5 Best Dog Crates for Akitas (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Carriers and crates are a necessity for any pet. Whether you’re going to the vet, a family vacation, or you’re training a new friend, picking the right dog crate for your Akita is key to their comfort and safety.

Here are the top five crates that we recommend.

Best Dog Crates for Akitas

Here are our Akita dog crate reviews.

1. AmazonBasics Single-Door & Double-Door Folding Metal Dog or Pet Crate Kennel

Amazonbasics Single Door

With double and single door options, this AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate provides easy access to your Akita. The design also allows it to fold flat, making travel simple and easy.

  • Added security from sliding latches.
  • Plastic pan ensures quick and easy cleaning.
  • Free returns and customizable features ensure customer satisfaction.
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2. MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate

Xl Dog Crate Midwest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate Divider Panel, Floor Protecting Feet, L

This MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate comes with removable dividers, customizable size options, and attachable handles. Easy assembly and cleaning make this the perfect crate for the Akita on the go.

  • Comes with patented corner protection, making your crate safer and more comfortable.
  • Included dividers allow the crate to grow in size with your Akita.
  • The design includes rollers to aid in traveling.
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3. Nova Microdermabrasion Folding Soft Dog Crate

Nova Microdermabrasion Folding Soft Dog Crate

The Nova Microdermabrasion Folding Soft Dog Crate is a different, more comfortable option for your Akita. Made for both inside and outside use, this crate also comes with comfortable carrying straps and is very light.

  • Mesh side windows provide proper ventilation for your Akita.
  • Comes with a washable bed for added comfort and warmth.
  • Made of waterproof and washable materials.
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4. ITORI Heavy Duty Metal Dog Cage Kennel Crate and Playpen

Itori Heavy Duty Metal Dog Cage

This Heavy Duty ITORI Dog Crate is perfect for our sneakier Akitas. This kennel is welded with reinforced steel, making it extremely secure and reliable. The steel is cured to withstand outdoor and indoor use, as well as defend against scuffs and damage.

  • Ten-minute installation for a quick and painless process.
  • Anti-escape lock design.
  • Side door gives entrance for your Akita, while the top door gives the owner access as well.
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5. uniPaws Pet Crate with End Table

Unipaws Large Pet Crate End Table With Cushion

This uniPaws Pet Crate is designed to keep your Akitas comfort in mind while also paying attention to style. The attractive wooden design adds to the multi-function of an end table.

  • Material is a recycled plastic wood guaranteed not to crack or split.
  • Color options make it an adaptable piece to your home.
  • Bars are chew-proof to ensure safety and style.
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Akita Dog Crate Buyer’s Guide

When buying a crate for your Akita, it is most important to keep their size in mind while you shop. You should think about your lifestyle and what you might deem necessary qualities in your product, as every Akita is different.

Measuring your Akita for their Crate

Guessing at size can be a mistake, especially if your Akita is too big for the crate you purchase. Taking measurements at home is very easy. To get their height, measure from the bottom of their front paw to the highest point on their head. To get your Akita’s length, measure from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail. You should also take their weight as a measurement.

Selecting the Right Size for your Akita

You don’t want to select a crate with the exact measurements of your Akita, because it will be far too cramped. If you have your Akita with you while you shop, be sure that there is enough room for them to stand up, lay down, and turn around. For small Akitas, if you aren’t using the crate for frequent travel and it’s just for in-house crating, you can buy a larger one and watch them grow into it.

Selecting Metal Crates

Many crates are metal, which makes for easy transport and setup. They are also easy to clean and sturdy enough for most Akitas. Regular metal crates tend to also be more affordable than heavier materials, making it a pretty universal option. For Akitas that are escape artists or have too much energy for their other crate to contain them, a heavier duty metal option might be best for you. These options are going to be less suited to travel, but they do ensure the safety of your Akita. Some of the heavy-duty options are welded shut and have anti-escape protection on them, for that added peace of mind and safety for your Akita.

Exploring Other Materials

Some alternatives to metal are soft crates and wooden crates. Soft crates are much lighter and more suitable for dogs that travel. Many soft crates are easily washable as well, but a metal crate would be easier to clean if your Akita is training. Some Akitas also may be comfortable in a wooden crate. These are often designed to blend well into the home, and not so much for transportation to the vet or to be taken camping with the family. It’s important to consider your lifestyle as well when choosing a crate for your Akita.

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