5 Best Dog Collars for English Foxhounds (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Your English Foxhound has a distinguished history as a hunter and has a strong natural instinct for pursuit.  So, don’t be surprised if you find he likes to pull and lunge at small animals while out on your walks and hikes.  For this breed, a dog harness is recommended over a collar for exercise as a collar alone could injure his neck and trachea with too much pulling.  That being said, a collar is still important for identification and to impart a sense of your pup’s personal style.  Luckily, there are lots of great collars on the market that are perfect for your English Foxhound to wear every day.

Best Dog Collar for English Foxhounds

Here are our dog collar for English Foxhounds reviews.

1. Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar

Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar With Handle Ballistic Nylon Heavy Duty Collar Padded Reflectiv

The Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar is a padded and reflective dog collar made with 3mm of rip and fray-proof nylon.  This super durable collar is adjustable and features stainless steel hardware.

  • Neoprene and mesh padding for comfort
  • Stretch bungee safety handle offers comfort and support
  • Available in several different colors
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2. Custom Catch Personalized Dog Collar

Custom Catch Personalized Dog Collar Engraved Soft Leather In Xs, Small, Medium Or Large Size, Id

The Custom Catch Personalized Dog Collar is a popular soft leather collar that can be engraved with your English Foxhound’s personal information or other text.  These customizable collars are comfortable and will not irritate your pup’s skin.

  • Reinforced stitching for durability
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Additional designs for no extra cost
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3. Kruz PET Breathable Mesh Dog Collar

Kruz Pet Breathable Mesh Dog Collar

The Kruz PET Breathable Mesh Dog Collar is a great choice for your English Foxhound for its comfortable and lightweight design.  This dual-layered mesh collar is durable and safe for everyday wear.

  • Heavy duty D-ring for leash and tag
  • Quick release buckle
  • Available in four colors
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4. Black Rhino Comfort Collar

Black Rhino The Comfort Collar

The Black Rhino Comfort Collar is an ultra-soft neoprene padded dog collar designed for your English Foxhound’s comfort.  This lightweight collar is designed to withstand the outdoor elements and your energetic pup.

  • Reflective stitching for low-light conditions
  • Neoprene lining is quick-drying and odor resistant
  • Available in five different colors
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5. Wolfgang Man & Beast Dog Collar

Wolfgang Man & Beast Premium Usa Webbing Dog Collar

The Wolfgang Man & Beast Dog Collar is a unique, premium collar designed for style and comfort.  This collar is made with abrasion-resistant polyester webbing and will not chafe your English Foxhound’s skin and coat.

  • Waterproof and mildew resistant
  • Curved buckles and heavy-duty steel D-ring
  • Available in a variety of outdoor-inspired patterns
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Dog Collar for English Foxhounds Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right collar for your beloved English Foxhound is an important decision because he will wear it every day.  It needs to be comfortable and lightweight, but also durable and strong.  Your English Foxhound’s collar will primarily be used as a form of identification, so personalizing it is essential.  A standard metal dog tag will work, but it can fade over time or fall off – not to mention it can annoy your dog when it jangles around his neck all day.  Consider choosing a collar that can be engraved or embroidered with his personal information for long-term use.  A premium collar may cost more, but it will offer peace of mind, as a cheap collar can fray, break or hurt your dog.  Always measure your English Foxhound’s neck with a soft measuring tape and follow the recommended sizing guidelines from the manufacturer.

Our buying guide reviews the best dog collar for English Foxhounds on the market so you can choose the right collar for your English Foxhound.  The following considerations should be made and will help you to choose which collar you need for your dog.

Length and Width

In general, a English Foxhound will need a collar that is about 15 to 20 inches in length.  Depending on the brand, this may be either a medium or large, so always measure your pup’s neck carefully and add several inches for adjustability.  Always make sure you can comfortably fit two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck, to prevent damage to his trachea and neck.  The collar you choose needs to have an appropriate width, so it does not hurt his neck from being too narrow.  Ideally, his collar should measure between 1 and 1.5 inches.

Style & Materials

Because the collar you choose will be primarily used as a form of identification, the style and design you choose it ultimately up to your preference.  However, the collar still needs to be durable and strong for hand control or if you need a quick leash option.  A lightweight, sporty collar will be sufficient for everyday use, because the high-quality webbed nylon or polyester is durable and long lasting.  Ensure it has a soft neoprene padding to prevent chafing your English Foxhound’s short dense coat.  Premium collars are made of real, genuine leather with stainless steel or brass hardware.  Ensure the leather is not dyed or treated with any chemicals and has a soft padding on the inside for your English Foxhound’s comfort.

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