any difficulty in cleaning. It’s best to always opt for a machine-washable dog collar.

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