10 Best Dog Cone Alternatives (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Does your dog have a chewing problem that leaves them ripping up their skin, or maybe they just had surgery done and they want to chew on those irritating stitches? It doesn’t matter what the reason is, if your dog is causing itself pain from it then you as the pet owner want to help your furry friend. The most common solution is the Cone of Shame, or the dog cone, but many owners prefer not to use this due to dogs greatly disliking them.

Well you can rest your mind with the assurance that there are many different alternatives to the Cone of Shame that your pooch may not love, but they will tolerate more. There are many plush versions of the cone that are made with soft materials or a more durable silicone which is still more loved than the classic cone. Below are the top ten products we recommend for you to choose for your pooch’s anti chewing needs.

Best Dog Cone Alternatives

Here are our reviews of dog cone alternatives.

1. KONG Cloud E-Collar for Cats and Dogs

Kong Cloud E Collar For Cats And Dogs

The KONG Cloud E-Collar is made to keep your pet from chewing or licking on themselves while recovering from surgery while still offering them as much comfort as possible. The collar comes in a variety of sizes from extra small to extra large for any breed of dog’s use. The fabric is soft and machine washable for your cleaning convenience.

  • Collar keeps pet from harming themselves while still allowing them to eat and drink
  • Variety of sizes to best fit any breed of dog or cat
  • Machine washable fabric makes cleaning easy and quick

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2. BENCMATE Protective Inflatable Collar for Dogs and Cats

Bencmate Protective Inflatable Collar For Dogs And Cats
The BENCMATE Inflatable Collar is an alternative dog cone that is made to give your pooch the best comfort while still keeping them from hurting themselves. The inflatable design and soft fabric covering the collar offer maximum comfort for your pooch while not blocking their field of vision. The straps in the collar allow you to adjust it to best fit your pooch’s neck, lowering chafing and choking risks.

  • Inflatable collar is designed for your pet’s health and their comfort
  • Inflatable and soft fabric make for the best possible comfort
  • Adjustable straps inside allow you to fit to your dog
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3. Inflatable Dog Collar, Recovery Cone

Inflatable Dog Collar, Recovery Cone, After Pet Surgery, Prevent Dogs From Biting

The Pet Link dog collar is another alternative dog cone that is made for any breed of dog, coming in sizes extra small to extra large. The material of the collar is soft and plush to avoid potential chafing or rubbing on your dog’s neck. On top of being comfortable for your pooch, the fabric is thick and durable for long usage without breaking down.

  • Dog collar is made for any breed of dog, all sizes available
  • Material is soft and plush against your dog’s neck
  • Fabric is sturdy as well as comfortable, for long standing use
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4. Surgi~Snuggly Dog Cone – E Collar Alternative for Dogs

Surgi~snuggly Dog Cone E Collar Alternative For Dogs 

The Surgi~Snuggly dog cone alternative is made to wrap around your pooch like a suit, the fabric covers the surgery or wounded area to stop your pup from harming themselves. The onesie comes in six colors and many different sizes and designs to best fit to your pooch. The fabric is soft to the touch and has been tested to make sure it has no harmful chemicals that could potentially harm your pup.

  • Dog cone alternative has the form of a onesie to stop chewing or licking
  • Comes in six colors and any size for any shape or breed of dog, even extra long or short
  • Fabric is soft to the touch with no harmful chemicals in it

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5. Suitical Recovery Suit for Dogs – Black

Suitical Recovery Suit For Dogs Black

The Suitical Recovery Suit for dogs is another alternative to uncomfortable dog cones, with a stretchy and comfortable fabric this onesie offers comfort and functionality. The fabric is light weight and breathable for your dog’s comfort with all day use. Easy to use design with snaps near the tail to allow dog walking without removal of suit.

  • Dog suit is stretchy and comfortable for your dog, fits like a second skin
  • Light weight fabric and breathable for hours long usage
  • Naps near tail make walking easy without having to remove suit

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6. E-Collar Alternative Cats Dogs: After Surgey Wear

E Collar Alternative Cats Dogs After Surgey Wear. Recommended Vets
The VetMedWear E-Collar Alternative comes in any size or shape of dog that you need with a variety of colors to choose from. The breathable fabric allows for easy movement while stopping excessive licking, chewing or other harmful activities. The cotton used in the suit is hypoallergenic for dogs with sensitive skin or many allergies.

