5 Best Dog Crates for Finnish Lapphunds (Reviews Updated 2022)

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If you’ve been considering a crate for your Finnish Lapphund, choosing the right one might require some research.  This super social pup does not like to be left alone, so it’s important to consider what he will feel safe and comfortable in.  Crates can be a great way to get your Finnish Lapphund house trained, or to keep him out of trouble when you are not home.  A good quality crate is essential to withstand his strength and potential chewing habits, so take the time to find the right one for you and your beloved Lappie.

Best Dog Crate for Finnish Lapphunds

Here are our dog crate for Finnish Lapphund reviews.

1. MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

Midwest Homes For Pets Dog Crate Icrate Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crates Full

The MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate is a very popular basic folding metal dog crate, available with either a single or double door.  This economical choice is a perfect first crate for your Finnish Lapphund, as the size can be adjusted with the divider panel as your pup grows.

  • Roller feet to protect floors
  • Plastic tray for easy cleaning
  • Available in pink, blue or black
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2. Arf Pets Soft Crate Kennel

Arf Pets Dog Soft Crate Kennel For Pet Indoor Home & Outdoor Use Soft Sided 3 Door Folding Travel

The Arf Pets Soft Crate Kennel is perfect for keeping your Lappie cozy at home or on the road.  This soft-sided folding crate has three roll-up windows and an all-steel frame construction.  This crate is perfect for Lappies who are already crate-trained.

  • Ventilated mesh cover for visibility and air flow
  • Top, front or side entry options
  • Water resistant base and machine-washable cover
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3. SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Smithbuilt Heavy Duty Dog Crate Cage Two Door Indoor Outdoor Pet & Animal Kennel With Tray Vario

The SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Crate is a super durable option if your Finnish Lapphund is an excessive chewer or flight risk.  This commercial grade steel crate features a ¾” frame with 20-gauge welded steel tubes.

  • Coating is rust and corrosion resistant
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Removable pan included
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4. Pet Gear “The Other Door” Dog Crate

Pet Gear “the Other Door” 4 Door 27 Inch Steel Crate

The PetGear “The Other Door” Dog Crate is a unique four-door crate with a steel frame and molded plastic rounded corners safety and durability.  The side door works like a garage door creating a large, open space for your Finnish Lapphund to relax.

  • Soft comfort pad included
  • Built-in handle and wheels for mobility
  • Includes storage bag for transport
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5. Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

The Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate gives your Finnish Lapphund a stylish place to call home.  This wooden side-table crate is a great alternative to the standard metal or plastic crates, as it blends into your home’s décor, while giving your pup a safe and comfortable place to sleep and hang out.

  • Lockable gate door for security
  • Open side slats and door for ventilation
  • Available in five neutral colors
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Dog Crate for Finnish Lapphund Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a crate for your Finnish Lapphund can be tricky because the style you choose depends ultimately on your specific pup and his personality.  While most Lappies are calm and submissive, they do not like to be left alone in a crate.  If they are not trained at a young age, they may resist crate-training and try to escape or chew their crate.  Once they get used to it, your Finnish Lapphund will love his cozy home within your home, so take the time to acclimate him to his new home, and don’t forget the treats and toys!

Our buying guide reviews the best dog crates for Finnish Lapphunds on the market so you can choose the right one for your pup.  The following features are considerations you should make and will help you to choose which features you need on a crate for your Finnish Lapphund.

Size and Fit

Finnish Lapphunds are fairly standard in size, so a crate that measures 36 inches in length and 24 inches in height should be good for most dogs in this breed.  Depending on the brand, a medium or large crate for dogs up to at least 50 pounds should work.  Always measure your pup and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for size.  Be sure to add several inches in each direction to ensure your Lappie can comfortably move around.  Be sure to add in the height of your bed or mattress, if you are adding one to make him comfortable.  If you have a Finnish Lapphund puppy, consider getting a crate with an adjustable divider, so you can increase the crate’s size as he grows.

Materials & Style

A standard metal crate is best for most Finnish Lapphunds, as it is durable and allows them maximum visibility.  In general, the more your sociable Lappie can see, the better.  Not to mention, he needs plenty of ventilation to keep him cool because of his heavy coat.  A metal crate or durable molded plastic crate is best for initial training, as it will withstand some wear and tear.  Once your pup is crate-trained, you can move him into a soft-sided or wooden crate.  Materials should be easy to clean, and ideally have a plastic pan for dropped food or accidents.

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