4 Best Dog Crates for Australian Shepherds (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Like most working dogs, Australian Shepherds are energetic and intelligent dogs. They are known for their beautiful long coats, love of running outdoors, and their loyalty. They can be very high energy and take training well, so having a crate for your Australian Shepherd may be very useful. The right crate for an Australian Shepherd is medium sized and durable enough to handle the weight of these athletic dogs.

Best Dog Crates for Australian Shepherds

Here are our Australian Shepherd dog crate reviews.

1. AmazonBasics Folding Soft Dog Crate

Amazonbasics Folding Soft Dog Pet Crate Kennel (1)

AmazonBasics dog crate is perfect for hanging out at home or taking your pet on the road. The durable, comfortable design is strong yet lightweight enough to carry. The heavy-duty polyester fabric gives dogs a comfortable area for dogs to snuggle up.

  • This soft-sided 26-inch dog crate for small dogs up to 30 pounds, but AmazonBasics offers the same crate in sizes up to 42-inches.
  • The PVC frame and polyester fabric allow the user to set it up in seconds.
  • Fastening straps keep unzipped rolled-up doors positioned out of the way.
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2. SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Smonter Heavy Duty Dog Crate Strong Metal Pet Kennel Playpen With Two Prevent Escape Lock

The Smonter dog crate is indestructible. This kennel is constructed of a sturdy metal frame designed to prevent even the most aggressive canines from escaping. And, forget difficult installation, Smonter heavy duty crate comes partially assembled with minimal additional set up.

  • The special Y-pattern design of the heavy-duty dog crate makes a beautiful and bite-proof shape to effectively prevent the dog’s mouth from sticking out.
  • Double lock with the safety buckles to prevent the dogs from escaping.
  • The removable plastic tray allows you to wipe and clean easily.
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3. ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

Proselect Empire Dog Cage

The ProSelect Empire dog cage stands up to even the toughest chewer and most anxious dog. The steel cage includes strong welds at stress points and strong dual latches on the door. The nontoxic hammerstone finish is nontoxic and chew resistant!

  • Removable casters allow you to move the dog cage anywhere and remove for stability and security.
  • The kennel is constructed of reinforced 0.5-inch diameter steel tubes and 20-gauge steel
  • ProSelect’s cages provide easy clean up with the grated floor and removable tray.

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4. Silverylake 37” Indestructible Heavy-Duty XL Dog Crate Kennel

Silverylake Indestructible Heavy Duty Xl Dog Crate

The Silverylake is the indestructible kennel which soothes and protects anxious pets.  Steel square bar construction is resistant to deformation, durable and have resistance to cracking or breaking. The four casters provide easy transport with locks for security.

  • Silverylake features two removable bottom trays with a washable metal pan and a floor grate.
  • The Silverylake features a rust and corrosion-resistant frame with long lasting durability.
  • The Silverylake is easy to assemble and set up takes minutes.
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Australian Shepherd Dog Crate Buyer’s Guide

The right crate for an Australian Shepherd will be a comfortable and safe home for the animal. Here are some features to look for in a crate for these dogs:

Built tough. Australian Shepherds can weigh a surprising amount for their size due to their athleticism. When looking for a crate, make sure it can accommodate an excited dog without being damaged, and make sure it can handle the weight of the dog if you are carrying the crate.

A dog-proof lock. Like other shepherd dogs, Australian Shepherds are known to be intelligent and many have been known to figure a way to let themselves out of a crate (or a fenced yard)! The lock on a crate for an Australian Shepherd should have locking bolts or rings for a patent lock.

Breathable. Australian Shepherds are long-haired dogs and can overheat easily. The right crate for this kind of dog will be breathable with mesh or holes on both sides and front to back. Make sure that whatever crate you get for your Australian Shepherd will help it to stay cool.

Won’t rust or rot. Australian Shepherds love the outdoors and are very active. They may come back to their crates wet, especially because their long hair dries slowly. For these reasons, a good crate for these dogs will be coated metal to resist corrosion, or non-metal materials. Popular options include PVC or durable plastic.

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