  • Comes in any size of dog with variety of colors
  • Fabric is breathable and allows easy movement while stopping harmful behaviors
  • Cotton is hypoallergenic for dogs with sensitive skin
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7. Dog Recovery Suit Abdominal Wound Protector

Dog Recovery Suit Abdominal Wound Protector Puppy Medical Surgical Clothes

The Dotoner Recovery Suit is an alternative to uncomfortable dog cones that your dog may not love but they will like it more than the uncomfortable lamp shade. The fabric is ninety percent cotton and five percent spandex for equal parts comfort and stretchy capability. The row of buttons make it easy to take off and put on your pup.

  • Suit is more comfortable than the Cone of Shame
  • Fabric is both comfortable and stretchy to best fit your pooch
  • Easy on and off access with row of snaps
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8. GoodBoy Comfortable Recovery E-Collar for Dogs and Cats

Goodboy Comfortable Recovery E Collar For Dogs And Cats
The Goodboy Recovery Collar is made for your dog’s comfort while stopping them from harming themselves after a surgery or injury. The fabric is plush to the touch but sturdy enough to survive your dog’s daily life, the inflatable design reduces risk of choking. The collar is adjustable and easy to fit to your pup’s current collar to better secure it.

  • Made for functionality and comfort during healing times
  • Fabric is plush and comfy to the touch and sturdy for durability
  • Collar is adjustable and fits snuggly against original collar
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9. MIDOG Pet Inflatable Collar for After Surgery

Midog Pet Inflatable Collar For After Surgery,soft Protective Recovery Collar
The MIDOG Inflatable Collar is an alternative dog cone that stops your pup from chewing without restricting their ability to eat or drink. The collar has five varying sizes for you to choose from, great for any size or breed of dog. The collar is adjustable and easy to clip onto your dog’s neck, making for a great fit all around.

  • Collar stops chewing without restricting eating or drinking ability
  • Five various sizes to best fit any breed of dog you have
  • Collar is adjustable and easy to put on, makes for best fit
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10. Anti-Licking Pet Surgical Recovery Snuggly Suit

Cone E Collar Alternative, Anti Licking Pet Surgical Suit

The IDOMIK Recovery Suit for pets is made to take the place of the uncomfortable Cone of Shame, with the onesie design it fits snugly without hindering movement. The material is soft to the touch, stretchy to best fit your dog and breathable for long hours of usage. The suit allows your pup to eat, drink and play without the hinderance of the cone knocking into everything.

  • Onesie design is comfortable and fits snugly around pup’s body
  • Material is soft, stretchy and breathable for dog’s all around comfort
  • Suit allows eating, drinking and playing without knocking into things
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Buying Guide: Dog Cone Alternative Buyer’s Guide

Best Dog Cone Alternatives Review

As you read above, there are many different types of alternative dog cones, with most of them falling into one of two categories. The collar shaped or the body suit, both of which work just as well if not better than the Cone of Shame. Before purchasing a body suit or collar be sure to measure your dog correctly for the best fit possible. Now that you have an idea of what types of alternative dog cones there are, I will go over some terminology.


Onesies are useful for the quick and easy process putting them on your dog. They are also nice because they act as a second protective skin without being in the way like cones or collars. If your dog is use to wearing sweaters or clothes then they would definitely enjoy this over any other type of alternative dog cone.

Elastic Fabric

It is a good idea for the fabric to have an elastic quality, whether you buy a suit or collar. Elastic fabric makes the product easier to put on and generally speaking it is more comfortable for your dog to wear for long periods of time. It also allows some growing room if your dog is still a puppy.

Inflatable Collar

The inflatable quality of the collar is a great thing for comfort as it lowers risk of chafing or choking but it also has the problem that if your dog gets it off they can pop it. When buying an inflatable collar it is a good idea to be sure it is adjustable so they can’t pull it off easily.

Ties Versus Snaps on Suits

When buying a recovery suit a lot of them have pull over design, which can be nice but if your dog squirms it can be difficult. An easier alternative is snaps or ties, although ties aren’t seen as often. Snaps allow you to slide the suit over your dog with little hassle. Ties do the same but if you don’t have the hand strength or dexterity to tie a good knot then it can come undone easily. Snaps are generally easier and more workable.

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