5 Best Dog Crates for Chinese Crested Dogs (Reviews Updated 2021)

The Chinese crested is a wonderful family dog. Though they are very athletic, the Chinese crested dog has little desire to move around like other dogs. While indoor, Chinese crested may be annoying with their almost stalking personality. They are very good with kids, though you still have to be careful when leaving your kids with them as they have the potential to play-bite. This is why a dog crate is essential to confine your dog inside and prevent the dog from barking at strangers for safety purposes.

Best Dog Crate for Chinese Crested Dogs

Here is our dog crate for Chinese crested dog review.

1. Midwest Ultima Pro Dog Crate

Ultima Pro (professional Series & Most Durable Midwest Dog Crate) Extra Strong Double Door Folding M (1)

If you are a heavy traveler and you like to move around with your dog, then the Midwest ultima pro dog crate is the best for you. The Pro dog crate keeps your dog safe, thanks to the stable, durable, tight mesh spacing and the wire gauge material. It is adjustable, so you don’t have to buy a new crate whenever your pet increases in size. The plastic handle makes it very portable.

  • Feature a divider panel which makes it adjustable
  • Includes a durable carry handle, leak-proof plastic pan, and rubber feet for floor protection
  • The dog crate folds flat for easing carrying and storage when travelling
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2. Petmate sky kennel pet Carrier

Petmate 00700 Sky Kennel For Pets From 90 To 120 Pound, Light Gray

The Petmate Sky-Dog Crate is ideal for small to medium-sized dogs.  The raised interior, wire vents, and tide-down holes make it travel safe and comfortable. It offers Top security with the 4-way vault door. It also features a durable plastic shell, interlocking wire door, non-corrodible wing-nuts providing lasting protection.

  • Features clip-on food, water bowls, and pet ID sticker
  • Four-way vaults doors for extra security
  • Ventilation openings for fresh air and visibility from all phases
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3. 2PET Foldable Dog Crate

2pet Foldable Dog Crate Soft, Easy To Fold & Carry Dog Crate For Indoor & Outdoor Use

2PET Foldable Dog Crate is suitable if you need to travel and you don’t want to carry a bulky crate. The foldable dog crate ensures hassle-free travel, better training, and comfort for your crested dog breed. The 2PET Foldable Dog Crate features a sturdy steel tube frame for stability. It has a machine-washable oxford grade fabric. The dog crate is available in four (4) different sizes and colors.

  • Include a water bottle and the food container holder
  • new zipper protection which is all over the front door zipper to prevent your pet from accessing the front zipper
  • Features mesh panel window for natural ventilation
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4. AmazonBasics Folding metal dog crate

Amazonbasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Or Pet Crate Kennel With Tray

The folding metal dog is a useful training tool suitable for both adult dogs and puppies. It features a removable composite plastic pan, an optional divider panel for living space reduction or expansion.

  • Easy to set up and fold flat for storage
  • Single door design
  • Two slide-bolt door latches
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5. Sportpet Design Travel Dog crate

Sportpet Designs Plastic Kennels Rolling Plastic Wire Door Travel Dog Crate

This crate is ideal for space, sturdy and airline friendly. An amazing fact is that it is suitable for Air travel which is the primary reason it made a list. It meets the IATA Airline requirements; 2 dishes, metal bolts, four live animal stickers, and nuts included. It is available in different sizes.

  • IATA airline approved
  • Features a waterproof pet bed, locking straps and plastic ventilation holes.
  • Sturdy and durable plastic construction
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Dog Crate for Chinese Crested Dogs Buyer’s Guide

Buying a dog crate for your Chinese crested dog should be based on the following characteristics.


Chinese crested dog is friendly and would stalk you often. Materials for crate are mostly dependent on their functions and attributes. Plastic dog crates are mainly created with durable poly-bend. I also feature a chrome-plated steel bar door. Wire dog crate is known for its maximum ventilation, security and very portable. Travel dog crates provide durability and strength. They feature excellent visibility, ventilation and are suitable for air travel, driving, and training.


When buying a crate, look for an adjustable crate. Most crates have a divider panel for flexibility. If you are getting a crate without a divider plane, make sure you follow the product instruction on measuring your dog size.

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