5 Best Dog Crates for Goberians (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Goberians are fun-loving dogs who have a highly active routine. These dogs love to stay with their pet parents and enjoy their time with them. This means that you will have to make proper arrangements for the rest of your Goberian when you are not around. A dog crate helps a lot in this regard.

We know that you are in search of a relaxing dog crate for your Goberian; that’s why you are here. Well, we would say that this the right place, as we have gathered some of the best dog crates which will suit your demand and would be definitely be loved by your Goberian.

Best Dog Crates for Goberians

Here are our dog crates for Goberians reviews.

1. Precision Pet Products Great Crate

Precision Pet Products Great Crate Double Door Wire Dog Crate

Precision Pet Products’ Great Crate is a fantastic solution for house training activities of your Goberian. This dog crate offers a lot of flexibility in your Goberian’s life because of its large size and two doors. The sturdy steel wires of this dog crate, which are electro-coated to make it rust-resistant, are strong and durable enough that there will not be much need for you to worry about its durability; thus, you can say that it will be a long term solution. 

  • Contains a rigid base tray that is made of plastic
  • Features a well-ventilated structure
  • Has rounded corners to minimize the chances of your Goberian getting hurt by the crate

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2. MidWest Solutions Series Side by Side SUV Dog Crate

Midwest Solutions Series Side By Side Double Door Collapsible Suv Dog Crate

MidWest Solutions Series Side by Side SUV is a heavy-duty dog crate, which can be an ideal crate for your Goberian when you are not around. The efficient latches of this dog crate keep the doors intact so that your Goberian can not escape easily; thus, it stays safe and sound. Since the crate has double doors, you should not worry about the flexibility, as your pet pal would be able to move with his free will when he is in his crate.

  • It comes with divider panels so that you can change the space occupied by your Goberian as per his age.
  • Features a sturdy base tray which is made using a high-quality plastic
  • The crate can be assembled quite quickly and does not require any tools for this purpose.

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3. ProSelect Empire Single Door Dog Crate

Proselect Empire Single Door Steel Dog Crate

ProSelect Empire Single Door Dog Crate can be an ideal crate for a full-grown Goberian, as the features of this sturdy, heavy-duty crate goes well with your typical requirements. This steel crate has thicker tubing and a better-welded design, so you can sit carefree as your Goberian will not be able to break it.

  • The stress points of this crate are well welded.
  • Features grated floor which catches food, water, or any waste, so that it becomes easier for you to clean it
  • Comes with two high-quality slide latches

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4. EliteField Soft-Sided Dog Crate

Elitefield 3 Door Collapsible Soft Sided Dog Crate

EliteField Soft-Sided Dog Crate has been designed as a much more portable and ideal solution when it comes to taking your Goberian out for a picnic. This dog crate has a ventilated structure so that your Goberian does not feel stuffy or suffocated when he is in there. It is made in such a way that it has a steel frame that is covered in a polyester and hex mesh fabric, which can be cleaned pretty easily.

  • The doors are made using a mesh that is translucent in nature.
  • It also has a free carrying case, which makes it more portable.
  • Lighter in weight

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5. Pet Gear The Other Door Collapsible Dog Crate

Pet Gear The Other Door Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate And Fleece Pad

Pet Gear The Other Door Dog Crate is another amazing dog crate that you can choose for indoor and outdoor uses. The unique combination of plastic and wire makes this crate alluring and classy; therefore, it perfectly fits your house décor. You should not worry about its rigidity, as the crate has steel inserts to make its structure further sturdier.

  • Features an insulated base
  • Comes with four doors to make it easier for your pet pal to move
  • Does not require any tools for assembling

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Dog Crate for Goberians Buyer’s Guide

Like any other dog, Goberians also want proper attention from their pet parents and might encounter separation anxiety if separated from their pet parents for a longer duration. A dog crate becomes a crucial entity then. It is also essential if you are planning to house train your Goberian. However, all of this can only be done if you pick the right crate for your Goberian. The question which arises here is of how you will do that.

Well, certain aspects are to be evaluated in this regard. We did the same, that’s why we have reviewed them in our buyer’s guide as well. It would be best if you give them a read.


The size of the crate plays a pivotal role when you are planning to select the best one. A crate that is too small will not be able to optimize the comfort of your Goberian. A Goberian is a medium to the large-sized dog, so his crate has to be selected accordingly. Typically, a 42-inch crate is the best one for your Goberian, as it suits his size and weight; this can carry him well.


There are several types of dog crates available in the market. Among them, the most prominent ones are furniture style crates, wire crates, and soft-sided crates. The most suitable and economical choice out of all these crates is the Wire dog crate. Wire dog crates are much more portable and durable. Soft-Sided crates are better, but they are not better for heavy-duty and are also not as rigid as the wire crates. The furniture crates are the most attractive among these crates, but these crates are not much portable. Also, it is pretty hard to train your Goberian in them. Furthermore, they are pretty heavy in your pocket, so it is better that you buy them only when your Goberian is well-trained and does not mind staying longer hours indoors.


Although you might think this is not much important, it is the little things which matter the most. If you are buying a wire crate, you should always check if the crate’s wires are electro-coated, as that prevents it from rusting. Also, the presence of a sturdy base tray is a must. Furthermore, you have to check the ability of the latches which the crate has. The latches used should be of high-quality when you are buying a dog crate for your Goberian.

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