5 Best Dog Collars for Salukis (Reviews Updated 2022)

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If you have a pet Saluki, then you’re most likely already familiar with their frisky behavior when they’re out on walks. These dogs are prone to running after small animals such as squirrels and cats. Therefore, it is important that your Saluki always has a collar.

Fortunately, there are numerous brands that make specialized collars that are perfect for sighthounds, such as Salukis.

Best Dog Collars for Salukis

Here are our Saluki dog collar reviews.

1. Martingale Dog Collars by Caninus Collars

1 1 2 Inch Width Martingale Dog Collars Heavy Duty Nylon (1.5 Width Dog Collars

Caninus Collars makes specialized Martingale dog collars that are perfect for your pet Saluki’s long neck. The collars are made from premium grade heavy-duty nylon. They also come in a variety of vibrant colors.

  • Humane design to avoid choking
  • Specially designed for sighthounds such as Salukis
  • Superior quality welded metal hardware
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2. Tapered Dog Collar by  Dogs My Love

Real Leather Extra Wide Padded Tapered Dog Collar Glossy Black Greyhound Saluki Deerhound Lurcher W

An excellent tapered dog collar made especially for sighthounds such as the Saluki. A stylish dog collar made with top quality genuine leather. The collar comes in a variety of stylish colors.

  • Durable and pliable
  • Genuine leather lining for a soft cushioning effect
  • Solid nickel-plated hardware
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3. SGang Martingale Saluki Dog Collar

Sgang Handmade Martingale Greyhound Saluki Whippet Dog Collar 2'' Wide

Handmade dog collars by SGang for your pet Saluki. These wide collars are the perfect size for your pet’s long neck. The colors are embroidered and feature beautiful designs.

  • Superior quality welded metal fittings
  • A humane collar that prevents choking from tugging
  • Sturdy
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4. Hyhug Pets Premium Martingale Collar

Hyhug Pets Premium Upgraded Heavy Duty Nylon Anti Escape Martingale Collar For Boy And Girl Dogs Co

An excellent quality martingale collar, which is perfect for Salukis and other sighthounds. The dog collar is made from top quality nylon that is soft on the Saluki’s skin. The stitching is durable and reinforced on this dog collar.

  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Easily washable
  • The company offers refunds and exchanges if customers are not satisfied
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5. Illumiseen LED Dog Collar

Illumiseen Led Dog Collar Product Image

A unique LED-lit dog collar perfect for your pet Saluki. This rechargeable Led collar offers unmatchable safety for your dogs during night time. The dog collar is made from high-quality materials and is comfortable to wear.

  • Offers 5 hours of battery life per 1-hour charge
  • Durable
  • Lifetime guarantee offered by the company
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Saluki Dog Collar Buying Guide

Salukis are friendly dogs that have a poised and elegant build. These sighthounds are excellent family dogs due to their loving nature, and dignified attitude. These pups aren’t always very frisky, especially when they’re indoors. However, the moment they step outside their natural hunting instincts instantly kick in. Salukis, unfortunately, are very prone to running after small animals.

Therefore, it is extremely necessary for owners of Salukis to always have a dog collar on their pets. However, not all dog collars are created equal. Go through our helpful guide to ensure that you get your Saluki a collar that is well suited to their breed.


Dog collars should always be made of superior quality fabrics. If the collar is not soft enough, it could cause significant friction and injury to your Saluki’s sensitive skin. To prevent this from happening, always choose a color made from materials such as Nylon.


As you may already know, Salukis have a lean build and long necks. They are also prone to tugging. So, if you don’t get a collar that is appropriately designed for a Saluki, they may experience trauma to their fragile neck and throat areas.

There are numerous different designs you can look into for a Saluki dog collar. The most popular designs include the Martingale collar as well as the wide tapered collar designs. Both these designs ensure that forces are distributed over a larger surface area so that your pet Saluki does not experience any choking. These collars are humane and often preferred by trainers due to their specialized design.


There are a few features that are absolutely essential for dog collars for Salukis. The first one is its strength and durability. Although a Saluki may look lean, this energetic dog is quite powerful and can really tug at the leash with quite some force at times. For this reason, it is essential to invest in a leash that you know will last for a while but will also be gentle on the Saluki’s neck.

Ideally speaking, a dog collar for a Saluki should also be easy to wash. These pups can get into a bit of mischief because of their chasing habits and end up dirtying the collar significantly.

Another feature that though not necessary, is definitely an added bonus, is the use of LED lighting. LED-lit collars are especially useful if you usually take your dog for a run at night.

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