5 Best Dog Crates for Vizslas (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Vizslas are excellent hunting dogs. They are good at chasing and hunting down wild fowls in all kinds of hunting grounds like water, forests, and fields. Yet, they make a great companion as they have the right energy to keep you active all day long. Vizslas are medium-sized dogs but can grow bigger depending on their environment. Thus, it takes special skill to pick out the ideal dog crates for Vizslas.

Best Dog Crate for Vizslas

Here is our dog crate for Vizslas review.

1. Midwest LIFE STAGES Front Door Cage

Dog Crate 1636ddu

Midwest LIFE STAGES Front Door Cage offers a sturdy crate for energetic and active Vizslas. It’s best for young and growing dogs as it’s from durable materials. The coating on the steel is also excellent as they don’t peel off or harm your pet.

  • Offers functional safety with a durable latch
  • Provides a flexible living space
  • Ideal for two younger Vizslas

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2. Midwest Life Stages Collapsible Metal Dog Cage

Large Dog Crate

This Midwest variant offers a flexible crate for travelers. The collapsible crate has an easy-step up/break down pattern that makes it easy for you to move around.

  • Ideal for a grown Vizsla
  • Offers good comfort
  • Sturdy latch for good security

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3. Midwest iCrate Two Doors Dog Cage

Midwest Homes For Pets Dog Cr

If you are in the market for a durable and comfortable dog crate for a growing Vizsla, then you should check out this crate. The crate is ideal for all positions and is easy to set up.

  • The double door provides a better position
  • Great for frequent travelers
  • Offers excellent comfort for your pet

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4. New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

New World Folding Metal Dog Crate; Single Door & Double Door Dog Crates

New World Folding Metal Dog Crate provides both single and double door options for grown Vizslas. The crate is durable and would withstand an active Vizsla.

  • Features a reliable two side bolt latches for each door to secure your pet
  • Easy to assemble without any tool
  • Foldable dog crate
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5. Petmate ProValu Double Door Wire Dog Crate

Petmate Provalu Double Door Wire Dog

Next on our list is a reliable dog crate for big dogs. The dog training crate offers excellent comfort for your pet. It is flexible and allows you to pack the crate for a quick trip . It’s easy to set up and great for all dog sizes.

  • Offers the ideal comfort for your pet
  • Features a 5-point security system for improved security
  • Flexible two-door option for your pet
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Dog Crate for Vizslas Buyer’s Guide

Shopping for a dog crate for Vizslas is more tasking because Vizslas are energetic and are prone to damaging their crates. They are factors you should consider when buying a dog crate for Vizslas. These factors listed below will save you time when you hit the market.

Crate Size

One of the most critical factors to consider when buying a dog crate for Vizslas is the size of the crate. Your pet won’t only lie in the crate. He will need space to sit, stand, and move around. Vizslas won’t entertain the idea of restriction as they are active.

Vizslas are also longer and need better space. Most crate makers recommend a 36-inch sized crate for a grown Vizsla. This may not be appropriate and may be too small for your pet. Get a crate that’s big enough for your pet. It’s always better to get a bigger crate than a minute, uncomfortable crate. A 42-inch sized crate will be ideal for an adult Vizsla.

Build and Construction

Another factor you must consider when buying a dog crate for Vizsla is the quality of construction. The ideal crate should be sturdy and not wear down. It should be able to withstand occasional knocks from your pet without bending or breaking off.

The ideal crate for Vizslas must have good steel bars that would not break off or wear away. The coating must also be good enough and not peel after a couple of months.


While it’s cool to get a crate with one entry, your pet will love the extra door access. The extra comes in handy, especially if you move the crate around very often. You wouldn’t have to worry about the crate position in your home. Two sides will have doors, all you have to do is flip the crate, and you will have a door.


Vizslas are active and would attempt to leave the crate. Thus, a single –latch crate security system may not be ideal. Your pet would push on the cage until it’s loose. Get a crate with a two-latch lock to keep your pet safe and secure.

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