5 Best Dog Crates for Bernese Mountain Dogs (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Dog crates are not a new innovation. It has cured the headache of housebreaking by dogs. It is collapsible, and you can travel with your Bernese Mountain Dogs with it. Check out the list of these top 5 crates.

Best Dog Crates for Bernese Mountain Dogs

Here are our Bernese Mountain Dog crate reviews.

1. Carlson Pet Expandable

Carlson Pet Products Mini Expandable Extra Wide Pet Gate With Small Pet Door (916006), White, 27 31 Inches

It is an interior gate for pets, and this Carlson pet product is 18 inches tall. The iron has a space of about 7-10 inches from one another, which can be helpful for the passage of some Bernese Mountain Dogs. The Carlson pet product has a gate size of 27 to 31 inches in width.

  • The all-steel design gate is durable.
  • Quick to set up.
  • The Carlson gate is lead-free.
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2. Tan Portable Pup Pet Bed

Carlson Pet Products Tan Portable Pup Pet Bed

The Tan Portable Pup Pet Bed is made of steel material. Adventurous Bernese Mountain dogs owners can easily fold this crate for outdoor use. This portable bed is great for those who are on the go and love to take their Bernese Mountain dog along on the adventure.

  • Portable and lightweight crate.
  • Bernese Mountain dogs can sleep comfortably on it.
  • It has a cot style and canvas design.
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3. MidWest Homes for Dog Crate

Midwest Homes For Pets Dog Crate

Midwest homes have secured crates you can keep Bernese Mountain dogs, it has a single door and a removable and washable tray. This crate also has roller feet that prevent the floor from peeling/scraping.

  • It has a one year warranty.
  • Midwest homes can contain dogs that weigh 7 – 12 pounds.
  • This crate has a handle.
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4. Plus Wood & Wire Dog Crate

Simply Plus Wood & Wire Dog Crate With Slide Tray And Detachable Top Cover Indoor Pet Crate Side Table

Just as its name implies, plus wood and wire dog crates are made from wood, which gives Bernese Mountain dog shelter and wire for security. It also has a UV light that detects dirt.

  • It has a double locker and doors.
  • It can be set-up in less than 5 minutes.
  • The crate is detachable and rotatable.
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5. Pet Grooming Table Dog Crate

Petgroomingtable Heavy Duty Dog Crate Cage Strong Metal Kennel For Large Dogs, Easy To Assemble With Four Wheels (1)

This multilayer pet grooming table crate can contain big Bernese Mountain dogs. It has four padded caster wheels that can be locked. This artistic piece is a great feature in any home.

  • It is built to resist corrosion.
  • Pet grooming has two trays.
  • It is metallic and has a cube shape.
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Bernese Mountain Dog Crate Buying Guide

Dog crates have simplified the act of traveling with Bernese Mountain Dogs, one of the things pet owners worry about in the past, is where their pet will stay when they are away from home. Purchase the type that is suitable for you. Some can be folded, some are lightweight, and others are all covered with a handle.


They come in different sizes, the size of your Bernese Mountain dog will determine the dog crate size you will need. There are crates around 4 pounds, 6, 10, and 20 pounds in width. However, the number of the tray in each crate also varies, one tray per create is common, but there are big Bernese Mountain dog crates that have between two to three trays.

Material and color

Moreover, Bernese mountain dogs are comfortable living in steel, wooden, or metallic crates, but your environment should be the major criteria of the type you choose to purchase. Colors also matter. Since most of these crates are kept in the living room, then you don’t want to place something that will disfigure the room, ensure you purchase the kind of color that will suit where you’re placing it. Please note, while checking the color, ensure it is rust-resistant for metals/steels and termite resistant for furniture.

Crates Major Parts

Another angle to this is, do you want a dog crate that is cot style where Bernese Mountain dogs don’t need to be caged, or you prefer the one that has a wire/iron obstructing them from leaving the cage without until the door is opened. Besides, dog crates that can easily be installed are crucial, if you’re a newbie. There are modern Bernese Mountain dog crates that come with wheels to prevent scraping of the floor due to daily cleaning or movement of the dog inside. The wheels can also be locked and turned 360 degrees.


An important reason why people use this dog crate is to keep Bernese Mountain away from other pets in the house. Imagine having a cat and dog in the same apartment. Depending on the species, some will start fighting. It is vital to have a dog crate to keep one of the pets while the other has free access to move around. The big Bernese Mountain dog usually has crates with special slide-bolts at the door to lock the crate. Most dog crates also come with a UV light that detects urine or any kind of dirt.

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