5 Best Dog Crates for Pomeranians (Reviews Updated 2021)

Are you looking for the perfect pet crate for your Pomeranian but are having trouble finding the one that fits all of their unique needs? Before purchasing your pet crate you should always be sure to measure your Pomeranian, this reduces the risk of buying a product that is too small for your furry friend.

Below are the top five recommended dog crates for Pomeranians and each one has an item description to explain why you would want to buy that product. At the end of the article is a buying guide to offer you extra information about the various types of dog crates out there and their features. Now that we have covered the basics, we shall move on to the recommendations.

Best Dog Crates for Pomeranians

Here are our Pomeranian dog crate reviews.

1. Petnation Port-A-Crate Dog Crate

Petnation Port A Crate Indoor And Outdoor Home For Pets

The Petnation Port-A-Crate Dog Crate is made to be either an indoor or outdoor dog crate, making travel or camping with your Pomeranian a blast. With mesh windows, this dog crate has great breathability and is perfect for hot days. The design is made to set up and fold down in minutes, for your ease.

  • Works for indoor or outdoor uses
  • Mesh windows allow breezes to go through and cool your Pomeranian off
  • Sets up and folds down easily
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2. EliteField Soft Dog Crate

Elitefield 3 Door Folding Soft Dog Crate, Indoor & Outdoor Pet Home, Multiple Sizes And Colors Avai

The EliteField Soft Dog Crate is made from the highest quality materials from the sturdy frame to the comfortable cover for your Pomeranian’s comfort. With three choices of doors, your Pomeranian can decide how they want to enter their crate. The mesh windows allow your dog to relax even during hot days.

  • All materials are quality to ensure the best dog crate possible
  • Multiple doors allow your picky pup to decide how they want to enter
  • Mesh windows give breathability to your dog crate for those hot summer months
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3. AmazonBasics Travel Dog Crate

Amazonbasics Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate Kennel

The AmazonBasics Travel Dog Crate is made to be easy to set up or fold down, making taking your Pomeranian with you on vacations easier. The top and front doors allow multiple choices on how your pup would like to load up. The frame is a secure PVC pipe while the cover is made from sturdy polyester for an all around good dog crate.

  • Easy to set up and take down for your ease
  • Door on top makes loading up with fussy Pomeranian easy
  • Secure frame is covered by strong polyester for quality dog crate
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4. 2PET Soft Dog Crate

2pet Foldable Dog Crate Soft, Easy To Fold & Carry Dog Crate For Indoor & Outdoor Use Comfy Dog

The 2PET Soft Dog Crate has a folding design that makes storing and traveling with your Pomeranian’s dog crate easy. The cover is removable and washable for your cleaning convenience. With five mesh windows this crate is perfect for hot or humid areas thanks to its breathability.

  • Designed to be folding for small storage room or for car traveling
  • Removable and washable cover is perfect for the busy Pomeranian owner
  • Mesh windows on all sides and the top for best breathability
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5. JESPET Soft Dog Crate

Jespet Soft Dog Crates Kennel For Pets, 3 Door Soft Sided Folding Travel Pet Carrier With Straps An

The JESPET Soft Dog Crate is made with three doors to give your fussy Pomeranian the choice of which one to enter through. The foldable design makes traveling and storage easy for you when it is not in use. The frame is made from strong steel tubes and the cover is a sturdy fabric and mesh combo.

  • Multiple doors give your pup choices on how they want to enter
  • Folding design makes bringing your Pomeranian with you a breeze
  • Steel frame and sturdy fabric cover make for a quality dog crate
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Pomeranian Dog Crate Buying Guide

As you can see from the products above there is a wide variety of dog crates for you to choose from for your Pomeranian. Before you decide on one to buy we will go over the various features and why you would want them, to make sure you are getting the best dog crate possible for your Pomeranian.


If you live in a small apartment or travel a lot, then a folding dog crate is important. No one wants to leave their Pomeranian at home on trips or camping and having a folding dog crate makes taking them with you considerably easier. Just fold it down or put it up, it takes little storage space when not in use and is handy when you need it.

Removable and Washable Cover

Anyone who has had to try to spot clean a dog crate with a non removable cover knows how horrible it is to do. It takes hours longer than the alternative and is frustrating. Having a dog crate with a removable and machine washable cover is nice to have but not vital. If you are a busy person with little time, then it very well might be vital for you. Always check when purchasing the dog crate that it is machine washable and not hand washable. While hand washing is easier than spot cleaning, machine washing is still the ultimate convenience.

Removable Bottom

This feature is great for Pomeranians who haven’t been potty trained yet. The mess that can accumulate on the bottom of the crate will leave a bad smell if you don’t clean it regularly but trying to keep it clean isn’t always easy. By making the bottom removable, you can take it out, wash it and then put it back in after it is dry. This makes the cleaning process a breeze.

Mesh Windows

If you live in a hot or humid area then having mesh windows on your Pomeranian’s dog crate is a must. Their fur coat is thick and keeps them warm, too warm in some cases. The more windows you have in your dog crate, the better ventilated it is. Mesh is by far the best fabric for breathability thanks to its many holes.

Multiple Entrances

Many Pomeranians out there loath reversing into a dog crate and give their owners trouble any time it becomes necessary for them to do so. An easy solution for this is to have a dog crate with multiple entrances. The most popular option is a top opening, this makes it where you can just open it and lift your Pomeranian into the crate with no hassle.

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