5 Best Dog Crates for Portuguese Water Dogs (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Portuguese Water Dogs are lovely pets, and they enjoy a lot going on walks or staying indoors. It is important that when you are not around, you arrange a secure place for their rest. A place where they feel safe and protected.

Do you know what the best choice is in this regard? Well, it is a dog crate, you guessed right. We know that you must be curious to know more about the better dog crates, specifically for your Portuguese Water Dog; that’s why we have reviewed a few of them for your assistance. 

Best Dog Crates for Portuguese Water Dogs

Here are our dog crates for Portuguese Water Dogs reviews.

1. Frisco Fold and Carry Double Door Dog Crate

Frisco Fold And Carry Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

To provide a safe and secure abode to your Portuguese Water Dog, Frisco has introduced its Fold and Carry Double Door Dog Crate. This crate has a sturdy structure due to the usage of robust, electro-coated steel wires. It features two doors so that your Portuguese Water Dog can move conveniently; it also has well-developed latches on each door to ensure your pet pal stays safe.

  • Can be assembled without using any tools
  • Convenient and portable design
  • Features a removable plastic base, which can be cleaned handily
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2. MidWest LifeStages Single Door Dog Crate

Midwest Lifestages Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

MidWest has precisely designed its LifeStages Dog Crate to ensure that your pet pal stays safe and secure, and spends his best time when he is in there. This dog crate features a composite base tray that can be detached for cleaning and is waterproof, too, so you should not worry much about having a hefty cleaning routine, as you will usually not have one.

  • Comes with study divider panels so that you can adjust the room for your Portuguese Water Dog as he grows
  • Features slide-bolt latches which ensure your pet pal stays protected
  • Has four rubber roller feet, so that you can handily move the crate wherever you like

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3. Paws & Pals Oxgord Double Door Wire Dog Crate

Paws & Pals Oxgord Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

Paws & Pals’ Oxgord Double Door Wire Dog crate features a robust structure that has been crafted using electro-coated steel wires which possess high tensile strength. These wires are free of rust and corrosion so that you can use them for an extended period. The efficient dual latch system on each door ensures that your Portuguese Water Dog stays safe and secure.

  • Helps a lot in the house-training sessions
  • Can be used for carrying your pet on road trips and picnic points
  • Features a collapsible design which makes it handier to carry them

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4. Lucky Dog Sliding Door Wire Dog Crate

Lucky Dog Sliding Door Wire Dog Crate

Lucky Dog Sliding Door Wire Dog Crate has been crafted in a unique way, as it has sliding doors which you usually do not notice in dog crates. This dog crate has been aptly designed to ensure the maximum security of your Portuguese Water Dog. It brings in a lot of convenience with the help of its corner stabilizers and coated panels, which makes them your happy-go-lucky long-term partners.

  • Comes with a leak-proof base tray
  • Features a robust wire construction
  • Features rubber feet to prevent your floor from getting dirty

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5. Precision Pet Products 4-Door Soft-Sided Dog Crate

Precision Pet Products 4 Door Collapsible Soft Sided Dog Crate

Precision Pet Products have made traveling way easier than you ever thought. This soft-sided dog crate is foldable; thus, it can be carried anywhere and is a great partner on camping trips. It features a ventilated design die to the presence of its four zippered doors, along with that its water-resistant cover makes it a viable option for indoor as well as outdoor use.

  • Features rear pockets for storing your pet’s accessories
  • Features a water bottle holder too
  • Comes with a carrying handle to make it easier for you to carry the crate

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Dog Crate for Portuguese Water Dog Buyer’s Guide

Your Portuguese Water Dog loves to stay by your side. They can adapt to nearly every situation; in fact, they don’t even mind living in apartments if they get the necessary exercises. When they are showing such flexibility, it is your responsibility to take good care of their relaxation and give them a den-like experience by providing them a safe and secure place where they can live when you are not around. A crate plays a crucial role if your Portuguese Water Dog is suffering through separation anxiety. It has several other benefits, including its role in house-training among a few of the most prominent ones. So, when an entity is designed to provide so many benefits, it is important that you pick it wisely to get the most out of it.

We reviewed those dog crates that suits the typical demands of a Portuguese Water Dog. You must be thinking of what we looked for in each of them. Well, there were a couple of factors that helped us set our preferences, so we have discussed them in our buyer’s guide.


Picking up a crate of the right size is the need of the hour when you are planning to pick one for your Portuguese Water Dog. Buying crate that is too large is not a smart choice, as that will make your Portuguese Water Dog more insecure and will even scare him at times, as he will not feel protected there. Furthermore, such crates have wires with greater gaps, so there are more chances of your Portuguese Water Dog’s leg or tail getting stuck between them. Therefore, it is better to measure your Portuguese Water Dog’s size and weight before buying a crate. Typically, a 30-inch crate would be fine for long-term use, but you should still measure your Portuguese Water Dog beforehand.


It is better to go for a sturdy dog crate that has been designed using durable materials such as steel. You should also look for a crate that comes with divider panels, as that helps a lot when you are planning to pick a crate for a long term use.


You should pick the crate that is more portable and durable when you are choosing one for your Portuguese Water Dog because these digs even enjoy their time outside, so they would love to be carried in a lavish crate. Generally, a wore dog crate is a  better option, as they are more portable. However, you can consider Soft-Sided crates or furniture style crates too. We did not discuss furniture style crates in our reviews, because usually they are not better for house-training, and are only a better choice for well-trained dogs. So, you must make a wise choice for your Portuguese Water Dog and pick a crate that best suits their demands.

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