5 Best Dog Collars for Siberian Huskies (Reviews Updated 2024)

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It is the handsome look and eye catching talents of Siberian Huskies, which helped them appear as the star of some famous dog movies. Although thousands of years ago in Russia’s snowy land, they were first bred as sled dogs, their quick learning ability has made them one of the most sought after dogs among Americans. Their affectionate and protective natures towards their surrogate family make them an absolute sweetheart.

These adorable Siberian Huskies have a tendency of bossing around your entire home as the alpha member of your family. But whenever they come across other pets and strangers, they are often at their best behavior to impress them. You may not want to lose your precious Siberian Husky while out with it for a stroll, and that is why put a dog collar on your Husky.

Best Dog Collars for Siberian Huskies

Here are our dog collars for Siberian Huskies reviews.

1. GoTags Personalized Leather Dog Collar

Gotags Personalized Leather Dog Collar

The largest size of this GoTags Personalized Leather Dog Collar will be a perfect fit for your Siberian Husky. Available in two shades of brown, the dog collar allows you to write its name and whereabouts on it in case it gets lost somewhere. This personalized collar can be adjusted as per the comfort of your Siberian Husky.

  • This classic dog collar is made of good quality leather.
  • It also allows space for the D ring to attach the leash and tags.
  • It includes an old school stainless steel buckle.

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2. Country Brook Design Paisley Polyester Martingale Dog Collar

Country Brook Design Paisley Polyester Martingale Dog Collar

This printed Country Brook Design Paisley Polyester Martingale Dog Collar allows your Siberian Husky to move its body gently and comfortably. The dual loop formula of the martingale collar makes it difficult for escape artists to figure out how to open the collar. The collar is made of smooth polyester material and remains quite comfy as a result.

  • This uniquely crafted collar is pretty sturdy.
  • The tri-glide slides of the collar help you adjust it to the best fit.
  • It serves as both a training collar and a walking collar.

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3. Pawtitas Padded Nylon Reflective Martingale Dog Collar

Pawtitas Padded Nylon Reflective Martingale Dog Collar

This stylish Pawtitas Padded Nylon Reflective Martingale Dog Collar makes your Siberian Husky the fashion icon of your block. Made with neoprene padding, the collar makes walking and training fun and comfortable for your Husky. The reflective strips of the dog collar help you to spot it even in low light.

  • The collar is extra durable, and dogs can wear it irrespective of any weather.
  • This is tear-resistant to some extent.
  • This is available in five different sizes.

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4. EzyDog Checkmate Dog Collar

Ezydog Checkmate Dog Collar

This classic EzyDog Checkmate Dog Collar is an excellent collar to put on your handsome Siberian Husky. Ezydog doesn’t let you worry about its durability and flexibility at all. This artisan-crafted collar comes with a limited warranty of one year.

  • This training collar has multiple adjusting components.
  • It is made of good nylon material.
  • The buckle of the collar lets you release your Siberian Husky as quickly as possible.

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5. Blueberry Pet 3M Spring Pastel Polyester Reflective Dog Collar

Blueberry Pet 3m Spring Pastel Polyester Reflective Dog Collar

This Blueberry Pet 3M Spring Pastel Polyester Reflective Dog Collar is an excellent choice for your Siberian Husky’s 22-inch neck size. You will fall in love with its various unique colors, such as misty blue, pastel green, pastel orange, and baby pink. This fashionable dog collar comprises a plastic buckle matching the color of the collar.

  • For cleaning purposes, you can put it on the washing machine.
  • Some parts of the collar are made of polyester webbing.
  • It gives you a space to attach charm, leash, ID, and tags.

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Dog Collars For Siberian Huskies Buyer’s Guide

It was the story of the last century when Siberian Huskies captured the headlines for coming with flying colors in several dog races. Speed and agility of this remarkable Husky make them the favorite of the mass. Their well-furred tail and almond-shaped eyes drive dog lovers to spend money on buying this breed. Though they do not need any extra items to enhance their beauty, still as a dog parent, you would love to buy some fashion accessories for your Siberian Husky every once in a while. Dog collars also go a long way in hanging ID from it. Anyway, here are some guidelines you can follow to direct yourself towards buying the most suitable dog collar.


Before placing an order of dog collar, make sure you have measured your Husky properly. In most cases, their neck size is around 22 inches, but depending on the weight of your Husky, it can vary a little. That is why it would be wise to go for a bigger sized collar with adjustable components. 

This way, your Husky will remain comfortable while walking and running.


Buckle collars are a favorite of most dog owners because of its fast release formula. If you are seeking a nice collar for fashion purposes only, you can go for decorative collars to put on female Huskies. They will fall in love with their intricate ornament. Other than these two, there are martingale collars, prong collars, head collars, e-collars, etc. Although some dog parents think it is okay to shock their pets with electric collars, well, it would be recommended not to violate any kind of pet safety standard.


Most of the collars are made of high-quality fabric and rubber materials. Of them, leather dog collars look most elegant and go perfectly well with classic Siberian Huskies.


Dog collars are used for numerous purposes. That is why, before placing the order, it is necessary to make up your mind on why you are buying such an instrument. 

For bark control, house training, checking undesired behavior, dog collars are used. Besides, some people also use stylish dog collars to hang an Identity card from it. With the help of this ID, if anyone sees your dear Siberian Husky wandering on the road after being lost, he or she will certainly return it to you.

So, go through these aforementioned suggestions and buy the best-suited collar for your Husky. No matter what collar you buy, always keep a two-finger gap inside the collar so that it feels comfortable while moving its body.

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