5 Best Dog Collars for Kuvasz (Reviews Updated 2022)

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White and large Hungarian Kuvasz appeared in numerous ancient and medieval texts, which were written many centuries ago. The sensitive and affectionate Kuvasz had been a royal guard dog in Hungary, but they were originally bred for guarding the livestock. This 89th registered breed of AKC has been categorized as a working dog.

Profoundly loyal and beautiful, Kuvasz is extremely competitive, and despite their status as a working dog, they often excel in various canine sports. The adopted Kuvasz’s main priority is to protect its family no matter what, and because of this dedication, they are gaining ground in today’s America. Here are a few samples of the collar which meet the requirement of large Kuvasz.

Best Dog Collars for Kuvasz

Here are our dog collars for Kuvasz reviews.

1. GoTags Personalized Nylon Dog Collar

Gotags Personalized Nylon Dog Collar

This GoTags Personalized Nylon Dog Collar looks gorgeous on your Kuvasz, and there are five various fabric colors for this. You can choose or mix between the fourteen interesting thread colors such as neon green, baby blue, cotton candy, jolly rancher, and so on, even for writing the characters. Depending on the size you are selecting, you can adjust from 4.5 inches to 10.5 inches of its length.

  • This stretchable and robust collar is built with nylon.
  • This durable collar is pretty convenient to use.
  • For tag attachment, it features a rust-resistant D ring.

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2. Pawtitas Nylon Reflective Dog Collar

Pawtitas Padded Nylon Reflective Martingale Dog Collar

Designed using a reinforced rip-stop nylon, that is known for its durability, this Pawtitas Nylon Reflective Dog Collar is an apt choice for your Kuvasz. This dog collar is lined using a reflective material, so it helps you take your Kuvasz for a late-night stroll confidently.

  • Designed to be waterproof
  • Resistant to tearing or ripping
  • Available in various sizes and colors

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3. Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Nylon Dog Collar

Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Nylon Dog Collar

This Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Nylon Dog Collar takes the fashion and style to another level for your elegant Kuvasz. Florence orange, dark orchid, emerald, French pink, etc., are eye-catching colors for this particular model. The classic design of the collar makes it ideal for everyday walks and jogging.

  • The collar uses nylon webbing to make it stretchable and soft.
  • The nickel-coated hardware parts add an aesthetic touch to it.
  • The collars combine black buckles that are constructed with recycled plastic.

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4. Pet Champion Hunting Camouflage Polyester Dog Collar

Pet Champion Hunting Camouflage Polyester Dog Collar

This Pet Champion Hunting Camouflage Polyester Dog Collar is ideal for your Kuvasz’s short hunting expeditions and adventurous trips with you. Available in teal camo and cover camo, this attractive collar features a steel buckle. The same company makes a camouflage leash that matches the print of the collar.

  • This wonderful dog collar puts you in the controlling position while out with your dog.
  • This safe and secure dog collar doesn’t leave any opportunity for your Kuvasz to break free.
  • This collar is made of supreme quality polyester material.

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5. Frisco Solid Nylon Martingale Dog Collar

Frisco Solid Nylon Slip On Martingale Dog Collar

This Frisco Solid Nylon Martingale Dog Collar with Buckle is a one-step solution to curb the Houdini acts of your Kuvasz. This trendy dog collar features two loops, which make the adjusting process easier for a perfect fit. This special dog collar restricts the choking to some extent.

  • This woven collar has slides and side-release buckles added to it.
  • The hassle-free cleaning of the collar increases its popularity.
  • The small-sized collar has a width of ¾ inch, whereas the other two sizes feature a collar width of 1 inch. 
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Dog Collars For Kuvasz Buyer’s Guide

Intelligent and independent Kuvasz are pretty well-known for their sense of humor and devotion towards their immediate family. Though it is widely believed that the thick-coated Kuvaszok are native Hungarians, they were first seen in Turkey and Tibet. A Kuvasz can be a natural guardian, but their demeanor is cold while in front of some stranger. 

The Kuvaszok are pretty sincere about the task allotted to them, and their never-ending determination is pretty praiseworthy. A dog collar is more of an instrument to hang the ID of your Kuvasz; also, it can be considered as an ornament. If you have set your mind on purchasing a dog collar, do not step back now, to help our readers, we have marshaled several tips and tricks regarding the most suitable dog collar for Kuvasz.


Depending on the use, we can classify the dog collars into two regular collar and training collar classes. The regular collar includes a martingale collar, personalized collar or theme collars, illuminated collars, etc. These are used for the purpose of adding ID, tag, or some lucky charm from it. 

Whereas the class of training collar includes prong collars, shock collars, head collars etc. The electric collar is one of the cruelest training collars, according to animal lovers. These collars are rechargeable, and also are efficient in checking to bark, biting, and other destructive activities.

Headcollar includes an extra strap that passes through the nose region of your Kuvasz. It prevents the jaw from opening freely, and in our opinion, this is also another ruthless collar used for behavior modification.


No collar should hurt the throat or cause any physical damage to your Kuvasz. That is why it is suggested by many that you should leave an extra room of at least one inch or two inches while adjusting the collar. If possible, opt for a size bigger than Kuvasz’s actual requirement, and then with the help of straps, slides, buckles, etc., adjust it to attain the perfect fit.


If the width of the collar is more than an inch or two, it may produce excessive sweat during summer. So, the collar should be adjustable, lightweight, and well-ventilated. A proper collar should not come in the way of free movement and mobility.

Here, the material plays a big role, and it is always asked to go for mesh nylon collars. Other than nylon, polyester, rubber, etc., are also common collar materials.

Surprise your Kuvasz with its brand new collar and help it wear the collar whenever it goes out for its daily stroll. We are 99% certain that with knowledge of all these above criteria, you will make the wisest choice for your Kuvasz’s collar.

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