5 Best Dog Crates for English Foxhounds (Reviews Updated 2024)

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English Foxhounds are sweet, gentle dogs that will tolerate a lot.  But they can be stubborn, so take some time to choose the best crate for him, so he loves his little doggie cave and wants to spend time there.  A crate is great for house training, keeping him from getting into trouble while you are out and for providing him a place to just hang out when he wants some down time.  Crates are available in a wide variety of styles, so choose one that will be best for your home and your special pup.

Best Dog Crate for English Foxhounds

Here are our dog crate for English Foxhounds reviews.

1. AmazonBasics Premium Soft Dog Crate

Amazonbasics Premium Folding Portable Soft Pet Dog Crate

This AmazonBasics Premium Dog Crate is a soft-sided, folding crate that can double as a carrier for when you are on the go.  This crate is economical and comfortable for your English Foxhound, with multiple screened panels for ventilation.

  • Includes plush fleece-covered pet bed
  • Durable polyester and PVC material
  • Available in several different colors
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2. Merry Products Cage & Crate

Merry Products Large Dog Cage Crate

The Merry Products Cage & Crate is a versatile crate that can be configured into a pet gate by removing the top.  This wood and metal crate doubles as a stylish piece of accent furniture in your home.

  • Lockable gate door for security
  • Removable plastic tray
  • Panels can be moved to accommodate different spaces
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3. Petmate Vari Kennel

Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

The Petmate Vari Kennel is a great choice if you plan to do any travelling with your English Foxhound, but it can also be used at home.  This durable plastic crate has plenty of ventilation and a secure locking door.

  • Made with heavy duty recycled plastic
  • Metal screws and plastic fasteners for quick set up
  • 360-degree visibility and air flow
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4. MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

Midwest Homes For Pets Dog Crate Icrate Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crates Full

The MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate is a very popular basic folding metal dog crate, available with either a single or double door.  This economical choice is a perfect first crate for your English Foxhound with its adjustable divider panel.

  • Roller feet to protect floors
  • Plastic tray for easy cleaning
  • Available in pink, blue or black
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5. Pet Gear “The Other Door” Dog Crate

Pet Gear “the Other Door” 4 Door 27 Inch Steel Crate

The PetGear “The Other Door” Dog Crate is a unique four-door crate with a steel frame and molded plastic rounded corners.  The side door works like a garage door creating a large, open space for your English Foxhound to relax.

  • Soft comfort pad included
  • Built-in handle and wheels for mobility
  • Includes storage bag for transport
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Dog Crate for English Foxhounds Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a crate for your English Foxhound is important as it needs to become a home within your home, where he can go to rest, hang out and sleep.  Your pup will end up spending a lot of time in his little haven, so take the time to get him used to it and make it cozy.  You can easily find a good quality crate at a moderate price, so consider even getting one or two for your different needs.  Choose a crate that is large enough for him to move around, but not too large that he has room to eliminate on one side and sleep on the other.  As always, try to limit how long your pup is kept in his crate.

Our buying guide reviews the best dog crates for English Foxhounds on the market so you can choose the right one for your pup.  The following features are considerations you should make and will help you to choose which features you need on a crate for your English Foxhound.

Size and Fit

Your English Foxhound will weigh between 50 to 75 pounds and grow up to 24 inches tall, on average.  The crate you choose should be approximately 28 inches in height and 36 inches in length, but always measure your dog and add several inches in each direction to make sure he is comfortable.  Be sure to consider the thickness of your dog’s bed, if you are putting one in his crate.  If you have an English Foxhound puppy, you may want to get a crate with an adjustable divider, so you can increase the crate’s size as he grows.

Materials & Style

While your gentle and friendly English Foxhound will not likely get aggressive, he could try and chew at his crate if he gets bored, so consider the material of the crate when picking one out.  A standard metal crate with bars is a good choice and provides good visibility and ventilation.  A heavy-duty nylon crate with a steel or PVC frame is another good option, especially for pups that like a cozier feel.  Make sure these crates have plenty of mesh windows for ventilation.  A molded plastic crate is another option that can work well, especially if you plan to travel with your English Foxhound.  Finally, some choose to have their dogs in a wooden crate, as it can blend in nicely with your home’s décor.

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