5 Best Dog Crates for Tibetan Mastiffs (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Dog crates are extremely helpful, which is why every pet owner should own one. Dog crates are useful for traveling; you can easily put your Saluki inside and lock the door, allowing them to remain isolated throughout the trip in a safe space.

There are many excellent dog crates available in the market; here are a few of our favorites:

Best Dog Crates for Tibetan Mastiffs

Here are our Tibetan Mastiff dog crate reviews.

1. Animaze 2-Door Folding Dog Crate

Animaze 2 Door Folding Dog Crate

Tibetan Mastiffs are large dogs that need plenty of space, or else they won’t fit. This dog crate comes in many sizes, including large and extra-large, so you can choose one that’s the right size for your Tibetan Mastiff, making this beautiful black cage the perfect product for your pet.

  • Folding dog crate
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Two entrances
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2. MidWest Homes for Pets – Ovation Single Door Dog Crate

Ovation Single Door Crate With Up & Away Door 49 X 30.5 X 32.25

A smartly designed dog crate complete with a wire-doored entrance and simple locking mechanism; this product has a useful door handle that makes it easy for pet owners to slide the door open vertically. This product is large enough to fit a Tibetan Mastiff of any size.

  • Ample ventilation
  • Fully wired crate
  • 49 inches long
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3. Carlson Pet Products – Foldable Single Door Dog Crate

Carlson Pet Products Secure And Foldable Single Door Metal Dog Crate

This is a fantastic dog crate designed to carry large dogs, including the Tibetan Mastiff; it can support up to 120 pounds worth of weight, making it ideal for Tibetan Mastiffs. This crate is foldable, which means you can easily pack it and store it away as needed.

  • Smart foldable design
  • 48 inches long, 30 inches wide, 33 inches tall
  • Full metal wire crate
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4. Amazon Basics Premium Folding Portable Dog Crate

Amazonbasics Premium Folding Portable Soft Pet Dog Crate Carrier Kenne

A high-quality dog crate fashioned from a durable polyester cover and PVC frame; this product is 42 inches long, making it just the right size for Tibetan Mastiffs. It comes in five splendid colors and has accessory pockets on the top and sides, which can come in handy for storing little trinkets. It also has a top handle and shoulder strap for easy portability.

  • Well ventilated dog crate
  • Handy straps to for convenient portability
  • Includes a fleece-covered pet bed inside
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5. Petmate ProValu Double Door Wire Dog Crate

Petmate Provalu Double Door Wire Dog Crate

One of the best dog crates out there; this dog crate by Petmate comes in multiple large sizes, allowing you to choose one that’s the right size for your pet Tibetan Mastiff. It has a black wire design with no cover and also sports a 5-point precision lock system on both doors.

  • Maximum length: 48 inches
  • Sturdy build
  • Two doors with high precision locks
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Tibetan Mastiff Dog Crate Buyer’s Guide

If you’re the proud pet owner of a Tibetan Mastiff, you’re going to need a pet crate for them. Below is a complete buying guide to help you choose a dog crate that’s right for your pet Tibetan Mastiff:

Dog Crate Material

Dog crates come in an impressive variety of materials, including wire, PVC plastic, and durable fabrics, like polyester.

Wire crates: These are the most popular type of dog crates and provide excellent ventilation, making them a great option for summertime. If your dog needs shade from the harsh sunlight, opt for a crate that comes with a light fabric or nylon cover. These covers can also help provide privacy.

Plastic crates: These provide less ventilation than their wire counterparts but are remarkably sturdy. Plastic crates are also ideal for air travel. However, they’re harder to keep clean than wire versions, so keep that in mind before buying one.

Fabric crates: Fabric crates are covered all around in a synthetic fabric, like a blend of polyesters or nylon. They maintain a basic plastic or metal wire frame and often have net fringes to help provide sufficient ventilation. The benefit of owning such a crate is that you can easily wash it and keep it clean, hence dodging infections and bacterial growth, especially in warmer seasons.

Size and Weight

Tibetan Mastiffs are large dogs, which is why they’ll need an equally large crate. Opt for the largest possible size-you’ll need it!

You should also keep your pet’s weight in mind and check whether or not the product you’re buying can accommodate your Tibetan Mastiff.

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