5 Best Dog Crates for Gerberian Shepskies (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Gerberian Shepskies are outdoorsy and active dogs, which love playing around and going out. These dogs are typically better for a house with yards, but even those pet owners cannot dedicate their entire day for their Gerberian Shepsky and need some space where they can keep their pet buddy safe in their absence.

A dog crate is the first thing that comes to your mind in such situations. We have reviewed those dog crates, which are the most suitable ones for your Gerberian Shepsky, and we know that you are curious to know more about them. So, read ahead.

Best Dog Crates for Gerberian Shepskies

Here are our dog crates for Gerberian Shepskies reviews.

1. ProSelect Empire Dog Crate

Proselect Empire Single Door Steel Dog Crate

ProSelect Empire Dog Crate is a steel dog crate that has pirate manufactured to give you better control over the movement of your Gerberian Shepsky when you are not around. This dog crate has a uniquely crafted half-inch 20-gauge steel frame, which keeps your pet pal safe and secure.

  • Has two rigid sliding latches which are placed in such a way that your Gerberian Shepsky cannot reach it easily
  • Has granted floor which can be cleaned conveniently
  • Comes with four casters with locking ease, that helps you conveniently move the crate wherever you fell like

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2. Frisco Fold & Carry Dog Crate

Frisco Fold & Carry Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

This Frisco Fold & Carry Dog Crate has been designed especially for dogs like Gerberian Shepsky. This dog crate has a Fold & carry designed to make it more portable so that you can easily carry it during picnic trips even.

  • Comes with divider panels
  • Has double latches on both its doors, which are there to add greater flexibility in the movement of your Gerberian Shepsky
  • Has a durable plastic base tray which can be cleaned simply
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3. Paws & Pals Oxgord Dog Crate

Paws & Pals Oxgord Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

Paws & Pals Oxgord Dog Crate has been constructed in a manner that keeps your Gerberian Shepsky safe and sound when you are not around. It can even help treat separation anxiety as its compact design and steel frame give emotional support to your Gerberian Shepsky.

  • Comes with divider panels
  • Has an optional carrying handle to enhance portability
  • Has a rigid ABS plastic base tray

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4. Lucky Dog Sliding Door Dog Crate

Lucky Dog Sliding Double Door Wire Dog Crate

This Lucky Dog Sliding Door Dog Crate can be an excellent option for your Gerberian Shepsky’s anode if you struggle with space. The sliding door design of this dog crate is specially designed to occupy lesser space so that you can easily manage the crate. This crate also has corner stabilizers, so you should not worry about it collapsing any sooner.

  • Has a leak-proof base tray
  • Features double doors
  • Has stainless steel, electro-coated wires

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5. New Age Pet ecoFLEX Furniture Dog Crate

New Age Pet Ecoflex Single Door Furniture Style Dog Crate & End Table

New Age Pet ecoFLEX Furniture Dog Crate is perfect for those well-trained Gerberian Shepskies whose owners search for something unique and attractive. This dog crate has been designed using recycled plastic and wood to make it more environmentally friendly. The design of this crate is such that it acts as a crate bit and is also an excellent addition to the home décor.

  • Offers a tabletop that can be used to have tea
  • Features stainless steel spindles
  • Does not require any tools to be assembled

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Dog Crate for Gerberian Shepskies Buyer’s Guide

Gerberian Shepskies have an agile nature, and that is why they usually are used as service dogs, police dogs, and even companion dogs for long walks. However, it is not possible to look after them throughout the day. You have to provide a safe abode to them. A dog crate is such a place which works wonders. You can use it for house training your Gerberian Shepsky even. It also helps treat issues like separation anxiety and regulate negative behaviors, which are often developed due to separation anxiety.

All of this is optimized by selecting the right dog crate, which is only possible if you evaluate your selection in the light of certain aspects. We have discussed those aspects in greater detail here in our buyer’s guide so that you become well aware of them and make an appropriate choice.


The crate size plays a significant role because it helps you evaluate whether your Gerberian Shepsky fit in the crate. The crate has to be at least 46 inches greater than the length and height of your Gerberian Shepsky, as, in this way, you minimize the chances of him hurting himself and has a little room for movement. Typically, a 42-inch crate is suitable for these dogs.


You will find several crates in the market. These include furniture style crates, wire crates, and soft-sided crates. The furniture style crates are only better if you have enough budget, as their higher marginal cost makes them have a higher market price. This is mainly because of the material that is used in making them. A wire crate is the least expensive among them, while a soft-sided crate typically has a price between a wire crate and a furniture style crate.


You will commonly find three crate types in the market. These entail the wire crates, soft-sided crates, and the furniture style crate. A Soft-Sided Crate has a steel frame interior and a soft, padded exterior typically. You can use this crate for picnics or road trips. However, the most durable and portable among these three is a wire dog crate usually. A furniture style crate is appropriate for those Gerberian Shepskies, which are well-trained to live in a crate.


It is better to check the presence of certain features in a crate once you pick it. These features include the following:

  • Divider panels, which help in adjusting the space provided to your Gerberian Shepsky
  • Corner stabilizers
  • Sturdy latches
  • Leak-proof base tray
  • Carrying handles

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