5 Best Dog Crates For Weimaraner (Reviews Updated 2024)

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When you look for a dog crate for your Weimaraner you should always keep in mind how tall they are, because they should be able to sit, stand and move around comfortably inside it. The average height for a Weimaraner is twenty seven inches but you should still measure your dog to ensure a well fitting dog crate. Most crates that big are hard crates, but there are some soft crates that big on the market.

Below are the top five recommended dog crates for Weimaraner with short item descriptions to explain why each product made the list. At the end of the article is a buying guide with extra information about the various features of dog crates that you may want for your Weimaraner.

Best Dog Crates for Weimaraners

Here are our Weimaraner dog crate reviews.

1. MidWest Homes for Pets Metal Dog Crate

Midwest Homes For Pets

The MidWest Homes for Pets Metal Dog Crate comes with the option of single or double door designs for you to choose from for your Weimaraner. The two slide bolt latches prevent your furry Houdini from escaping their crate. The crate is easy to assemble and needs no special tools for your convenience.

  • Single or double door options for your personal choice
  • Two bolts for added security for the Weimaraner escape artist in your life
  • No special tools are necessary for set up, easy assembly
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2. AmazonBasics Metal Dog Crate

Amazonbasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Or Pet Crate Kennel With Tray

The AmazonBasics Metal Dog Crate is made from the highest quality of materials to ensure a long lasting crate for your Weimaraner. The double or single door design offers you options on which you would like for your Weimaraner. The removable waste tray makes cleaning up after your Weimaraner easy.

  • Materials are quality to ensure a durable dog crate
  • Single or multi door design options for you to choose from
  • Waste tray is removable for your cleaning convenience
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3. EliteField Folding Soft Dog Crate

Elitefield 3 Door Folding Soft Dog Crate, Indoor & Outdoor Pet Home, Multiple Sizes And Colors

The EliteField Folding Soft Dog Crate is made with strong steel tubing and a durable 600D fabric for a long lasting dog crate for your Weimaraner. The mesh windows offer the best airflow for your Weimaraner on those hot summer days. The folding design is great for all of your storage or travel needs.

  • Durable frame is surrounded by sturdy fabric for a good quality dog crate
  • Mesh windows are a must if you live in a hot or humid area
  • Folding or collapsing design is perfect for storage space
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4. New World Metal Dog Crate

New World Folding Metal Dog Crate; Single Door & Double Door Dog Cra

The New World Metal Dog Crate is made with either single or double door designs for you to choose from for your Weimaraner. The design folds down to make storage and travel with your Weimaraner easier on you. The removable waste tray is included for an easier cleaning time for you.

  • Single or double door design is up to your choice
  • Folding or collapsing dog crate is great for your travel needs
  • Removable waste tray makes cleaning easier on you
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5. AmazonBasics Soft Dog Crate

Amazonbasics Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate Kenne

The AmazonBasics Soft Dog Crate is made with an easy folding design that makes traveling with your Weimaraner easier than ever. The pvc frame and polyester fabric cover are durable for your Weimaraner’s crate needs. The mesh windows on all sides offer the best possible airflow.

  • Folding design makes storing and traveling with your Weimaraner’s dog crate easy
  • Durable frame is covered by equally sturdy fabric
  • Mesh windows are a must for hot summer days
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Weimaraner Dog Crate Buying Guide

As you can see from the above products there are many different dog crates that would work for your Weimaraner and they all have their own benefits. Before you buy a crate you should always be sure to check the dimensions in the product information to be sure that it won’t be too small for your Weimaraner. A crate that is too small should never be used, as it will be extremely uncomfortable for your Weimaraner. Now we will go on to the most popular features of dog crates that you may want for your Weimaraner.

Attachable Wheels

Have you ever tried to move a dog crate with your Weimaraner in it? It is difficult, you have to put most of your strength behind you to get it to budge and more often than not it scratches up your floors. An easy way of avoiding all of the above discomforts is having attachable wheels on your Weimaraner’s crate. This saves your floors and makes moving the crate easy on you.

Removable Waste Tray

Anyone who has had to spot clean a dog crate before knows how much effort goes into it. You have to get as much of it clean as possible for your Weimaraner’s comfort but you can only reach so much. This is where a removable waste tray comes in handy, just remove it, hose it down, let it dry and put it back. This makes for an easier and quicker cleaning that allows your Weimaraner to use their crate again in no time.


Do you and your Weimaraner live in a smaller house or apartment that doesn’t have a lot of room? Is storage limited and you can’t have your Weimaraner’s crate set up all the time thanks to the limited space available? No worries, the folding dog crate design is here for you. This meets all of your space and organizing needs. Anytime your Weimaraner isn’t using their crate just fold it up and put it away for later.

Rust Resistant

One of the single most important things you can get for your Weimaraner’s crate is one that has rust resistant metal. This is only a concern with hard crates but it is a very big problem if the crate begins to cultivate rust. Rust is one of the worst things your Weimaraner can ingest, right up there with mold. If the bars begin to rust and they chew on them they can become very sick and no one wants that. So keep in mind when buying a dog crate that it should be mold or rust resistant, depending on the material of the crate.

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