5 Best Dog Crates for Irish Setters (Reviews Updated 2022)

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So, you are planning to travel, and you have some serious dog decisions to make. One of them is if you should take your Irish setter to your aunt’s (a bit distant) or take it to your travel destination. Whichever choice you end up making, you will need a perfect crate.

Dog crates remain the best alternative to a dog shelter immediately. It leaves the comfort of your home. Let us talk about some outstanding travel crates or cages for Irish setters.

Best Dog Crates for Irish Setters

Here is our dog crate for Irish setter review.

1. AmazonBasics Single-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

Amazonbasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Or Pet Crate Kennel With Tray

This fantastic brand comes with a 36 x 23x 25 dimension. AmazonBasics Single-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate besides being completely foldable remains a safe option for Irish setter. It presents enough space, no sharp edge. Hence, it cannot inflict injuries on dogs.

  • Very versatile
  • Extremely Durable
  • IATA approved
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2. Petmate 21100 Ultra Vari Pets Kennel

Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

The IATA approved carrier is lightweight, solid and comes in different colors. It is well ventilated and with strong latches. In terms of price, it is top-tier.

  • Strong and durable
  • Impressive air circulation
  • Solid latches
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3. Sportpet Kennels Rolling Plastic Wire Door

Sportpet Designs Plastic Kennels Rolling Plastic Wire Door Travel Dog Crate

This crate provides dog users with options in terms of everything. It comes in different sizes, with the perfect airline, enough space needed to replicate an Irish setter’s original space (home). As simple as it looks, it provides no room for escape for restless Irish Setters.

  • Comes in different sizes
  • Has a top view
  • Highly comfortable
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4. Aspen Pet Taxi Fashion Kennel

Aspen Pet Porter Heavy Duty Pet Carrier

If you are a lover of style, Aspen Pet Taxi Fashion Kennel might be the right bargain for you. It comes with a seat belt and shoulder strap as an additional layer of protection. You have to admire the brand’s (Aspen) warranty policy.

  • Enough food spaces
  • Budget-friendly
  • Impressive structuring
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5. Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel

Petmate Two Door Top Load

You can as much as take this cage anywhere ranging from train stations, airports, malls, mention it without being noticed. It is from plastic, hence, easy to clean and manage. Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel is excellent at absorbing irritating smells as well.

  • Very Durable
  • Easy to clean and disassemble
  • For both cars and planes
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Dog Crates for Irish Setters Buyer’s Guide

Here are factors you need to consider thoughtfully before settling for a dog crate for your Irish setter.


Dog crates or cages come in different dimensions. It is essential to know which size is suitable for your dog and your car trunk. Dimensions are such a potent factor as it stands to decide other factors like comfort, design, and more.

Materials Used

What I advise dog owners all over the world to do is check out the reviews on every trademark. This way, you get to see people’s experience with the brand. Do not exclude the top recommendations I enlisted from your scrutiny.

IATA Status

IATA has standards for all forms of crates, and these standards are in place for everyone. Hence, you must know if what you are about to purchase is IATA endorsed or not. There are many inferior brands out there, trust me.


This is highly dependent on the pet owner, his or her preference and lifestyle. An Irish Setter owner who rarely travels or has a neighbor who is a veterinary doctor might decide to go for a low budget cage. As long as it is IATA approved, we are good.

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