5 Best Dog Collars for Lakeland Terriers (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Your Lakeland Terrier is often called a big dog in a small package. This unique breed has a bold and sassy personality to match his distinct look. So, getting your Lakie a fun, functional collar is important for many reasons. Your pup will need it for identification, for hand control and of course, to reflect his personal style! A harness is recommended instead of a collar for your Lakeland Terrier’s exercise and daily walks, as he has a strong pulling instinct and a collar alone could injure his neck.

Best Dog Collar for Lakeland Terriers

Here are our dog collar for Lakeland Terriers reviews.

1. Blueberry Pet Essentials Dog Collars

Blueberry Pet 9 Colors Soft & Safe 3m Reflective Pastel Color Neoprene Padded Dog Collars, Harnesses

Blueberry Pet Essentials are known for their bright, colorful and fun collars. Your Lakeland Terrier can show his unique personality with their 18 different product lines featuring holiday, seasonal and animal themes. This spring prints collection will brighten your Lakie’s look with the fresh, vibrant patterns.

  • Sturdy nylon with eco-friendly buckles
  • Some styles can be embroidered with identification info
  • Matching leashes and harnesses available

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2. GoTags Personalized Nylon Dog Collar


Gotags Personalized Dog Collar

The GoTags Personalized Nylon Dog Collar is a great choice for your Lakeland Terrier, for its comfortable and lightweight design. This webbed nylon collar is adjustable and machine-washable for easy cleaning. This customizable collar allows you to print up to 25 characters for your Lakie’s identification.

  • Non-corrosive D-ring for any attachments
  • Easy on-off with side release buckle
  • Available in 5 colors with 14 stitching choices

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3. Frisco Solid Nylon Dog Collar

Frisco Solid Nylon Dog Collar

The Frisco Solid Nylon Dog Collar is a classic solid-colored collar for everyday use. This adjustable collar can grow with your Lakeland Terrier, with the convenient sizing sliders. Nickel-coated hardware and a curved buckle provide your pup with comfort and security.

  • D-ring for dog tag or leash attachment
  • Durable nylon webbing lab-tested for strength
  • Available in four vivid colors
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4. CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Collardirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar, Soft Padded Round Puppy Collar, Handmade Genuine Leather Col

The CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar is a unique, soft padded, rounded collar for exceptional comfort and durability. These handmade, genuine leather collars are designed to prevent tangling your pup’s fur. Your Lakeland Terrier will likely need either a medium or large size, as this brand runs small.

  • Soft leather is pliable and flexible
  • Quality hardware and eyelets for security
  • Available in a variety of colors

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5. OmniPet RealTree APC Dog Collar

Omnipet Realtree Apc Dog Collar

The OmniPet RealTree APC Dog Collar is a cute camouflage collar with adjustable slider. This durable collar also features a high-impact plastic Kwik-Klip buckle for your Lakeland Terrier’s security. Most Lakies will need the small size in this brand.

  • Matching leash available separately
  • Secure buckle clips quickly and easily
  • Sleek black D-ring for attachments

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Dog Collar for Lakeland Terriers Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a dog collar for your Lakeland Terrier is fun, because his feisty personality needs a range of collars to choose from, depending on his mood. Show off his sense of style with a collar that matches an event or the season or choose a unique look with added embellishments for fun.

There are a variety of styles and designs on the market, but the most important consideration is that the collar is safe and comfortable for your Lakeland Terrier. You may need to quickly leash your pup, or hand control him in new situations, so a high-quality collar is essential for durability over time. There are many affordable dog collars for your Lakeland Terrier on the market, so choose a few that you can rotate through.

Our buying guide reviews the best collars for Lakeland Terriers on the market so you can choose the right collar for your dog.  The following features are considerations you should make and will help you to choose which dog collar you need for your Lakeland Terrier.

Size and Fit

Depending on the size of your Lakeland Terrier and the brand of the collar, he may need a small or medium. Most Lakie’s necks will measure somewhere between 10 and 18 inches, but it’s important to measure properly for a good fit. Use a soft measuring tape and add several inches to the measurement for adjusting.

You should always be able to fit two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck.  The collar should be 5/8” inch in width, to prevent choking and discomfort. Always follow the manufacturer’s sizing recommendations.


Most collars on the market have a small tag loop to attach an identification tag. These small metal tags can fade over time or fall off, leaving your Lakeland Terrier in danger of getting lost should he ever escape or run away.

Not only that, but the tags often clang together, which can be annoying for your Lakie. Consider personalizing your pup’s collar either with an embroidered identification or an engraved leather. These collars will keep your pup safe and ensure his information is always with him.


The most common collar material is a durable webbed nylon, because it is lightweight, easy to clean and strong. Look for a nylon that is double stitched and high quality to prevent fraying over time. Other options are genuine leather, which is also a good choice for your Lakeland Terrier, as it will not irritate his sensitive skin or pull his neck fur.

A rolled leather is designed for dogs with longer hair around the neck. Soft neoprene padding or curved edges will help prevent irritation to your Lakie’s sensitive skin. Buckles are usually plastic, but stainless steel is also common on more premium collars.

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