5 Best Dog Collars for French Bulldogs (Reviews Updated 2024)

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While a quality harness is essential for keeping your dog injury free while also working on proper walk etiquette, your French Bulldog will need a solid collar! A collar provides security for your Frenchie. This is likely where you will attach important tags, like your pet’s identification and medical tags. But we all know that French Bulldogs have major personality!

You may want a collar that can be personalized, customized and have multiple points of adjustment. Also important is to make sure the collar you purchase is made of exceptionally durable material, which will prevent the collar from tearing and falling off. Are you looking for the perfect collar for your French Bulldog? Here’s our top five choices.

Best Dog Collars for French Bulldogs

Here are our French Bulldog dog collar reviews.

1. Country Brook Petz

Country Brook Petz Premium Nylon Dog Collar With Metal Buckle Vibrant 25 Color Selection

Country Book Petz collars have been beloved by pet owners for years. With 25 color options to choose from, the Country Brook has a color that will fit your Frenchie’s personality. And, all these collars are made in the USA.

  • Thick bonded nylon thread is more durable than the average collar and resists wear and tear.
  • The pressure points are box stitches for additional durability.
  • The stainless steel pin and spring lock ensures a secure fit.
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2. AEDILYS Adjustable Nylon Dog Collar

Aedilys Adjustable Nylon Dog Collar Classic Solid Colors For Small Sized Dogs Neck, Multicolor

Aedily’s collars are vibrantly colored and durable for even your most energetic Frenchie. With multiple color choices and a secure D-ring, this collar is known to go the distance to keep all your pet’s most important information secure. These adjustable collars can also grow with your French Bulldog.

  • The quick release premium ABS made buckles are easy to adjust length..
  • Anti-Rust zinc-alloy made D-Ring with fastened welding provides a secure attachment point for your leash.
  • These durable collars are made of tough nylon that’s impossible to tear.
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3. Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar

Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar

The Soft Touch collar can add a luxurious feel to your Frenchie! Only the finest for your pet! This genuine leather collar is secure and offers a lifetime guarantee.

  • This collar is brown and cream with soft inside sheepskin leather padding.
  • Constructed of full grain, naturally tanned leather.
  • The buckle and d-ring are made with solid brass hardware that’s lacquered to prevent rust and corrosion.
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4. Blueberry Pet

Blueberry Pet 20+ Patterns Spring Scent Floral Collection Collars, Martingale Collars, Harnesses

Blueberry Pet offer some of the most widely bought and highly reviewed dog collars on the market, and for good reason. With numerous colors and patterns, there’s a Blueberry Pet collar for even the  most discerning Frenchie. The collar does not stretch, so it is very adjustable.

  • This collar is made of a tough grosgrain ribbon sewn on to a high density polyester webbing.
  • The buckles are made from eco friendly plastic.
  • The metal D ring is chrome coated to add durability.
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5. Mile High Life Night Reflective Double Bands Nylon Dog Collar

Mile High Life Night Reflective Double Bands Nylon Dog Collar (4 Sizes 7 Colors And Multi Pack Available) (2)

Mile High Life collars are made for even the most adventurous dogs. These collars are durable and meant to last. And, the Mile High Life can adjust as your Frenchie grows!

  • This collar is constructed of extremely durable nylon.
  • To keep your pet visible even in low light, the Mile High Life comes with reflective strips and stitching.
  • The secure D-ring is made of gunmetal.
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French Bulldog Collar Buying Guide

The collar that you purchase for your French Bulldog is very important. After all, it is likely your Frenchie will wear this collar 24/7. You will want to make sure that the collar is comfortable, first and foremost. Second, you want to make certain that the collar has a secure fit, as the collar is where your Frenchie will carry important information, like their ID tag or medical tags.

Durable material

As this collar will likely be worn every day, it’s important to look for collars that are high-quality. Look for collars that are made of nylon or leather that offer some resistance to wear and tear.


It’s important that the collar that you purchase has an adjustable strap, even if you buy it in the size that was meant for your dog. A collar that is not adjustable could be either too loose or too tight. Too loose and your Frenchie could get a hold of it and chew it off. Too tight and it could cause injury. Don’t rely on a collar that is just sized, look for one that offers additional adjustments.

Reinforced stitching at the D-ring

Before you purchase a collar, make sure that it has reinforced stitching on the D-ring. The D-ring is where you will place all your Frenchie’s important tags; if the D-ring is not reinforced, it could fall off. This is especially important if you have an escape artist Frenchie!

Reflective material

A collar that offers either reflective material or reflective stitching is ideal. This will help you and other people, especially drivers, see your pet in low lighting. If you are able to let your pet out at night, for example, a reflective collar will help you keep track of your pet beneath the moonlight.

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