5 Best Dog Crate for Bulldogs (Reviews Updated 2021)

Do you own a Bulldog and need to find a dog crate for them? Whether you need one that is for travel, potty training or any other reason there are options available to you on the market. Before you buy a crate for your Bulldog you should always measure them, this lowers the risk of you buying a crate and then coming to realize the size won’t work for you.

Below are the top five recommended dog crates for Bulldogs, with a short item description with each one to explain why you would want to buy that product. At the end of the article is a buying guide filled with extra information about the various features and dog crates on the market that your Bulldog would enjoy.

Best Dog Crate for Bulldogs

Here are our Bulldog dog crate reviews.

1. AmazonBasics Metal Dog Crate

Amazonbasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate Cage

The AmazonBasics Metal Dog Crate comes in single or double door design for those Bulldogs who don’t like entering through small spaces. The divider panel and removable waste tray are included for your convenience. The two side bolts on the door provide an escape proof lock for your furry Houdini.

  • Your choice of single or double door design on crate
  • Divider panel and removable waste tray make training puppies easier
  • Side bolts are great for your Bulldog escape artist
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2. MidWest Homes For Pets Metal Dog Crate

Midwest Homes For Pets Life Stages Dog Crate

The MidWest Homes For Pets Metal Dog Crate is made to fold down, making travel or storage easier on you and your Bulldog. The crate is made with heavy duty metal to ensure a safe and sturdy dog crate for on the go travel. The design is easy to assemble and includes all the hardware you need.

  • Folding design allows you to easily travel with your pet
  • Heavy duty dog crate is sturdy enough to last for years
  • Easy to assemble in minutes with all hardware included
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3. EliteField Soft Dog Crate

Elitefield 3 Door Folding Soft Dog Crate, Indoor & Outdoor Pet Home, Multiple Sizes And Colors Avai

The EliteField Soft Dog Crate is made with the best material to ensure a comfortable but sturdy dog crate for your Bulldog. The folding design allows for easy storage when it isn’t in use and travel is now made easier for you. With five sizes and fourteen styles, you have a wide variety of choices on your Bulldog’s crate.

  • High quality materials ensure a durable but comfy dog crate
  • Folding dog crate allows for easy travel and storage
  • Wide variety of styles for you to choose from for your personal preference
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4. AmazonBasics Soft Dog Crate

Amazonbasics Premium Folding Portable Soft Pet Dog Crate Carrier Kenne

The AmazonBasics Soft Dog Crate is made with a folding design to allow you to easily travel with your Bulldog and store the crate when it isn’t in use. The mesh windows on all sides gives your dog the best ventilation possible for hot summer days. The top handle and shoulder strap makes travel easy with your Bulldog.

  • Folding design is great for travel and storage when crate is not in use
  • Mesh windows gives your Bulldog a breeze, a must have for hot days
  • Two ways to carry your dog’s case for an easy time while on the go
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5. Petsfit Soft Dog Crate

Petsfit Portable Soft Collapsible Dog Crate For Indoor And Outdoor Use

The Petsfit Soft Dog Crate is made from sturdy material to make the crate good for either indoor or outdoor use, great for camping. The top can be opened for easy entrance for your Bulldog and a regular front entrance if they prefer it. The mesh windows offer a nice and breathable dog crate for your Bulldog to enjoy.

  • Indoor or outdoor dog crate for your needs
  • Top opening and front entrance for dogs who are fussy
  • Mesh windows allow breezes to pass through the crate and cool off your Bulldog
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Bulldog Dog Crate Buying Guide

As you can see from the above products there are many on the market that would work for your Bulldog and they each have their own benefits. When buying a dog crate for your Bulldog you should keep in mind that they should be able to sit, stand and turn around comfortably in the crate. Anything smaller could become cramped if you choose to put blankets or toys in with your furry friend. Now we shall go over the various features available to you and your Bulldog.

Attachable Wheels

If you’ve ever owned a dog crate that you needed to shift to reach behind or underneath it, but it didn’t have wheels then you know how difficult it can be. Wheels on the bottom of your Bulldog’s dog crate makes cleaning easier. Even if your pup is in the crate you will be able to easily glide the crate out of your way and the wheels don’t scratch up your wood floors!

Removable Waste Tray

Having a removable waste tray on your Bulldog’s crate isn’t a vital feature but it is definitely a nice one to have. Trying to squeeze yourself into the dog crate to clean the various spots is never easy, but this makes it where cleaning time is a breeze for you. Just remove the tray, hose it down, put it back and then you’re done!


If you live in an apartment or other small space, having a folding dog crate can be a massive space saver. Whenever you don’t need the crate it makes for easy storage or if you want to go on a road trip with your Bulldog then you can slip the crate into your car and head out. The folding design has no limit to how useful it is in many different situations.

Easy Assembly

Anyone who has bought furniture and then had to assemble it knows how stressful it can be to put such things together. Even if the box says it is supposedly easy to put together most of them are not, with very confusing instructions or diagrams. With easy assembly that is actually easy you can put it together in minutes and your Bulldog will enjoy the crate sooner.

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